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Python OOPS: Object Oriented Programming For Python Beginner

Learn Object Oriented Programming in Python With Concepts For Beginners! (Quiz + Exercise + Cheatsheet) | Better Coding!

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Python OOPS: Object Oriented Programming For Python Beginner


3 hours


Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Master Principles And Understanding Of Object Oriented Programming In Python

You Will Learn Each Important Topic - Classes, Object, Inheritance, Abstraction And More With Proper Examples

Access To Python Cheatsheet To Excel Core Python Concepts

You Will Understand How Object Oriented Programming Is More Efficient Than Procedure Oriented Programming

You Will Understand How To Reuse Old Code For New Projects

Learn To Write Clean And Proper Python Code With Concept.

Learn About 4 Pillars Of Object Oriented Programming!

Learn How To Handle Error And Exceptions With Python

Access To All Theory Material With Quizzes.


Welcome to Object-Oriented Programming With Python, One single course to start your Object-Oriented Journey from Step-by-Step, This course touches each and every important concept of OOPS with it's latest version,

OOP is one of the most important concepts of programming, It is important because

  1. Makes Visualization easier (Closest to real-world scenarios)

  2. Reuse the code, Saves time, Reduce lines of code, Shrinks your project.

  3. Makes code Readable by adding a structure to data with the related methods for this data.

  4. Modularity for easier troubleshooting

  5. Reuse of code through inheritance

  6. Flexibility through Polymorphism

Course will help you to explore about Classes-Object, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism.

We will also focus on the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) approach to improve our code writing and problem-solving skills. Throughout the course, you will get tons of Quiz, Sample Codes, and Theory material to revise the course in a proper format.

After completing this course you will be Industry Level Ready to work as Intern, Fresher, or Freelancer and you will also be able to implement everything on your website itself! 

Enroll now and I will make sure you learn best about Python OOPS Concepts


Introduction - Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Welcome - Lets Get Started!

Classes and Objects

Classes and Objects in Python (OOP)

Understanding init() Method and 'self ' Parameter

Solving Task: OOPS

Defining Multiple Constructors in Python?



Public And Private Methods



Getter and Setter

Creating And Importing Module

Creating User Defined Module

Multiple Inheritance

Understanding super() Function [Part 1]

Understanding super() Function [Part 2]

Abstraction And Polymorphism



Abstract Classes

Discussing Over import And from

Operator Overloading [Part 1]

Operator Overloading [Part 2]

Complete OOPS - Theory

What Is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)?

Classes and Objects in Python (OOP)

Encapsulation in Python (OOP)

Inheritance in Python (OOP)

Errors And Exceptions Handling

Errors - Types of Errors!


Exceptions Handling Introduction

Exceptions Handling

Try, Except, Else And Finally

Raising Exception

Creating User Defined Exception

__name__ == "__main__"

if __name__ == "__main__"

Important Convention To Follow

Python Naming Convention (Classes, Variables, Functions, Methods ...)

Quiz And Exercise

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) - 10 Questions

Thank You For Being Here!

Thank You For Being Here!


Bonus - Complete Roadmap For Future


Merrick12 December 2020

The instructor does a good job of explaining and demonstrating the basics of OOP in Python. If I could make one recommendation it would be to add more quizzes throughout the topics as opposed to one quiz for the whole course.

Riya12 July 2020

I was expecting more details of all the topics and some additional concepts not present in this course. the course is just like a brief revision for oops concepts for those who want to do it in python. Well the explanation was good. you should just add more detailed concepts on the topic.

Tanmay17 May 2020

I wanted to use this course to learn the concept and also how to write the code. In lecture 3 the code gets pasted from somewhere else without proper explanation. The trainer should have explained the code and its syntax for better understanding, which would have helped non technical people.

Agnieszka12 January 2020

This course is really good. The only thing I would like to point out is the poor quality of the subtitles (English).

Anurag28 December 2019

You didn't provide in-depth knowledge. You could have stated the fact that even classes are objects in python. Please add quality content that can make people confident.

Supriya6 December 2019

This course cleared my all doubts as coming from scratch this really help me a lot.. concept are explain very well, in depth with some great examples

Nicholas4 October 2019

While there is only so much that can be covered in a few hours, Shubham does a great job providing an overview of object oriented programming!


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