Pump Piping and Stress Analysis

Pump Layout Design and Stress Analysis

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What you will learn

Pump Piping and Layouts

Aspects of Pump piping

Visualization of Pump Piping via 3D model snaps

Stress Analysis for Pump Piping


Course on Pump Piping and Stress Analysis has been divided into two sections: Layout and Stress Analysis. In the beginning basic fundamentals related to Pump Layout and Piping are explained. Common issues related to NPSH and Cavitation are discussed in detail. Various configurations recommended with respect to temperature and sizes are drawn and explained with the help of 3D views and sketches.

Following Modules have been captured and explained in this Section:

  1. What is a Pump? & Common types of Pumps used in our Industry.

  2. What is NPSH & Possible Solutions for NPSH problems

  3. What is Cavitation and What are the major causes?

  4. Important Components on Pump Suction Piping.

  5. Discussion on Pump Layout and Piping

  6. Layout aspects of Pump Piping

  7. Pump Spacing Criteria

  8. Pump Seal Concepts

  9. Stress recommendations

  10. Model/Pictorial views

Stress Analysis: Complete content is prepared by Mr. Anup Dey (Special Thanks for valuable contribution)\

Various concepts related to Stress Analysis keeping in view the pump piping have been captured and explained in detail.

Actual modelling in CAESAR II is done and explained in detail w.r.t. industry practices and various codes & standards.

Following major activities have been captured

Setting Ground Work

  • Documents/Input Required

  • Input parameters in Caesar

  • Settings Unit Systems

  • ·Codes & Standards used

    Step By Step Modelling

  • Various tools of Caesar II

  • Pipeline, Fittings, Supports

  • Best Practices while modeling/Analysis

  • Modeling of Pump Piping

  • Load Cases, Caesar Results and Reports

  • Creating Load Cases, w.r.t. Various parameters

  • Analyzing Caesar results

  • Generating stress reports

  • Concluding Stress Results and Reports


Pump Piping and Stress Analysis - Screenshot_01Pump Piping and Stress Analysis - Screenshot_02Pump Piping and Stress Analysis - Screenshot_03Pump Piping and Stress Analysis - Screenshot_04


Overview of the course

Content Covered

All About pump Piping and Layouts

Definitions , NPSH , Cavitation
Pump Suction Piping
Pump Discharge Piping
Layout Aspects
Pump seal

Stress Analysis of Pump Piping

Pump Piping Stress Analysis



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