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Python Desktop Application Development with PyQt

A-Z To Create a Powerful Desktop Applications Using Python And Qt Framwork From Scratch To Developing Your Projects

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Python Desktop Application Development with PyQt


7 hours


Oct 2017

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What you will learn

be abel to Creat a very powerfull desktop Applications

Learn How To Use Qt Designer To Design Your Apps In Less Time

Learn How To Use PyQt

Learn How To Convert Your Python Code To Executable File (exe)

Learn How To Distribute Your exe File

Learn How To Make Your Own Apps Like Web Browsers , Download Programmes .. And More

Learn How To Make Commercial Desktop Apps With Python & Qt


This Course Cover Qt Framework From Scratch To Advanced Topics , You Will Find Every Thing You Need To Build Your Own Applications .And I Put A Project at The End Of The Course To Teach Your How To Think And How To Make Any Project You Want And How To Work With Big Projects.After This Course You Will Be Able To Make Very Powerful And Beautiful Applications . You Will Be Able To Build Your Own Desktop Applications Like Web Browsers And Download Programmes.. Waiting Your Feedback After Finishing The Course And Wait My New Courses On Udemy For Qt Framwork , Like Developing Android Apps With Python And Qt And Build 20 Project With Python ANd Qt ... And More



Course Introduction

Who Is Me .. ?

How To Study The Course

Udemy Review

Why Python

Why PyQT


Our Tools Installation Overview

How To Install Python On Windows

How To Install PyCharm On Windows

How To Install PyQt On Windows

Install Python IDLE On Linux

Install PyCharm On Linux OS

How To Install PyQt On Linux

PyQT Code Structure

The Third Part Of Our Course In Details

Basic Code Structure

Change Our Window Title & Icon

Change Our Window Position & Size

PyQt Widgets

PyQT Widgets Overview










PyQt Dialogs

PyQt Dialogs Overview

QColor Dialog

QFont Dialog

QFile Dialog

PyQT Layouts

PyQT Layouts Overview

Absolute Positioning In PyQT

PyQt BoxLayout

PyQt BoxLayout Example

PyQT GridLayout

PyQt GridLayout Example

PyQt Signal & Slots

PyQt Signal & Slot Overview

PyQt Signal & Slots Part1

PyQt Signal & Slots Part2

PyQt Menus & ToolBars

PyQt MenuBars & ToolBars Overview

PyQt MenuBar part1

PyQt MenuBar Part2

PyQt ToolBar

PyQt StatuBar

PyQt Tabs

PyQt Tabs Overview

PyQt Tab Widget

Qt Designer Intro

Qt Designer Intro

How To Use Qt Designer

Qt Designer Signals & Slots

Qt Designer Signals & Slots Overview

Qt Designer Signal & Slots Part 1

Qt Designer Signal & Slots Part 2

Qt Designer Signal & Slots Part 3

Qt Designer Styling Your App

Styling Your App Intro

Styling Your App Part1

Styling Your App Part 2

Styling Your App Part 3

Styling Your App Part 4 (QStyleSheet)

Qt Designer Widgets Customization

Widgets Customization Overview

Most Common Widgets Properties

Qt Designer Label Customization

Qt Designer PushButton Customization

LineEdit & Registeration Form GUI

Qt Designer ProgressBar Customization

Qt Designer GroupbBox Customization

Qt Designer Tap Widget Customization

Qt Designer RadioButton & CheckBox Customization

From Designer To Python Code

From Designer To Python Code Overview

From Designer To Python Code

PyQt Text Editor

PyQT Text Editor Overview

PyQT Text Editor Part 1

PyQT Text Editor Part 2

PyQT Text Editor Part 3

PyQT Text Editor Part 4

PyQT Text Editor Part 5

PyQT Text Editor Part 6

PyQT Text Editor Part 7

Converting To exe & Distributing Our Code

Converting Our Python Code To exe

Distribute Our exe

Course Source Code

Full Course Source Code

Source Code On GitHub



Robert24 August 2020

Leraar is moeilijk verstaanbaar door zijn accent. Het zijn heel veel herhalingen van dezelfde stappen met een ander element. lineitem maken, verplaatsen; checkbox maken, verplaatsen etc. een keer tonen en daarna uitleggen waar de diverse elementen voor kunnen worden gebruikt zou zinvoller zijn.

Jeffrey20 June 2020

It's fine, but you may want to say something about newer versions of Python. I'm using 3.7 on 06/20/2020.

Bernard27 April 2020

The teacher has a good knowledge of your subject. Some information is quite redundant, especially in section 15. Please, manage to record your courses far from the rooster and the children. When you make mistakes while teaching, erase this recording and replace it with a new one without error...

Youssef4 April 2020

Very long for the actual content. Information not well contained and often repeated. A few key points to take out, but not really summarized in the end. Background not well explained.

Arnold28 February 2020

ja oft hat er das nicht gemacht jedoch von Video zu Video wird es besser sein Akzent ist ok das stört nicht ! was Stört ist in manchen Videos die Hintergrundgeräusche wie z.b. Hahnenkrähen

Wayne13 September 2019

I found it very hard to follow what the person was saying. The English was not very good and the quality of the voice recording was also not very good. I couldn't get pass the intoduction.

Naved7 August 2019

It is a very good tutorial , videos are sequenced in a way that you gradually start learning from being a beginner to an expert.

Richard6 July 2019

Very difficult to understand his pronounciation of Englist and a poor grasp of grammar. I persisted for some time trying to ignore these shortcomings but eventually gave up. The course appeared to be very disorganised and poorly designed. I am sorry to be so negative about this from an obviously intelligent programmer.

Simões22 June 2019

Esperava um desenho bem mais fácil das telas e botões pelo QT, no curso está encinando é o PyCharm e não diretamente o QT, ele pega no QT como se a pessoa ja soubesse mexer nele mas fica muita a desejar a aprender a mexer..

Bentley17 April 2019

I can't make out what the tutor is saying. He is not a native speaker of English, so it would be good if he was at least audible, but he is not. I want to withdraw from the course and get a refund.

Marko31 March 2019

I would give 5 star, but i have to focus on understanding english accent, but that is understanble becouse teacher is foreighn

Leif4 March 2019

The course is very basic. The instructor just types commands in the IDE and runs the application. The is no explanation of what he wants to achieve, and how to do that. The examples is not very relevant and they are not finished. Just pulling some controls into a window is not an application. The course should be called "An introduction to PyQT"

Arunesh2 January 2019

English pronunciation isn’t helping me to understand at all. He needs be slow to deliver the course. Need to create something to overcome the English pronunciation, may be more on interactive visual. Sorry I have to leave the course. Let me know when you improve the course. Thanks

Shojiro13 December 2018

Well, the video delt with Python 3.4, which obviously is out-of-date. Therefore, I cannot recommend this course to beginners and other learners.

Jeff7 December 2018

Its ok but we are rarely attaching GUI element to functions..why not see how it all connects. Every course (video) we walk through the same basic initializing code (eg. app = QApplication(sys.argv)...and so on). This is done the first 2 min of every video amounting to a significant portion of the course being repeated. Why not use the time to move on and explore more information?


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