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Python for Data Science and Machine Learning beginners

A Complete Machine learning Bootcamp learn Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Stats, Plotly , EDA , Scikit-learn and more!

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Implement Machine Learning Algorithms

Use python for Data science and Machine Learning

Use Numpy and multidimensional array operations

Do exploratory Data analysis with pandas profiling

Create complex visualization with matplotlib and plotly

Use Scikit-learn for Machine Learning Task

Linear Regression

Random Forest and Decision Tree

Statistics For Data Science and Machine Learning




Hi all Its Jay I am a data scientist by profession and Instructor by passion I have around 4 years of experience as data scientist,  I started my career as analyst as gradually moved to data scientist hence  I can understand what are programming prerequisites for data scientist. This course is created for absolute beginners of data science and machine learning.  It covers all aspect of python languages required in data science machine learning and deep learning.


Python for Data Science and Machine Learning beginners
Python for Data Science and Machine Learning beginners
Python for Data Science and Machine Learning beginners
Python for Data Science and Machine Learning beginners


Module 1


How to get 100% from this course

Setting up environment and jupyter notebook

Intro to module 1

Installing anaconda and setting up jupyter notebook

Anaconda environment and conda cheat sheet

Module -2 python Arithmetic operations

Arithmetic Operators in python

module 3- python basics list string dictionary

Module Intro




Numpy -Array Attributes

Numpy-Basic array operations

Matrix operations in numpy

part4.4-Numpy array



Module Intro

Pandas part1

pandas part 2

pandas part 3

pandas part4

Create simple machine learning models with sklearn

sklearn part 1

Sklearn part 2


Yousef3 August 2020

Numpy and pandas explained very well however you can add more examples of real time modeling in the course overall very good.

Amari19 July 2020

course is pin pointed loved the approach and examples provided for every single concept.. looking for more

Syed16 July 2020

loved the professional behavior of instructor well designed course slow in start but keep up speed with time

Mehmet13 July 2020

It is all about the environment until now. The Data Science or the machine learning haven't been explained yet

Dhanyanjaya10 July 2020

Exepcted the detail explanation of the statistics terms and what is expected from the Model and some real-time business examples

Manoj8 July 2020

• Teaching style to different audiences with ease and professionalism • Responds professionally to challenging audiences. Listens and provides a mature, respectful response. • Demonstrates patience and respectful guidance when interacting. • Stays current with the latest trends and innovations in training materials. • Uses technology in a learning environment with ease; demonstrates high computer proficiency and pictorial representation. • Evaluates the transfer of learning consistently and applies the findings by making changes where appropriate in materials. Really liked content and ease of telling and sharing knowledge. Recommends to all those want to start their career in data science and explore knowledge.

Eliezer29 June 2020

So for I liked the way instructor has used real life example to explain tough mathematical concept like z-test,t-test and all.

Amitha22 June 2020

The way he teached was good and he will also guide us for interview. Questions they may ask and what we need to answer it was good

Devonte18 June 2020

The instructor is energetic. Very good presentation I will say its was a masterpiece. I have never done coding before in my life as the course was so smooth that I never felt left out. looking ahead for other courses on deep learning..

Rakhi29 May 2020

Step by Step approach of the instructor is awesome. As a beginner I loved the instructor's approach thanks for creating such masterpiece...

Brendon28 May 2020

The statistics and linear regression part was the most I loved. I can't imagine that the concept can be explained in such a simple way kudos for your work..

Kaleb28 May 2020

Amazing course, explains very complicated things in simple and bite-size terms. Loved the real time coding

Kody27 May 2020

I already took several courses about basic python on Udemy in order to get different perspectives. This one is clearly the best. I love the concept and the way the instructor explains with real time coding

Michael26 May 2020

your step by step approach is awesome as I am starting for zero I liked the way you explain however can you upload some of the lectures for mac os as most the examples are given for windows

Girish23 May 2020

Please use more number of examples for frequently used models/modules will help us understand more easily


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