Public Speaking & Presentation Skills 4 Conference Speakers

Public Speaking Presentation Skills - Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Conference Speakers Banish Stage Fear

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How to excel at Public Speaking while getting rid of your fear of speaking in public and learning how to speak with confidence on any occasion

How to organise your Public Speaking Presentation so that its easy to remember when you are making your Speech

Understand how to structure your Speech so that you enhance your Presentation Skills

Design a clear Speech structure so that it can be easily followed by your Audience

How to harness Story Telling and a Three Act Play structure to make your Public Speaking more effective

How to establish a rapport with your Audience when Public Speaking

The blue print for creating excellent powerpoint/keynote slides which also tell you what to say in your speech

How to enhance your Presentation Skills to ensure you delivery your speech with real impact

How to answer any questions during your Speech Q&A session

You will see tangible results by completing the exercises throughout the course

Personal help from the instructor if you have specific questions


Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Breakthrough! - Step by Step Coaching to become a more confident Public Speaker!

Work with me to improve your Communication Skills andPresentation Skills and give you the confidence to become confident at Public Speaking!

Attention! Just IMAGINE>>>>

How would your lifestyle change if you could make an extra $1,000 a month from speaking, with very little extra effort? Or even $10,000 a month?

Have you ever dreamed of being the respected Public Speaker, travelling, inspiring people, making an impact, changing lives and being rewarded for doing something you are passionate about?

Many people are afraid of Public Speaking? What are you afraid of?

  • The Audience?
  • The Speech?
  • Storytelling?
  • Your Slides?
  • Yourself?

There is nothing to fear but fear itself! Don't let it beat you!

You have a passionate and authoritative public speaker inside you! 

All you have to do is liberate that Public Speaker and you can discover how to enhance your Presentation Skills and master Motivational Speaking.

Are You Ready To Do That?

So, Is this for you? Yes?

Then this the complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course you need to master Public Speaking!

Let me take you through the Step by Step process I use to create and craft my speeches and presentations.

This is not theory! I show you presentations from my actual speeches. I provide a case study of a live event which I spoke at, with the slide decks included!


A Personal Note to New Students!

Dear World Changer,

Enrol in this one course and I guarantee I can show you how you can deliver authentic, effective presentations that will mark you out as the Go-To Speaker for your topic!

Uncover, your own unique style! Liberate your inner Public Speaker!

Best regards



I have been speaking in public since I left school. First as an Army Officer, then as an Investment Banker, now I speak about Online Media and Creating Online Courses!

Here are a couple of Testimonials from my Presentation at New Media Europe 2015 in Manchester, UK

"Thank you, John, for your amazing presentation. Full of content... no, it was overflowing with content! And such practical stuff too. Thanks for inspiring me, giving me so many ideas, and showing me how to get on and do it." David W.

"Great presentation John. John presentation on creating online courses at New Media Europe was straight to the point and well structured and delivered by an assertive speaker." Lucie M.S.


In this Course you will discover;

  • The key points of a successful Presentation
  • How to identify your Audience
  • The importance of matching your Presentation Content to your Audience
  • A clear template for creating a Successful Presentation
  • Why every Speech should be a Three Act Play
  • How to open and close your Presentation with Impact!
  • How to be YOU!
  • The importance of a Sizzling Headline
  • The meaning of the 10 Minute Rule and how to use it
  • How to create amazing slides
  • Key tips on mastering your Presentation Skills on Stage
  • Why Speech Delivery is as important as Content

And much more!

Get Results by completing the course activities!

Step by Step we shall create together:

  • Activity 1: Your initial draft Speech Script
  • Activity 2: A Story Board for your Presentation
  • Activity 3: An amazing title for your Presentation
  • Activity 4: Your beautiful Presentation Slide Deck
  • Activity 5: Practice and Rehearsal of your Speech

Seven Compelling Reason to Enrol Today

  1. Discover how to banish your fear of public speaking
  2. I share my Template for creating speeches which you can use for any event
  3. Develop your own communication skills with confidence
  4. Learn how easy it is to establish a rapport with an audience
  5. Find out how you keep your audience's attention throughout your presentation
  6. Find out how to deal with the most difficult questions
  7. Let me show you why you can throw away your script when public speaking!

I am with you every step of the way!

Message me or start a discussion! Any questions, any issues I am here to help! We are travelling this road together!

Don't forget - There is NO risk, Udemy and I offer you a 30 Day "No Quibble" Money Back Guarantee!

Enroll today and take the first steps to becoming an accomplished and authoritative Public Speaker

With Confidence in your ability to be a Confident Speaker

John Colley


Public Speaking & Presentation Skills 4 Conference Speakers
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills 4 Conference Speakers
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills 4 Conference Speakers
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills 4 Conference Speakers


Introduction to The Course


Should You Buy This Course? Start Here: 11 Deadly Sins of Poor Speakers

Please Introduce Yourself Too!

Are You a Good Public Speaker?

