The Complete Automation PyTest Course for 2023

Learn PyTest by Creating Real World Python Project and Writing Test Cases

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The Complete Automation PyTest Course for 2023
9 hours
Feb 2023
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What you will learn

How to write backend automation using Python 3

How to use the most popular framework PyTest

Build high-performing and reliable automated test suites

Learn to write PyTest test functions

Build high-performing, reliable automated test suites

Learn how to use PyTest Fixtures

How to install PyTest plugins

Create PyTest Projects and Configuration


About the course

In The Complete Automation PyTest Course for 2021 you will learn Pytest from scratch. You will go all the way through from complete python beginner to a professional automation test developer. Pytest incorporated many features that makes testing way easier and organized. You will be able to write automated tests, fixtures, built-in plugins and installable libraries.

Pytest is a Python based tool

The use of Python is increasing not only in software development, but also in areas such as data analysis, research, test and other fields. Python's growth in many critical fields also comes with the desire for them to be placed correctly, effectively and efficiently, software testing is available to make sure that the programs function properly and provide accurate results. Additionally, more and more software projects involve continuous integration and include an automated testing phase as release cycles get shorter and manual in-depth testing of increasingly complex projects is simply impossible. Teams need to be able to trust testing from continuous integration servers to tell them if they can trust their software enough.

What is Pytest?

PyTest is a robust Python testing tool that is used in all levels of software testing. PyTest is a key component in the work of many software development teams, quality assurance teams, independent testing companies and from students on their university projects. Many platforms are now switching from the legacy unitest to Pytest to test their code. This is because Pytest offers powerful features such as rewrite validation, a third-party attachment model, and a powerful yet simple device adaptation this is unmatched in any other testing framework. Pytest is a software testing framework, which means that Pytest is a command line tool that automatically finds tests you've written, runs tests, and reports results. It has a library of extras that you can use in your tests to help you test more effectively. Can be extended to writing plug-ins or installing third-party plug-ins. Can be used to test Python distributions. And that integrates easily with other tools such as seamless integration and web automation .

PyTest stands out above many other test frameworks:

•Simple tests are simple to write in Pytest.

•Complex tests are still simple to write.

•Tests are easy to read.

•Easy to learn



Introduction to PyTest
Why Learning PyTest?
Important Notes and Course Navigation

Types of PyTest Testing

What is PyTest Used For?
Types of Testing
PyTest Inputs and Outputs
Creating Simple Tests Files in PyTest
Creating Tuples to Tests
Using Tuples to Test Multiple Components
PyTest Output Description
Using the PyTest Options
Using the PyTest Options: Part 2

Writing Test Functions

Writing Test Functions with PyTest: Overview
Create Test Project
Test Project: Unit Modules Part 2
Test Functions: Variety Part 1
Test Functions: Variety Part 2
Test Functions: Add Tests
Test Project: Api Exceptions
Test Project: Unique ID Test Part 1
Test Project: Unique ID Test Part 2

Testing Test Functions

Using the Assert Statement
Running Test Functions
Skipping Tests
Expected Fail Tests
Running Subsets
Parametrized Testing

PyTest Fixtures

Introduction to Fixtures
Using and Sharing Fixtures
Tracing Fixture Execution
Using Fixtures for Test Data
Using Multiple Fixtures
Specifying Fixture Scope
Fixture Specifications and Autouse
Renaming and Parametrizing Fixtures

Built-In Fixtures

PyTest Built-In Fixtures
impdir and tmpdir-factory Fixtures
Using pytestconfig Fixtures
Using cache Fixture
Using cache Fixture: Part 2
Using capsys Fixture
Using doctest_namespace Fixture
Using recwarn Fixture
Using monkeypatch Fixture


Plugins Finding
Creating Plugins
Testing Plugins
Creating Distributions

PyTest Configuration

PyTest Configuration
Command Line Options & Markers
Specifying Test Directory Locations
Filename Collisions


