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Public Relations Fundamentals Masterclass 2021 Course

PR skills, tactics and strategy for Personal Image Building and Corporate Communications

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

A deep, accessible introduction to using PR planning, strategy & tactics

For personal branding, business marketing and corporate communications,

Lessons cover fundamentals and key message development, creating a positioning statement and biography,

Writing a press release and photo release, preparing for a media interview, handling misrepresented facts and connecting with media professionals.


What you’ll learn

The Zen of PR Public Relations Fundamentals Masterclass 2020 provides deep knowledge and insight for anyone looking to grow their public profile or their business. The course provides top-level public relations counselling, explained in expressly simple language that’s accessible to anyone.

This course teaches essential PR skills which enable YOU to achieve your business or personal ambitions. The course covers PR fundamentals and key message development, the creation of an effective positioning statement and biography, deep learning on how to write press releases and photo caption releases, the preparation of a media Q&A for media interviews, how to handle misrepresented facts and general guidance on reaching out, connecting and developing relationships with key media professionals and industry stakeholders.

We guide you carefully through practical examples, so we don't just tell you WHAT you should do, we go in detail through HOW you do it, with case study examples and step-by-step "build" tutorials at every step of the way.

Who it’s for

Marketers, business managers, students, entrepreneurs, models, MCs, TV presenters, musicians, singers, small business owners, sportspersons, philanthropists, fashion designers, photographers, social media users, DJs, sole traders, artists, chefs, interior designers, politicians, counsellors, club chairpersons, media, PRs, writers, editors, consultants, salespersons, hotels, medical centres & hospitals, start-ups, board directors, club members, content writers, brand ambassadors, affiliates and key opinion leaders (KOL) … in fact, everyone.


Public Relations Fundamentals Masterclass 2021 Course
Public Relations Fundamentals Masterclass 2021 Course
Public Relations Fundamentals Masterclass 2021 Course
Public Relations Fundamentals Masterclass 2021 Course


Public Relations for Everyone: PR for Personal Brand Building & Corporate Comms

Introduction: Public Relations Fundamentals

How to Write a Positioning Statement and Biography

How to Write a Press Release

How to Prepare a Media Q&A

How to Write a Photo Caption Release

How to Handle Misrepresented Facts

Connecting with Media and Building Relationships


Kaushal22 May 2021

The content is good only if the presenter could be a little more expressive, his tone kind of puts you to sleep.. in between and lise interest. But none the less thanks for teaching the basics of PR.

K.4 October 2020

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Leon25 August 2020

Outstanding introduction to what looks to be a very interesting and informative course. The presenter is both concise and engaging with clearly an extensive knowledge of this field. He offers fantastic advice to enable entrepreneurs and startup business owners to benefit from PR, without the exhaustion of serious costs. A credit to the industry, thank you!

Sofia25 August 2020

Amazing summary of all key points for PR. Especially with the provided material, the knowledge is useful long term.

Kingsley19 August 2020

It provided more insight and effective methods to go about PR.I now have a more detailed and clear cut strategy on how to navigate public relations.

Chris12 August 2020

Extremely interesting and relevant content with plenty of examples, and the presenter has a friendly but professional delivery style. Exactly what I'm looking for, and more - didn't realize how much I could apply this to other areas of my life too. I'd certainly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in PR, whether professional or personal.

Michael11 August 2020

This is exactly what I needed right now. I am in the middle of starting up a business, and this course helped me correct my company positioning statement and prepped me for the next stages of the media and PR journey. The examples that the course works through added realistic context to how things work and what I should be doing, which gave me the confidence (and practical tools) to do this on my own. As a result, the company messaging I created during this course is already up on my company's website.

Dexter11 August 2020

Great course, very practical information. Author really knows what he is talking about. Can highly recommend it!


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