Data Analysis with Python and Pandas for Complete Beginners

In just 5 hours learn enough to be proficient using python and pandas for exploratory data analysis

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5.5 hours


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Students will learn how to use python, pandas, numpy and matplotlib to do exploratory data analysis


Are you interested in using python for data analysis but have never programmed before?

Would you like to move away from spreadsheets and excel but don't know how?

Would you like to create interesting data using programming tools but don't know where to start?

If you're interested in learning these skills then this course is aimed at you. This is a course for complete beginners and will teach you how to use python and its data science tools to analyse, plot and gain insight from data.

The course assumes absolutely no programming experience and starts by introducing you to python and teaching you all the python you need to know for data analysis. It then moves on to showing you how to use python and pandas to analyse data.

On a project by project basis you will look at and analyse Covid 19 data sets, you will plot case numbers and plot where the cases occurred on a map.

You will use matplotlib to plot share prices and you will use pandas to combine two datasets to find the location of the UK's biggest energy consumers.

By the time you finish working through this course you will have an excellent grasp of how to use python for data analysis.


Data Analysis with Python and Pandas for Complete Beginners
Data Analysis with Python and Pandas for Complete Beginners
Data Analysis with Python and Pandas for Complete Beginners
Data Analysis with Python and Pandas for Complete Beginners




Installing the right tools. Installing Python.

Why Anaconda is a great choice and how to install it

How to launch Anaconda

Starting to Program with Jupyter

Working with a Jupyter Notebook

Using python as a calculator

What are variables - they're quite easy to grasp

Rules for naming variables

Variable IDs

Printing and Strings

Introducing the print function and strings

String Methods

Lists, Loops and Conditionals

Introduction to python lists

A little more on lists

Beautiful Booleans

Comparisons and Membership


Looping - While Loops

For Loops

Loops - Continue and Break

Dictionaries, Tuples and Sets

Python Dictionaries

Introducing Tuples

Tuple Intuition


Modules and Functions

What are modules?

Functions are extremely important

Functions args and kwargs

Lambda Functions

Errors and Exceptions and Comprehensions

Error handling

How to use try and except

List and Dictionary Comprehensions

A little Dictionary Challenge


What is Numpy and why is it useful?

Random numbers and masks in Numpy

Numpy Slicing

Numpy Functions

At last Data Analysis with Python and Pandas!

Developing Pandas skills

Plotting with Pandas

Finishing the Covid Pandas project

Plotting data on a map with Pandas Geo

Plotting with Maptlotlib

Introducing Matplotlib and plotting share price data

Another way of plotting share price data with Matplotlib

Anaconda Environments

Anaconda Environments are one of the most important lessons you'll learn

A couple of interesting data projects

Plotting the Barnsley Fern

Plotting UK consumption on a map


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