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March 6, 2023
Instructor just reads and copies code from another computer screen that he has prepared. Many times he does not explain the concepts clearly. Most of the content is copy-paste from the book "Python Testing with pytest"
December 27, 2022
He doesn't know pytest very well. He's simply copying the code from a book. Most of the time he doesn't explain anything. Just keeps copying the code from the book. Whenever any video starts and his face appears, just pause the video and read what he has written. It is along the lines of "I am very smart". He calls himself a "hacker" and other things like "my only real crime is outsmarting you". Read the other text written here and it should give you an idea of his skill level. It's like looking at examples in a book minus any explanations. He doesn't explain because he's not clear himself. He raises his eyebrows a lot in the beginning which I found unnatural and strange. Because you raise eyebrows like that when you want to stress on something. But this guy was stressing on every word which doesn't make any sense. That itself was the red flag - he didn't know what to stress on so he stressed on every word in his sentence. But I ignored it. In the later videos there's little to no eyebrow movement - that is his natural way of speaking.
November 20, 2022
God please show some mercy on beginners.. You are going like express and not sufficient for beginners to understand
June 9, 2022
There were a lot of errors in the code that made it difficult to follow the lectures. A large chunk of the course was simply the instructor asking you to follow along as he copied code from a separate monitor into his editor without adequately explaining what it did. It was riddled with errors that should have been caught before release, such as entering commands in the terminal while the prompt was hidden by the instructor's camera. The company I work for paid for this course but if I had purchased it personally I would not have finished it and asked for a refund.
March 31, 2022
The teacher doesn't really know how to teach; he doesn't really explain what he's doing at all. I wouldn't necessarily call it useless, but there are definitely way better courses out there.
February 4, 2022
Most of the time the presenter just dictates code without explaining anything. He doesn't present the pytest features and what they can be used for, he just gives the examples he had in mind and shows the results. You will not get much of understanding on which pytest features to use in your own use cases. It is a sufficient course to get started with pytest and understand what features exist so you can then google for what you actually need.
February 4, 2022
The course show a lot of the features of pytest and how to create tests, run multiple tests, and configuration. In that sense it is a valuable resource. The information density could be a little higher though. I would like to see a little less of Martin writing code, and go more into conceptual understanding of how pytest works. That was covered some more in the later sections. Instead of writing all the functions in one go, perhaps offer the learner some pre-built tests (ideally a fork of a git repo to make setup a little easier) to get familiar with pytest from the CLI. Only after that start writing and executing simple tests and build up towards increased automation. Now I felt that I was doing a lot of steps that I guessed were to help automation without knowing why, when and how I was going to use them.
December 23, 2021
The course is copied from a book, better read the book to understand the concepts of pytest, plus the instructor explanation are mediocre
December 12, 2021
The course content is quite random - first we are typing something over an hour then you start to run the test and have a rough explanation what's going on. First chapter was quite ok, but since you work with a project (which is not explained), the course is not as good as I hoped for.
December 6, 2021
The instructor presents a tremendous amount of material on pytest. He provides lots of examples and code samples showing multiple ways of utilizing pytest. We then have lots of opportunity to code along. This course definitely answered my questions on pytest and gave me a lot to chew on as I'm utilizing it for the first time on a large project. Martin is obviously very skilled and knowledgeable about the subject and provides lots of material so I have no complaint but I do feel that the course could use more overall explanation of basic reasoning behind the code.
September 14, 2021
not what i was expecting, audio and video quality are bad and the course just teaches you thing you find easily on youtube
August 14, 2021
This instructor is excellent. But I think the view of the IDE needs to be shifted for students so that the IDE can be viewed clearly.
August 14, 2021
I thought from the introduction that the mapping of things will be at beginner level. I don't know why we just keep on writing without any idea of why are we writing. I feel like just copy pasting thing.
July 30, 2021
Simply the best, I loved, enjoy and learnt a lot from the instructor, thanks for making this great course and full of knowledge for those interested in pytest!! MUST TAKE COURSE!! I am fan for the instructor,he is knowledgeable and he is so engaging!!


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