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Python Programming - From Basics to Advanced level [2021]

This Python for beginners course will help you to become Zero to Hero. Learn Python Programming in Easy Way.

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Python Programming - From Basics to Advanced level [2021]


8 hours


Feb 2020

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What you will learn

Introduction to Python and Python 3

Understand the basics: Data types, Loops, Conditional statements, Functions and Modules

Learn object oriented programming in Python

Know how to Read and Parse JSON and XML files

Learn how to make your own web-scraping tool using Python


In this python course -

We will start with Python Installation and a few basics of Python. Along the journey,
You will Learn.
1) All the Python data types and built-in methods in depth.
2) User-defined functions, different parameter passing techniques, and object-oriented Python programming concepts.
3) The must-know concepts in Python programming like list comprehension, map function, filter Function, generators, iterators, and itertools. 4) And also cover web scraping using beautifulSoup, multi-threading, and database access.

Once you reach here you can start the new journey to learn domain-specific python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras for machine learning. Django, flask for web development. PySpark for big data processing and many more...

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to apply in confidence for Python programming jobs with the right skills which you will learn in this course.

Here’s what a few students have told us about the Python programming course after going through it

"This course is so recommended to anyone who wants to learn python. It clearly teaches you several important things even experts fail to deliver. It also teaches so many different ways and how to tackle some interview questions. Very thorough and easy to understand. The instructor is amazing."- Aishwarya Baliga

"That was a very thorough and informative course. The instructor was very pleasant. Thank you!" - Olga Abrosimova

"It's is explained very clearly, that a beginner can understand very well. Best teacher!!"- Rapaka Sujana

"One the best course out on internet to learn python programming right from basics to advanced" - Prithviraj Mane

"hi am newbee in Python. Still am in the early stages only. The tutor giving wonderful explanation and it's sounds very clear and understandable."- Mohamed Mohiadeen Rifay

And many more....

Why a Python programming course.?

is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language.
Python is an open-source programming language with more than 1 million libraries and more than 100,000 active contributors.
Python is also known for its simplicity as compared to other programming languages.

Artificial Intelligence or Web Development or IoT or Big Data Analysis or Cloud Application Development or Automation domain you can find n number of use cases for Python.

And Python is the number one language choice for machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. To get those high paying jobs you need expert knowledge of Python, and that’s what you will get from this course.

Python Career Opportunities -

  • Python developer: This is one of the most direct jobs that you can expect to land after acquiring this skill. What does a Python developer do? Here are a few key responsibilities:

  1. Build websites

  2. Resolve problems related to data analytics

  3. Write codes that are both reusable and efficient

  4. Optimize data algorithms

  5. Implement data protection and security

  • Data analyst: This is a very interesting opportunity. It is especially for those who like working with huge amounts of data and finding meaning in that data. This is again a very popular job role. There are many companies that are looking for people who can work with the large sets of data that they have access to. These companies are looking for people skilled in Python because Pandas, SciPy, and other Python libraries come in very handy in accomplishing this task. No wonder more and more companies are looking for data analysts with experience in python to fill open positions.

  • Product manager: Product managers have a very important role to play when it comes to helping businesses to understand the market and why building one product will be better than building another. They study the market, research for new features related to a particular product or category, and advocate the building of certain products with facts. Data is a very important part of the work they do. This is why most companies today are looking for product managers that are skilled in python.

  • Machine learning engineer: If you don’t already know, then let us tell you that the job postings for this position have increased by more than 330% in the last couple of years. If you are skilled in python, you will be given preference over other candidates. A machine learning engineer builds and trains machines, programs, and other computer-based systems to apply their learned knowledge for making predictions. Python’s ability to work with data automation and algorithms makes it the ideal programming language that can be used in machine learning.


Start your career as a python engineer and don't worry this course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee!
If you are not satisfied in any way, you'll get your money back. ( I’m sure you will enjoy this Python programming course  )

Wish you the best for your Python programming journey.

Enroll now!! See you in class.

Happy learning!
Team Edyoda


Introduction & Basics

Why Python ?

