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Python SDET-Backend/ Rest API Testing with BDD Framework

Build Python Utilities from Scratch to automate Rest API’s with SQL Integration,Batch Jobs Automation,Web Scrapping etc

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Get Complete knowledge on Back end automation with Python which is must to become Python SDET

Understanding the API Automation from Scratch with Python Requests Library

Knowledge on implementing Database readers to communicate with DB from Python code

Establishing Connection with Linux Servers through Python Paramiko Library

Implement BDD Automation Framework for Python API Testcases from Scratch

Execute Batch Jobs in AWS Linux Servers and download the files to local using Python

Integrate the Database resutls to API and build dynamic Json Payloads

Knowledge on Web Scrapping to extract content from Web pages for Data science work


***You will be mastered in Python Back End Automation even if you have never programmed before in Python***
This Python SDET course starts from scratch teaching Python Basics and then drive you through many important utilities of Python like API Testing, BDD API Automation Framework, Database Validations,  CSV Readers, Json Parsers, Batch Jobs execution from Linux Servers, SSH connection to upload and download files, Web scrapping for data science work etc
As Python SDET, One should aware of many modules of python to perform end to end backend/Server side automation and this course comes us one single package which explains all the modules from scratch.

By end of this course, You can confidently implement any Python Automation Jobs or clear any interview related to Python testing.

Below is the high level content this course covers :

Json Parsers with Python modules
Read and Write to Json files with Python
API Automation using requests Library
Understand Crud operations GET,POST, DELETE,PUT API operations automation
Parsing API responses with Python utilities
Database interactions  with Python SQL Connector
BDD Automation Framework development from Scratch
Read the multiple result sets of database tables from Python
Integrating Database readers with API calls to build payload
CSV Parser with Python modules
Read and Write to CSV files with Python
Interacting with AWS Linux Servers
Establishing SSH connection to Linux using Python Paramiko
Sending the commands and executing the jobs in Server through Python
Uploading and downloading the files of batch Jobs from Servers with paramiko
IMportance of Web scrapping in Data science projects
Techniques to apply web scrapping to extract content from web pages

Wish you all the Best with your new Python SDET Journey :)


Python SDET-Backend/ Rest API Testing with BDD Framework
Python SDET-Backend/ Rest API Testing with BDD Framework
Python SDET-Backend/ Rest API Testing with BDD Framework
Python SDET-Backend/ Rest API Testing with BDD Framework


What will you learn from this course? - MUST WATCH

FAQ's about the course

Learn Python Programming Basics from Scratch

How to Install Python in your Machine?

Important note for MAC Users

What is PIP Client? -How to download Python Packages

Python, Selenium Installation Guide Download

Install PyCharm Editor and set Project Interpreter

Python hello world Program with Basics

Datatypes in python and how to get the Type at run time

List Datatype and its operations to manipulate

Get Social with Rahul Shetty

Tuple and Dictionary Data types in Python with examples

How to Create Dictionaries at run time and add data into it

If else condition in python with working examples

How loops work in Python and importance of code idendation

Programming examples using for loop - 1

Programming examples using While loop - 2

What are functions? How to use them in Python

OOPS Principles : Classes and objects in Python

What is Constructor and its role in Object oriented programming

Inheritance concepts with examples in Python

Strings and its functions in python

How to read text file content using Python

Importance of readLine and readLines Methods in python

Writing Data into File using Python

Code Download

Quiz - Test your Python Basic Knowledge!

Read and Write to Json Files and parsing using Python Methods

Where to download the code files?

How to Parse Json Strings in Python? - Example

Parse content in Json file into Dictionary - Example

Parsing complex Json with nested Structure and extract values

Compare two Json Schemas using Python Dictionaries with example

Section 3 Quiz - Test your knowledge!

API Automation Testing with Python Requests Library

Install Python requests Library for API Automation

Understanding Get http request calls and get response using Json method

Validating response status codes and headers using response object

Understand automating Post http request with Payload and headers

End to end automation flow of API calls using Python

Setting up Global Properties and OAuth Mechanism for API Testing

Setting global configurations using Python Config object

Optimizing resources and payload from externally as reusable data

Authenticating API's using Python Automation auth method- Example

Section 3- 5 Code Download

Section 4 and 5 Quiz - Test Your API Automation Knowledge!

API Testing Request Library Miscellaneous Concepts

Importance of Session Managing in API Testing

Send and Manage cookies for API request calls

Time out and Redirection attributes in making request calls

Sending Attachments through Post request call using Files Dictionary object

Code Snippet download

Build SQL Utility to interact with Database Tables from Python Code

Setting up MYSQL Instance to drive the data from Python Code

Setup Database with the Example Table Data and start Connection

SQL Queries download

Executing Queries on to Database from Python Code

Iterate over database table results set from Python and parse the results

Create Connection utility and pass the SQL connection externally into test

Section 7 Quiz

Integrate Database utilities to API Test for End to end Automation

Integrate Database results into API Test Data to build functional flow

Code Download

Read and Write to CSV files with Parsing using Python methods

Parsing and reading the CSV files using Python csv package

Building a logic to get the data from CSV based on conditional query

Parsing and writing back to CSV files using Python csv package

Where to download code files?