Road Map of the Course

Setting You Up for Success

Introduction: Setting You Up For Success

Key Points of a Successful Presentation

Which of These Is Characteristic of A Good Presentation?

Who Are Your Audience?

Discover the Three Types of Learners

The Original Draft of My Presentation

Activity 1: Complete The Template For Your Presentation Story

Creating the Structural Framework of a Great Presentation

Introduction: Creating the Structural Framework for Your Presentation

Discovering the Story Board of Your Presentation

Understanding The Three Act Play

Structuring Your Speech Around a Three Act Play is a Good Idea because...

Drawing the Road Map

Introduce the Protagonists

Key Messages Always Connect

Open and Close with Impact

Activity 2: Create the Story Board for Your Presentation

Six Techniques Employed by Excellent Speakers - And You Can Too!

Introduction to Six Techniques Employed by Excellent Speakers

Develop Your Own Sense of Style

Sell Your Sizzle Before You Speak

A Good Speech Title is...

Activity 3: Crafting Your Headline

Establishing Rapport with your Audience

The 10 Minute Rule and How to Use It

The 10 Minute Rule is Important Because...

Just One More Thing...

Make It Look Effortless

Creating Your Slide Deck

Channel Your Inner Zen

Two Example Slide Decks from My Conference Presentations

Activity 4: - Create Your Slide Deck

Refinement and Rehearsal

Introduction to Refinement and Rehearsal

Master Your Stage Presence

Delivery is as Important as Content

Use Engaging and Powerful Words

Discover How to Dress Up Your Numbers

Dealing with Questions

How to Deal With Questions

Six Steps to Great Delivery

Throw Away Your Script

Activity - Rehearse Your Presentation

Case Study - Launch A Successful Podcast Presentation UKPOD14

UKPOD14 Conference Case Study - Introduction

UKPOD14 Conference - Outline and Explanation of Part 1

UKPOD14 Conference - Part 1 of My Speech with Slides

UKPOD14 Conference - Outline and Explanation of Part 2

UKPOD14 Conference - Part 2 of My Speech with Slides

UKPOD14 Conference - Outline and Explanation of Part 3

UKPOD14 Conference - Part 3 of My Speech with Slides

BONUS - Whole Speech with Slides - Launch Your Podcast Like Tiger Woods

Case Study: Social Day London

Social Day London Presentation - The Worst Day of My Life

Social Day London Presentation Explained

Summary and Wrap Up

Detailed Course Checklist

Summary and Wrap Up

Bonus Lecture - What's Next For You? Any of John's Courses for $12.99?


Ndabezinhle13 April 2021

I think this course came in at the right time. I am preparing to start on a new way of doing things that will involve a lot of talking in front of a camera for my learners. I am starting a new training thing.

Nithin27 May 2020

i am a product trainer/speaker of the company where i am working in. so to have a my presentation skill to get its shape and more profession, i chose this courser and enrolled with a strong confidence to take back the ideas and knowledge thank you

Louise11 March 2019

Good and clear objective and framework/ case studies of John using I’d own work as a framework was excellent- recommend the course is you like structure and tools

Alicia15 November 2018

I have given presentations in Banking and the style of presentation has been different. It usually has more word content, graphs etc. So it was good to learn the approach of preparing a presentation as a public speaker.

Jegor19 September 2018

Thank you for the course, Mr Colley! Especially I do appreciate the file you shared: "CheckList/Road Map" - it helps me a lot! I wish you good luck and thanks again for your time!

Chris6 December 2017

John is an engaging personality and his plan is well laid out and explained. This was a great learning experience. In depth with lots of information. I cant wait for my next public speaking opportunity to put these plans to work.

Felix22 May 2017

So far i have gained a lot and also been exposed to a lot of my mistakes which i thought was the right thing. The best form of learning i have ever encountered as an online scholar

Mamudu19 May 2017

I am really enjoying this course because every information shared so far are not fiction but facts and reality. Which i know would make my steps on how to be a good public speaker come to a reality .

Yonas26 March 2017

The course is clear and leads you step by step in an organized manner. Can't say too much , i have yet to finish.

Faisal9 January 2017

Outstanding course, as a student I believe if you don't know how to speak in the audience all your effort is in vain. Mr John course is the best help in making your public speaking remarkable. Highly recommend this course.

Robert23 September 2016

He doesn't just tell you how to give a good speech. He shows you how to using a step by step process. This is the most structured and complete course on public speaking on Udemy.

Prue8 December 2015

I love John Colley's courses. They always over deliver, and this course is no exception. I found this course really helpful for planning my next course, funnily enough! Regrading course content - I am an experienced public speaker myself, having worked in Senior Management delivering training to thousands at a time at events over many years, and I still found this course to be a valuable resource. Well done on another great course John, and thank you.

Asma30 November 2015

the course helps me a lot and absolutely meets my expectation. The instructor is interesting and gives me a useful information.

Sergey24 October 2015

Lots of really good content, well delivered and a pleasure to learn from. You will find lots of great value in this comprehensive course


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