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Python Network Programming - TCP/IP Socket Programming

Python Networking Programming is simple for beginners, powerful for the pros. Use it to create tools, sockets and more.

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Nov 2017

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What you will learn

3.5 hours of Full HD video material divided into 32 downloadable lectures

Discover core concepts of network communication and python networking

Become familiar with basics of networking: internet architecture, IP addresses, Python TCP connections, Ports and Sockets

Transfer data between server/client applications running on different machines on the network.

Connect to any computer in the world REMOTELY by building a networking tool called Reverse Shell

Master the basics of python socket programming: creation and usage of sockets

Learn about threading and multi-threading to handle two tasks simultaneously

Learn how to create a server on Digital Ocean and run python files on it

Access to our private facebook group available to only students of this Python Networking course


Have you ever wanted to connect two computers or devices remotely but didn't know how to? May be you even know how to code in Python but have no idea about Python networking? Or might even know the concepts of networking like IP address, Ports and sockets but don't know how to compile all of them together in Python?

With over 32 videos this online Python Networking course is designed to provide a solid foundation in Python Network Programming using Socket Programming and Communication. Network programming is one field which everybody uses but is still considered an advanced topic. Networking with Python is easy for beginners and powerful enough for advance coders. 

You will also learn (BONUS) 

  1. How to create an online live server on Digital ocean and run python files on it

  2. Multi threading and how to use it in creating a Python network

  3. Python socket programming with python socket example and python socket server

  4. Create a security tool called reverse shell used by hackers to remotely connect to victims computers.

Source Code - All source code shown in this course is also available for download. Students can create their own projects using the downloaded Python files.

Why choose me as an instructor?

When i was a kid i saw this YouTube video on how make a folder invisible on Windows I was so fascinated with this idea. Since then my love for technology has only grown. I understand the people who are passionate about learning new things. At the end of each section we will take a quiz to check up on your skills and see if we’re ready for the next section. We will create this project together from start to finish.

So, why wait? If all this sounds great to you, Press on “Take this Course” and start learning today! 100% money-back guarantee!


Python Network Programming - TCP/IP Socket Programming
Python Network Programming - TCP/IP Socket Programming
Python Network Programming - TCP/IP Socket Programming
Python Network Programming - TCP/IP Socket Programming


Introduction to the Course


Installing Python and Pycharm

Python Basics

Variables and Priting Statements

If-Else Condition

Taking Input from the User


Lists and Arrays

For - Loops

While - Loops

Importing Packages and Modules

Basics of Networking

What are IP Addresses?



Direct + Reverse connection

Creating a server on Digital Ocean

Network Programming using Python

Introduction to Project

Creating a Socket

Binding the Socket and Listening for Connections

Accepting Connections

Sending Commands to the Client

Client to Server Connection

Completing the Client file

Testing the Program Locally

Final Program on a Live Server

Advance Socket Programming

Adding Multiple Client Support

Handling Connections from Multiple Clients

Creating a Custom Interactive Shell

Displaying All Current Connections

Selecting a Target

Connecting to a Computer Remotely

Creating the Threads - Multithreading

Running the Multi-Client Program Live


Jeffrey4 December 2019

Good information, and you finish with a working reverse shell. However, instructor directs you to create an account on a third-party hosting service, which requires a credit card and then government ID and a photo. Instructor receives a credit on the site for the "referral" once you sign up. All of this would be OK if it were disclosed at the beginning of the class.

Rohit22 November 2019

Nice course for a beginner. Would be amazing if you could add some code in 'Basics of Networking' section regarding socket programming.

Juan26 September 2019

There are a good explanation and nicely introduction for establishing conection by TCP/IP with python. Nevertheless, It is necessary to emphasize in some topics.

Jackson2 March 2019

Talks too fast, makes things very confusing. Would rather he make the videos twice as long and explain better and more clear.

Sven22 February 2019

Very Basic stuff on a Socket build with python long section recap of python basics and long lasting intro. Building of a simple socket in endless video sessions. This is not what I had expected based on the title. In addition add for digital ocean. I am not sure looks as the digitalocean link which is part of this course is using the digitaloceans referral program to generate some extra money for the teatcher.

Jordan19 February 2019

A little more detail would be helpful. I know Python but I do not know networking. So I wish the networking was more in depth, but it is a short course so I understand!

Nihat17 February 2019

To follow the course you need a credit card and you have to ignore the situation of DigitalOcean Cloud Computing will save your credit card and may take out money after 60 days. This have to be mentioned on the course explanation. You get used to Attreya Bhatt's pronounciation but it gets time. The course really needs a subtitle.

Marshall12 January 2019

Decent for those with little socket programming experience, or for those with absolutely no Python experience. The first 1/3 of the course seems overly basic. I understand it's to get new programmers up to speed, but I question the need to explain concepts like variables and for-loops to someone looking to learn the basics of socket programming. Overall I liked that a simple program was actually built and you can see the functioning product develop. I disliked that while basic concepts were rehashed a number of times, more advanced topics were quickly glossed over, such as the parameters of the builtin socket library functions. I don't regret paying the $13 for the course, but it did leave me with a feeling that I only have the most rudimentary understanding of socket programming.

Aileen30 December 2018

Yes it is very helpful, have to teach socket programming this term. So it's a great way to upskill.

Glenn26 December 2018

The instructor is expertly teaching how to communicate between computers using sockets in a client-server architecture. All of the code works as it should. I am really quite amazed that just 2 days ago I didn't know how to do any of this, but now I do. 5 stars for the instructor and course! Update: just finished the course and the final example using multithreading was very educational. 5 stars again for the instructor for a fine job!

Rahmat29 November 2018

Very concise, very well explained, the instructor is straight to the point. A very practical course to dive through tcp/ip socket program.

Sumanth13 November 2018

Thanks sir, The course is awesome for the beginner for whom wants to start with the Network Programming and the instructor is very clear about his concepts and also he is giving quick responses about the doubts which we post. I would suggest the trainer to create more courses in Network Programming

Dan7 November 2018

Covers networking concepts that are usually only covered in more advanced courses. The reverse shell application was interesting and fun.

Paul6 November 2018

Good course, very well explained, covers everything you need to start with socket programming in Python. Great course.

Richard5 July 2018

the guy knows his stuff and puts it across ok, its just lacking something. I have learnt from it though. You will learn, but it lacks fun and engagement


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