Section 9 Quiz

Python paramiko Utility to communicate with AWS Linux Servers

Setting up AWS Linux EC2 Instance for solving the project

Setting up SSH connection in AWS Linux instances

Install Paramiko Package to establish connection to Servers

Execute Batch Jobs on Linux Servers through Python SSH Utilities

Execute commands on Linux Servers from your local machine using Python code

SFTP Connection to upload and download from server using Python Paramiko

Example in running batch commands on Linux Servers using Python code

Section 10 & 11 Quiz

Web Scrapping to extract content for DataScience Projects using Python

What is Web Scrapping in Python?

Beautiful Soap package for Scrapping the content on web pages

find and findAll methods to parse html content from web pages

Scrapping Sub urls with href attribute concatenation to requests url

End to end example of Web scrapping with Python

Extracting the content from page based on the visible text scrapper

Section 12 Quiz

Download the Full course Code files

Download complete Project Code


Mike22 October 2020

Excellent course and Rahul is highly knowledgeable. The course covers use cases as practical in current SDET projects. I recommend and course and find very useful.

Saswati20 October 2020

Unique teaching methodology which sets a clear foundation of the course . This kind of insightful training can only come from a mentor who not only has expertise in teaching but also experience in one of the leading tech giants .

Daniel16 October 2020

Little too fast jumping through different screen of information. Hard to follow. Also, maybe speak a little slower for some important topics.

Amir15 October 2020

First i must say that Rahul is one of the best instructors in Udemy as I already took several courses lead by him . His always explaining very well including some practical examples and also attaching the resources he used for your own practice. This course is very useful and highly recommended as Python is becoming very popular in the world of QA Automation. After taking this course you will feel very satisficed that you are able to implement Automation tests using APIs and DB queries

Jayaprakash13 October 2020

Again it was very good experience learning from Rahul. Starting with Python basics, API and ending with Web Scrapping. Also providing resources to practice.

Oluwasegun5 October 2020

This is amazing...great job. The instructor explained in a way that is understandable even for someone that does not have experience

R3 October 2020

Thank you Rahul for your superb Training course. It's a perfect platform to learn REST API Automation. It's so much in detail and I have enjoyed learning it. Each and every concept of the course was clearly explained. I would highly recommend this course to all who wants to become automation engineer.

Mark30 September 2020

Rahul is a great teacher! I understand everything from basics to advance applications. Although I do admit that if you're really a beginner, as in a beginner from 0, you'll have a hard time, but take it one step at a time and enjoy the journey as you learn.

NAVEEN30 September 2020

I Salute Rahul Sir. I am reading reading reading....becoz of your courses and the way it was presented to reach my brain in a easier and effective way -

Shubham29 September 2020

Good !! All the python basic have been mentioned in details and API testing is wonderfully explained with Python Thank You!!

Suma27 September 2020

Awesome pace and teaching approach.. this is really good course as it covered all necessary areas in python api testing and one can always explore more on need basis. I like the tips you offer based on the issues or experience as progress through the lectures. The BDD framework is what really makes the course stand out as its widely expected in interviews in most automation jobs.

Venkat25 September 2020

Wonderful course on python api testing and I have added a new skillset to my resume. Big fan of Rahul shetty teaching and as always, this course exceeded my expectation. I had no knowledge of python, but now I can successfully automation testing of api;s using python thanks to this course.

Aman24 September 2020

Again, Amazingly taught and another well designed in-depth course. This is the course that has elevated my skill and makes me stand apart in the skill set. This is the demand now. Now I can do the backend automation of the tasks. Our client is NBFC domain and with the help of this course I will automate all the stuff that I was doing manually. Thank you for making this course!

Sankarikamala23 September 2020

Thanks for a lot for making such a detailed course. It is a very good experience for learning. I am able to understand all python modules with real-time examples using python utilities

Debomita21 September 2020

This course has been an amazing learning journey for me. Before beginning with the course I had minimal knowledge on Python basics, back end and Rest API automation in Python. Now I feel positive to develop automation scripts around the topics dealt in the course. The course covers topics on building utilities in Python from the scratch for automating REST API, Batch job automation test automation, interaction with Database Tables in SQL via Python code, web scraping and so on. The teaching style from Rahul Shetty sir has been incredible and the content really shows the amount of effort he has put into designing the course and teaching each topic in detail. Thank you Sir and Kudos to the hard work you have put in. I strongly recommend this course to every one aspiring a career as a Python SDET.


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