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Python 3 Master Course for 2021

Go from Beginner to Advanced with Python 3

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Python 3 Master Course for 2021


13 hours


Jan 2021

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What you will learn

What is Python

Python Documentation Resources

Porting From Python 2 to Python 3

Python 3.x Resources

Download and Install Python 3

Write Your First Python Script

Run Your First Python Script

Python Basics



Data Types





If Else Statements

While Loops

For Loops




Classes and Objects










Try Except

User Input

String Formatting








Do you want to Master Python?  Then this is the course for you where I will take you from complete beginner to Advanced Python Programmer.  Let me walk you through a detailed step by step process that will help you accomplish your goals and have fun learning on the way we will cover the following in detail:

  1. Introduction

  2. Documentation

    1. What is Python

    2. Getting Started with Python Documentation

    3. Cover Summary of Python Beginner's Documentation

    4. Cover a Summary of Python Moderate Guide

    5. Cover a Summary of Python Advanced Guide

    6. Cover a Summary of General Python Documentation

    7. Talk in Depth about Python 3.x Resources

    8. Talk about what is and How to Port from Python 2 to Python

  3. Setup

    1. Overview

    2. What is IDE

    3. IDEs for Python

    4. What is a Text Editor

    5. Text Editors for Python

    6. Download and Install Python 3 with IDLE Included

    7. Basic Commands with Terminal

    8. Write and Run your First Python Script with Terminal and IDLE

    9. Download & Install Visual Studio Code

    10. Download & Install Python Extension in Visual Studio Code

    11. Write & Run Python Script with Visual Studio Code and Terminal

    12. Download & Install Anaconda

    13. Write & Run Python Script with Anaconda

  4. Python Basics

    1. Syntax


    3. Data Types

    4. Numbers

    5. Casting

    6. Booleans

    7. Operators

    8. If Else Statements

    9. While Loops

    10. For Loops

    11. Functions

    12. Lambda

    13. Arrays

    14. Classes and Objects

    15. Inheritance

    16. Iterators

    17. Scope

    18. Modules

    19. Dates

    20. Math

    21. JSON

    22. RegEx

    23. PIP

    24. Try Except

    25. User Input

    26. String Formatting

  5. Variables

    1. Overview

    2. Variables

    3. Variable Names

    4. Assign Multiple Values

    5. Output Variables

    6. Global Variables

  6. Strings

    1. Overview

    2. Strings

    3. Slicing Strings

    4. Modify Strings

    5. Concatenate Strings

    6. Format Strings

    7. Escape Characters

    8. String Methods

  7. Lists

    1. Overview

    2. Lists

    3. Access List Items

    4. Change List Items

    5. Add List Items

    6. Remove List Items

    7. Loop Lists

    8. List Comprehension

    9. Sort Lists

    10. Copy Lists

    11. Join Lists

    12. List Methods

  8. Tuples

    1. Overview

    2. Tuples

    3. Access Tuples

    4. Update Tuples

    5. Unpack Tuples

    6. Loop Tuples

    7. Join Tuples

    8. Tuple Methods

  9. Sets

    1. Overview

    2. Sets

    3. Access Set Items

    4. Add Set Items

    5. Remove Set Items

    6. Loop Sets

    7. Join Sets

    8. Set Methods

  10. Dictionaries

    1. Overview

    2. Access Items

    3. Change Items

    4. Add Items

    5. Remove Items

    6. Loop Dictionaries

    7. Copy Dictionaries

    8. Nested Dictionaries

    9. Dictionary Methods

Thanks for checking out the course!

Best Regards,

Josh Werner

Learn Tech Plus






What is Python

Getting Started





Python 3.x Resources

Porting from Python 2 to Python 3



What is IDE

IDEs for Python

What is a Text Editor

Text Editors for Python

Download & Install Python 3 with IDLE Included

Basic Commands with iTerm, GitBash and Terminal

Write & Run Your First Python Script with Terminal and IDLE

Download & Install Visual Studio Code

Download & Install Python Extension in Visual Studio Code

Write & Run Python Script with Visual Studio Code and iTerm, GitBash and Termina

Download & Install Anaconda

Write & Run Python Script with Anaconda




Winnie24 February 2021

The teacher is clear and concise. this is the first time I am learning python with understandable guidance.

