Quantity Surveying: Construction Variation Practical Course

Quantity Surveying Course series that will deal with construction variation orders

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Mar 2021
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What you will learn

Complete Variation process in Construction Industry


This course is comprehensive to understand the variations in the construction project where you will learn, what is the variation, what are sources of variations, how to identify the variations, What is the procedure and how to communicate and negotiate the variation, Further, how to prepare real-time project-based variation claim and what are those circumstances that cause the rejection of the claim. Last, you will learn how to manage all those works in a way that you can control it on a single click.

As the cost is key in any kind of business and the variations are key to pull money for the organisation to avoid the practice of non-contractual works. Thus, the need to understand and build strong basis to comprehend this integral skill is utmost important for the quantity surveyors.

After you talk this course what you will able to deliver?

You will understand the variation procedure from basics to advance level. You will get enough confidence to clear your mind about dos and donts. This will further help you grow in your career path and organisations.

Who is for this?

If you are a quantity surveyor, Cost consultant, project manager, project engineer, Site Engineer or those who want to get the basic to advance level of variation procedure then this course is ideal for you. Let’s join me on this journey


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Lec 2 - Sources of Variations: Employer related variations
Lec 3 - Sources of Variations: Consultant related variations
Lec 4 - Sources of Variations: Contractor related variations

Understanding of variation Procedure and process

Lec 5 - Need to Understand
Lec 6 - Methods to measure variations
Lec 7 - Priority of Documents to substantiate variations
Lec 8 - Understanding of Procedure of variations
Lec 9 - Formal instruction to proceed variation work

Preparation of variation on real project for better understanding

Lec 10 - How to prepare variation real Job done
Lec 11 - How to identify unit Rate from BOQ to add in Variation claim
Lec 12 - Notification of Change Order References
Lec 13 -Variation Rejected - Reason of rejection
Lec 14 - EOT -Extension of Time and Variation

How to mange Variations through excel spread sheet

Lec 15 - How to Re - Measure the quantity
Lec 16 - how to mange variation by excel spread Sheet



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