How to install Python and Sublime text

Variable Declaration and Memory Allocation

Builtin Python Datatypes

Python Operators

Conditional Statements and Loops

Conditional Statements | if, elif, else

Iterating using For loop | Syntax

Iterating using For loop | Continue | Break | enumerate

Iterating using While Loop | Syntax

Python Assignment - 1 | Conditional and Looping Statements

Python Data Types - String, Lists, Tuple, Dictionaries

Str Data Type | Indexing | Slicing | Striding - Closer look at python data types

Str Data Type | Built-in functions - Closer look at python data types

List Data Type | Indexing | Slicing | Append - Extend - Insert - Closer look at

List Data Type | Update and Delete Operations - Closer look at python data types

Tuple Data Type - Closer look at python data types

Dictionary Data Type | Storing and Accessing the data in dictionaries

Dictionary Data Type | Update and Delete Operations

Set Data Type | Add - Update - Delete operations

Working with Math and Random Modules | Math functions | Random Number Generator

Python Functions

Getting Started with User Defined Functions

Parameter Passing Techniques | Positional - Default - Keyword Parameters

Parameter Passing Techniques | Variable Length Positional and Keyword Parameters

Writing Recursive Functions

Python Modules and Packages

Creating Modules and Packages

Introduction to RE Module | Regx Meta-characters

RE Module | Groups

Functional Programming

List Comprehension - Dict Comprehension

Functional Programming | Map - Filter - Lambda

Function Iterators | Generator functions

Iterators and Itertools

File Operation | JSON, XML Parsing

Getting started with file operations

File Operations | Read - Write - Append

Parsing JSON files using Python

Parsing XML files using xmltodict

Object Oriented Programming

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming - Class Method and Static Method

Object Oriented Programming - Inheritance

Web Scraping and Database handling using Python

Web Scraping using BeautifulSoup

Executing Database Queries Using Python | sqlite3 Module

Python Decorators

Python Decorators

Python Quiz


Snehadri10 November 2020

The course was very detailed and well explained from Section 1 to Section 7 but after that the explanation was not detailed. Overall it was an proper informative course. Highly recommendable.

Suleiman31 October 2020

Explanation is horrible for a beginner. At best this is for someone with an intermediate level skill. Definitely not a fresh beginner with no experience.

Subhranil31 October 2020

I loved these videos very much and its growing my interest in python more. As soon as I complete this course, I wanna have an advanced python course.

Praveen28 October 2020

Its really interesting course for beginners. Each topics are clearly explained and unique. Thanks for this course,its very useful for python fundamentals.

Max1 October 2020

Python for Beginners starts its lessons with information about memory allocation before introducing what variables are. That is not very beginner-friendly.

Jurga16 September 2020

It was good to get a refresher on Python but certain parts were rushed and the module on webscraping was difficult as he did not provide a url we could use and other url's had their html structured differently.

Eric7 September 2020

I am Delighted of My Improved understanding of how Coding works. This Course has brought me to an understanding that indeed whatever the Computers do for us, is just to process the instructions we have given it through codes. This is a good initiative for building a Techno savvy future Generation.

Matthew7 September 2020

The section on Object Oriented Programming was confusing. I would like to have more practice problems sprinkled throughout the course. I did like how you laid out the applications of the section you were about to explain before moving forward.

Gaurav22 August 2020

THANK YOU so much for providing this course. I understand the basic of paythan clearly can i contact you through email my email k.gaurav653@gmail.com

Norma19 August 2020

The basics were easy to understand but I will still need to put in more work into understanding the more advanced sections. Overall the course was very informative. Thank you.

Sudhanshu15 August 2020

It was great to learn python so easily and understandably, waiting for a web scrapping course using BeautifulSoup

Sai15 August 2020

explanation ,content ,way of teaching is also very good. i want to specify one thing is doing some practical problems means solving the hacker rank questions like that gives more clarity about the subject and also explain the how to solve the questions by using different methods is very helpful to us. please do that...

Roberto14 August 2020

The course should be called Python: A quick review. It's not meant to teach you, it's a narration of all the things Python can do. If you are a beginner, don't even bother. Technically the first two lessons are mono audio, left audio only. Some others like lesson 6 have sound distortion. Also, volume goes up and down between lessons, be careful. In 90% of the lessons only 30% of the screen is actually used, as all code fits in that section, a waste of space. The presentation could be better. He just throws command after command, converting everything to comment after executing. He names sections at the top but then all the commented code is so messy you don't know what code belongs to which section. In lesson 5 he spends 20 minutes introducing 30 or so operators one after another with a very simple, usually one line example. It's just too much information for any beginner to understand. Then he continues piling up information and, after 40 minutes, he throws 4 or 5 exercises to do without solutions. The Q&A section is filled with people asking for the solutions. The first useful lesson is 24, when you actually create a file that you can execute and not just commands thrown at the interpreter. By then any beginner will probably be too discouraged to continue. The final lesson is a quiz with 10 questions. That's all the exercise you'll get. If you know Python but haven't used it in a couple of years and want to roll again, you can get this course to refresh your knowledge. If you want to learn from scratch you'll probably finish the 41th lesson and think, "And how I write a complex program?".

Rohit11 March 2020

of course yes, In the very first couple of videos I came to know new things like id() and type() and object intering.

Anirudh3 March 2020

The course offered by the EdYoda Digital University is one of the best course that I suggest one should go through. The professors delivering the lecture are highly knowledgeable and efficient in explaining the topic to the bottom of the depth.


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