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Python Programming Bootcamp 2021 | Master Python Programming

Become A Certified Python Developer And Master The Fundamentals.

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14 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Basics Of Python

Concept Of Object Oriented Programming In Python

Understand How Python Programming Works

Sound knowledge about OOPS concepts in python

Deep knowledge on Working With Python

Understanding Syntax, Variables, Keywords and how to use them in python

Knowledge about conditional and looping statements

Knowledge on built in functions like map, reduce etc.

Basic operations using Opencv

Basics of Numpy

Connecting to database using python

Able to perform web scrapping using requests module in python

Deep Knowledge on how a python program works

Understanding Python Modules and how to use it


In this course you will have a deep understanding of python and other topics related to it.   You will learn everything from scratch and implement it practically in the course. Here's a list of topics you will be learning.

  • Initial Setup

  • Executing a python program

  • Simple python programming  concepts

  • Data types

  • Collection Datatypes

  • Operators

  • Conditional Statement

  • looping Statement

  • Functions

  • Built In module

  • Advanced Python modules

  • Built in functions

  • Classes And Objects

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Pickles

  • JSON

  • Database

  • File operations

  • Zip

  • Advanced Python operations

  • Graphical User Interface

  • Web scrapping

                            After learning all the above topics in python we will learn how to implement them in projects. We will use in the following projects

    • Calculator

    • Alarm Clock / Reminder

    • Secured Password Protection


Python Programming Bootcamp 2021 | Master Python Programming
Python Programming Bootcamp 2021 | Master Python Programming
Python Programming Bootcamp 2021 | Master Python Programming
Python Programming Bootcamp 2021 | Master Python Programming




Whole Course Overview

How To Use The Files Attached

Installing Python And Other Necessary Tools

Section Goals

Installing Python

How To Use Pip?

Installing Anaconda Prompt

Installing Jupyter Notebook

Installing Sublime Text

Ways To Run A Python Program

Section Goals

Executing Via Command Prompt

Commonly Used IDEs

Executing Via Jupyter Notebook

Executing Via Online Compiler

Simple Python Programming Concepts

Section Goals






Keywords Pdf

Data Types

Section Goals

Numeric Data Type

Type Conversion

String Data Type


Boolean Data Type

Boolean Function

String Handling

String Operations

Using Replace, Split in String

String formatting

String Operations - Document

Escape Sequences - Document

Collection Data Types

Section Goals



List Indexing

Copy, Remove, Clear and Delete A List



Difference Between Tuple and a List

Tuple Operations


Add And Remove Elements From A Set

Joining Two Sets With One Another


Accessing Items From A Dictionary

Add And Delete On Dictionary

Nested Dictionary


Operators In Python

Section Goals

Arithmetic Operators

Relational Operators

Logical Operators

Assignment Operators - 1

Assignment Operators - 2

Bitwise Operators

Bitwise Assignment Operators

Special Operators

Any and All

Precedence And Associativity

Difference Between Is Operator and Equal to Operator


Conditional And Looping Statements

Section Goals

If and If Else Statement

Elif and Nested If Statements

Logical Operators In If Statement

Short Hand If Statements

Looping Statements

While Loop

For Loop

For Loop Using Range

Nested For Loop

Functions Using Python

Section Goals


Functions That Return Value

Arbitrary, Keyword, Arbitrary Keyword Arguments

Default Parameter Value and Pass Keyword

Lambda Functions

Project 1 - Calculator

Calculator Presentation

Calculator Implementation

Built In Modules

Section Goals

OS Module

Sys Module

Random Module

Statistics Module

Operator Module - 1

Operator Module - 2

Math Module

Cmath Module

Polar, Phase, Infinity Using Cmath Module

Sin, Cos, Tan Using Cmath Module

Boolean Functions In Cmath Module

Custom Module

Datetime Module

Counters, OrderedDict In Collections Module

DefaultDict, Chainmap In Collections Module

Namedtuple, Deque In Collections Module

Userdict, Userlist, Userstring In Collections Module

Advanced Python Modules

Section Goals

Basics Of Numpy - 1

Basics Of Numpy -2

Opencv Module with Image

Opencv Module With Video Read

Opencv Module With Video Write

Requests Module


Built In Functions

Section Goals

Reduce Function

Filter Function

Maps Function

List Comprehension

Assert Statement

Built in modules - pdf

Project 2 - Alarm Clock

Alarm Presentation

Alarm Implementation

Classes And Objects

Section Goals

Classes And Objects

Operations On Class

Class With Functions



Parameters In Function

Scope Of A Variable

Object Oriented Programming

Section Goals

OOPS Terminologies

Inheritance - Introduction

Inheritance - Implementation




Polymorphism With Functions

Polymorphism With Class

Overloading Vs Overriding

Pickle Json and Database

Section Goals

Creating A Pickle

Reading A Pickle

Updating A Pickle

Introduction JSON

Encoding And Decoding A JSON

Writting Into A JSON

Reading A JSON

JSON Update Operation

XAMPP Installation

Installing Mysql Connector

Create A Database In Mysql

Creating A Table In Mysql

A Look At Phpmyadmin

Inserting Data Into A Mysql Table

Retrieving Data From A Mysql Table

File Operations

Section Goals

Reading A Text File

Write A Text File

Delete A Text File

Read A CSV File

Write A CSV File

Extracting A zip File

Getting Information About Zip File

Creating A Zip File

Creating A Pdf File

Create a pdf file 2

Reading a pdf file

Rotating a pdf file

File Handling Operations

Advanced Python Operations

Section Goals

Exception Handling

Resource - Exception Handling


Multi Threading



Regular Expression

Substitute And Escape In Regular Expression

Project 3 - Password Protection

Project 3 - Password Presentation

Password Protection Implpementation

Web Scrapping

Section Goals

Getting Data From A Website

Webscrapping - Implementation

Graphical User Interface

Section Goals

Canvas And Button Using Tkinter

Check Button, Radio Button And Entry

Frame And Labels In Python

Listbox, Menu And Message

Scrollbar, Scale And Text

Top Level, Spin Box And Paned Window





Ivan22 December 2020

English is not my native language and is hard for me to understand what are you saying hope that the programing part of the course is going to be an watch and copy experience... I'm sorry i know you have the best intentions, but soon i get the certificate im going to hope on youtube for FREE python courses

Robertogrosso1 December 2020

Really enjoed this course,it actually teached me a lot! note that this is the only one :),definitaley the most comprensive way to start learning python

Lalit24 November 2020

It is nice course for python at beginner level. The way presentation is awesome. I very much liked the methodology of short video and stick note

Leonardo22 November 2020

El acento es demasiado fuerte en la persona que habla asi que es dificil de entender, para peor los subitutlos a veces no hacen match con lo que dice

Perumal20 November 2020

I was looking for a descent course to learn python for some years now. After seeing this course and learning python for the past few days i find this course really engaging and worth the money. The instructor has clearly explained all the necessary topics in it very clearly and easy to understand for very beginners. I am definitely recommending it to everyone who is willing to learn python.

Balamurugan20 November 2020

Excellent course i have seen so far. The instructor has explained each and every concept in a nice manner. The course is engaging and i would recommend if you are a beginner and looking for a course to become a master in python in a short span of time.

Latha20 November 2020

Wonderful course. Exceeded all my expectations. Worth every single penny. Would definitely recommend to enroll in the course.

Parkavi20 November 2020

Outstanding course. Learnt a lot from it. Definitely would recommend to everyone. Worth every single penny.

Sundar20 November 2020

Wonderful Course, Learnt a lot from it. Contains all the necessary basics to become a master in python programming.


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