Panagiotis18 January 2021

The course is not designed properly. It is clear that the instructor is either negligible of the basic concepts of python or made the course in a record time. Either way, this has impacted severely the quality of the course, making it unwatchable in my opinion. Not recommended for someone who is just starting to comprehend the basics of programming and want to take a "master course" in a new language (python). The presentation lacks detail and in-depth explanation. Last but not least not even on code-bug has been debugged during the course, using a programmer's mindset, even common syntax mistakes are treated either with "never mind leave it as it was before" or "delete and try again the same thing, hoping you will not mistype the next time"

Christopher17 January 2021

Instructor does tons of basic errors and doesn't even bother to correct them. It's funny he shows everything with that jupyter notebook, when obviously it would be better to use visual studio code or similar for syntax highlighting and error recognition while typing. Just reads a lot of documentation which you can also find on countless sites for free. The basics are just typed and red to the audience, they don't get a brief explanation or practical point of view. And once again: He doesn't even bother to fix his errors, which is just pretty bad for beginners.

Johann15 January 2021

The course is very detailed in the basics, which is generally good but can also get really annoying. Some of the material is just a copy of the first google page you find when searching for the keyword. This wouldn't be a problem if the instructor would understand what he tries to teach. You are looking for a Python 3 Master course with a Python Master teaching you? Keep looking because here you will only find a Python Padawan who doesn't even have the stamina to reshoot a video after none of his code worked.

Indra13 January 2021

Really good explanation and real back to basics. Thank you, Sir! I wish you have a good day and still focus.

Amir13 January 2021

i am sorry to say that but Josh is not really fluent in python. I have some basic knowledge at python as I have learnt it at my university. He would often make mistakes that are not expected from him. kindly review his course. Check it yourself.

Divyansh12 January 2021

The instructor himself is confused some of times and sometimes get stuck while teaching and then just skips that part

Anderson8 January 2021

Alguns erros cometidos pelo orientador que à princípio pareciam ser propositais porém se mostrou uma desatenção relacionada principalmente à sintaxe da instrução. Tal comportamento demonstrou, até o momento, uma falta de experiência com a linguagem de programação Python.

Nam29 December 2020

The instructor makes a lot of simple errors. This makes me wonder if he is experienced in Python or not. The explanation for some foundational concepts is vague and not good for beginners. The speed is also very slow and I have to play the videos on 1.5 speed. The coding homework is too easy. I intentionally did some wrong and it still said I got it right, so the feedback is not helpful.

Jorge21 December 2020

after seeing many sessions, it is not clear to me whether Josh has enough teaching (or coding) experience to run a course like this. Code examples are ill designed, poorly executed and in many cases they just won't even show the concept that Josh is talking about. He does not finish a code debug on even simple things like printing an integer, which may be perfectly fine if you are doing this session alive, which is not the case. Based on this quality, I would never recommend this kind of course to a beginner, and in fact I am not really sure about udemy at all. It is clear that this course has no undergone any kind of quality review nor conceptually neither form practice point of view. I would not recommend this course not even for free

Steve17 December 2020

Quite a number of errors and depth of knowledge definitely seems to not be there. Visual Studio Code usage showing how to run Python scripts is poor. Constantly reads out just long lists of information directly from the screen.

Scott15 December 2020

Lots of errors, some of which were very basic, and then giving up on the errors instead of pausing the video and troubleshooting. That affects learning quite a bit. If I had not been programming in Python for about a year and had paid for the course, I would be completely lost and want my money back. Very disappointed in this course. More than once I had to question if the instructor was a beginner in Python or why he was actually teaching the course.

Utkarsh13 December 2020

Although very helpful and knowledgeable, but Very slow and lengthy lectures. Not very interactive and interesting.

Dustin7 December 2020

So far, it's heavy on learning *about* Python and not learning Python. He goes over the technical documents, community support, etc. in the beginning. I feel this could be better demonstrated by having us write code, make an intentional error, and then going to the support for help on why it doesn't work.

Andrés1 December 2020

Tarda un poco en ponerse interesante, dedica mucho tiempo a explicar la documentación. Lo bueno es que enseña bien las bases, no se es que tan "master" sea el curso, porque ya estoy en el video 27 de 35 y creo que falta mucho tema para alguien que quiere ser muy bueno en el lenguaje, de pronto debería renombrar el curso a basics, fundamentals, 101, etc.


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