Python for Beginners (2023)

A beginner Python course covering all of the basics you need to know

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Python for Beginners (2023)
2 hours
Sep 2021
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What you will learn

Python Basics from Scratch

Variables and Data Types in Python

Input/Output in Python

Working with Strings in Python

Working with Numbers in Python (Arithmetic, Functions, etc.)

Conditional Statements in Python

Loops (While, For) in Python

Lists in Python

Tupes in Python

Functions in Python


Learn the basics of Python in a quick and easy-to-understand course! This course will teach you the fundamentals of Python and covers practice problems so you can advance your Python skills quickly. You will learn about installing / setting up Python, input, output, variables, data types, converting between data types, strings, numbers, arithmetic, conditional statements, loops, lists, tuples, and functions.

Topics Covered:

  • Installing and Setting up Python

  • Input / Output

  • Variables

  • Data Types

  • Converting between Data Types

  • Working with Strings

  • Working with Numbers (Arithmetic, Math Functions, etc.)

  • Conditional Statements

  • Loops (While, For)

  • Lists

  • Tuples

  • Functions

Softwares Used:

  • Pycharm (Platform for coding in Python)

Note: The first video of the course will teach you how to set up Python and Pycharm so you can begin coding your problems right away! The course assumes you have no prior knowledge of Python or programming.

Information about the Instructor:

AlgoSTEM is a non-profit organization led by Arushi Gupta and Akshaj Gupta that aims to increase accessibility to STEM education. Through its free online courses, AlgoSTEM has taught over 35,000 students worldwide. AlgoSTEM instructors are experienced and knowledgeable about the subjects they teach which include computer science, math, and various sciences.

Along with having multiple Udemy courses, AlgoSTEM has a popular YouTube channel called Algorythm that covers solutions to coding problems including those from Leetcode, Codeforces, Codechef, and various math competitions.




Set-up and Getting Started

Installing and Setting Up Pycharm
Print Statements

Variables and Data Types

Data Types
Converting Between Data Types
Quiz 1

Working with String, Numbers, and Input

String Concatenation
Working with Strings
Working with Numbers
Input Function
Quiz 2

Conditional Statements (If/Elif/Else)

Conditional Statements
Logical Operators
Comparison Operators
Practice Problem
Quiz 3

Loops, Lists, and Tuples

While Loops
Guessing Game
List Methods
For Loops
2D Lists and Nested Loops
Quiz 4


Functions - Part 1
Functions - Part 2
Return Statement
Quiz 5


October 29, 2023
This is a great course for introduction to Python. I got more than expected and looking forward to continuing with the next phase.
October 28, 2023
Thank you so much, the course is really wonderful. I was facing difficulty understanding some words when I used Google translate, because I can't speak English. However, the concepts didn't appear correctly. So, I used artificial intelligence to solve this issue. I hope there's a translated file to Arabic
September 9, 2023
first of all Thank you for this course here i learned python basics in a very effective way assignments were also helpful to me in explore the program thank you.
September 1, 2023
Amazing it's above my expectations , she is teaching incredibly and the best point to be noticed here that she is teaching the very basic things....... So that everyone can learn this language..........
August 26, 2023
Should have explained different type of naming convention if that's not what person is restricted to. Should have explained how many arguments can be taken in a function if more than one.
August 11, 2023
the simplicity at which the instructor explained the basics of python made understanding the logic easy to learn.
August 11, 2023
The course was very easy to understand, please make more python courses on udemy! I will say that the exercises were way beyond beginner, if I hadn't taken other courses already I would have been very lost and frustrated by not understanding as a lot of content was not covered in videos.
August 1, 2023
A little basic but just what I was looking for. The 4 stars is given because I felt like some things were rushed and if I had no prior knowledge on any programming language, it would have been more confusing I feel.
July 30, 2023
It's great, but the software used a bit outdated. The lecturer also use mac, while I only have windows. Not a big problem, it is just make me a little bit struggling at the beginning. Still willing to recommend this one for other beginners
June 30, 2023
It's free and it's a great course! Atlhough for me it was good because I was already taking a much more complete not free course, and for me this one was good to just see another perspective from the most basic parts of Python. Although, I do noted that if this was your first course on Python,it would probably not be the best one for you to start with, as you learn the most basic but you never get an idea of what this basic stuff is actually used for in the real world. Of course, this is a free course and most likely the author wants to you suscribe to other not free courses after you completed this one. But again, if its your first course, I don't think it woul be your best option. I would recommend it to begginers like me who just want to see other perspectives and examples of the basic stuff in Python
June 18, 2023
I think that learners in the same position as myself would benefit from more in depth explanations of the challenges.. They were challenging for sure. I'm going to move forward with courses on specifics like functions containing loops, while, and if statements. thank you for the free content.
June 14, 2023
This course was fantastic, this course has cleared all my basics related to Python. Quizzes and Assignments are an excellent feature of this course. And your method of teaching was quite remarkable. Thank You!
June 9, 2023
The course is well organized and covers the basics of python language. As I have background in SQL and PL/SQL, the programming concepts are not new, so I was able to concentrate on the specialties of python. The assignments are easy to solve and solving them is a very good way to practice python and the quizes are also good.
June 7, 2023
Really enjoyed this course, gives good basic background on how to use the code. However at the beginning it would be nice to have other suggested platforms for coding and not only the one that is being used in the course.
May 31, 2023
Liked the course in general for many reasons.The author just made this simple for all of us.Thank you!We appreciate your efforts!


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