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Python for Beginners - Learn Programming from scratch

Python For Beginners : This course is meant for absolute beginners in programming or in python.

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2.5 hours


Jun 2018

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What you will learn

To learn the python language

To learn the CORE skills to understand any programming language



This python for beginners course is geared to students who want to know how python works and also to those totally new to programming.

The python language has very simple syntax(way to write it) to learn and it is one of the most powerful languages to learn since it can used for a variety of things.

Here are some:

  1. Data analysis
  2. Game development
  3. Visualization
  4. Web development
  5. Robotics
  6. and more....

Jobs in this field are really lucrative and knowing this language will give you an edge when finding a job and making a lot more money than other developers; python developers are not as many as in other languages since people think is hard. Python is super easy to learn but very powerful since it contains many possibilities.

Python is growing faster and faster everyday and it has surpassed many other languages over the years for a lot of reasons, which you will find out soon enough.


Why take this course?

This course starts with explaining what programming really is? Have you ever wondered how things actually work in a program?

1. Teaches the foundation of GENERAL programming

Every student should have some foundations on what programming really is before learning any language, why? Because once you understand the core components of programming it will be a lot easier to learn any language and create better programs.

2. New lectures added all the time

When you like what you do, it reflects. This is not a job for me, so I wake up wanting to code and help my students. Basically you pay once, get the course forever and get extra values added all the time, you have to love that :)

3. Fun place to be

I love making my lectures fun and engaging, so no boring lectures here!

4. The support you get in this course in unmatched

have you ever joined a class and received very little support or none at all? Well that is not going to happen in this class, because I love helping my students.


Python for Beginners - Learn Programming from scratch
Python for Beginners - Learn Programming from scratch
Python for Beginners - Learn Programming from scratch
Python for Beginners - Learn Programming from scratch


Programming fundamentals


What is programming?

What is source code?

Compile VS Interpreted Languages

Strings and numbers


Lists, Arrays or Collections

Conditional Code - If statements



Getting Started with Python

intro to getting started

What is Python?

Installing Python

Running Python IDLE and online

Installing IDE

Python Basics

Intro to python basics

Exercise files

Strings & print function

Numbers / Math





Conditional structures

intro to conditional code

If Statements

While Loop

For loop

Break and Continue


intro to functions

Custom Functions & arguments

Functions with arguments

Function variable scopes

Function return

Functions with flexible arguments



Built in functions

Working with files

Intro to working files

Opening / Creating files / Writing files

File reading

Renaming files

Deleting files


Christopher10 October 2020

Very good for a beginner the professor explains in a very thorough manner for a beginner. He also has a dynamic personality.

Hakeem14 August 2020

Topics well structured and explained by the instructor. Instructor should have spend a little more time explaining global and local variables, and their declarations in the program. Thanks for a well taughtful lecture.

Stephanie12 May 2020

This was such a fun course! I loved that most of the videos are no longer than 5 mins and super easy to follow. Also, I really appreciated the encouragement from the instructor to independently code and to use other resources in addition to his teaching.

James29 February 2020

Another excellent course by Edwin. This course would be a great beginners course. I took it as a review but really need more advanced Python courses which I plan on proceeding with. Thank you, Edwin for all of your time and hard work sharing your knowledge with us by producing these courses. Very good job on this Python for Beginners course!

Salik20 February 2020

I took this course because I have learnt PHP and Laravel from Edwin Diaz. He is a great instructor. He explains everything very straightforward with a little hint of good humour. He also motivates you throughout the course so you can finish the course and not get bored.

Stefan18 January 2020

It is not bad for beginners to take this course, however i expected to learn a bit more about actual use of this programing language for real situations. I would recommend to people that never took any programming lessons before.

LaToya17 December 2019

Yes, I like how the instructor is explaining things clearly and I look forward to the rest of the course.

Kanykei23 November 2019

Да. Он мне отлично подошел, потому что лектор хорошо объясняет сложные концепты для начинающих программистов.

Kristine5 November 2019

I was able to skip the beginning since i knew the basics of programing. after getting to the code. it got much more interesting.

Aravindh28 October 2019

The course is good but would have been better if it had more examples during the sessions instead of keeping it to very simple/basic.

Victoria27 October 2019

its my first time with python, and I thing Iam going to repeat it, I would like to learn programing, but I am not actually having installed the tool to work with

Mridul13 October 2019

The basic concept has been made very clear and easy to understand. A layman's language. Since I have no background in programming, I am loving it.

Suzanne6 October 2019

This is a pretty good match for me. I would like if there were more opportunities to practice without the instructor modeling each example.

Aravind29 September 2019

Short and Descriptive - this lecture is very basic. So this will not help the person who is going to start his career and work on python. It will give some 10% idea on how python works.... so the person who want to work on python should choose some other course rather than this.... this is very simple course. Average Experience not bad.

Varun6 February 2019

It is a good course for the absolute beginners. Concepts are explained in simplified manner and the course actually makes it feel that Python is easy to learn and understand. Functions related part is explained nicely. Overall Good!


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