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Ultimate PRTG Network Monitoring with Full Lab GNS3

Ultimate PRTG Course, Learn To Monitor Network Devices ,Servers, Applications, Cloud and deploy custom Sensors / Scripts

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Monitor Network

Monitor Servers

Monitor Applications

Manage Network

Monitor Hardware

Monitor Cloud

Monitor Databases


There are some important first steps before you start monitoring your network with PRTG. This Paessler PRTG course provides a quick overview of PRTG's main features and a few important PRTG concepts, such as "sensors" and "sensor states", as well as an explanation of PRTG licensing. It then includes a discussion of how to get your IT infrastructure ready to be monitored, and recommendations for your PRTG system hardware and operating system. Learn PRTG In the best way

There is a balance of theoretical concepts and lab exercises designed to engage and extract full value from your utilisation of PRTG software. By the end of the course you will be equipped to attempt the “Paessler Certified Monitoring Expert” exam.

This PRTG course covers some of the more advanced PRTG sensors, such as custom sensors, receiver sensors and aggregate sensors. By the end of this module, you'll be able to set up your own custom SNMP sensors, custom script sensors and flow sensors. This module also includes discussion of how to monitor specific areas of your infrastructure, such as virtualization environments. Everything you ever wanted to know about administering PRTG.

For those who require high-availability for their monitoring, this course also includes details about clustering in PRTG.


Ultimate PRTG Network Monitoring with Full Lab GNS3
Ultimate PRTG Network Monitoring with Full Lab GNS3
Ultimate PRTG Network Monitoring with Full Lab GNS3
Ultimate PRTG Network Monitoring with Full Lab GNS3




PRTG Paessler & Basics

What Is PRTG Paessler?

PRTG Sensors

What Is SNMP?

What is a Syslog

What is a Netflow

Install PRTG In Few Steps


What is GNS3?

How To Install GNS3

How To Deploy PRTG Lab Course Part1

How To Deploy PRTG Lab Course Part2

PRTG Get Started

First Look at PRTG

PRTG Requirements

PRTG Licensing

Configuring SNMPv2 & SNMPv3 on Network Devices

Adding Network devices to PRTG

Monitor Linux & Windows

Monitor VMware ESXi

Monitor SQL Instances & IIS

Monitor Folder, Files & Processes

PRTG Monitor SharePoint

PRTG Monitor Active Directory Replication / LDAP Connection

Monitor Netflow Cisco

Configure & Monitor Fortigate Netflow

PRTG Devices Dependencies


Reporting in PRTG

PRTG Clustering

PRTG Remote Probes

Create Sensor by oid device / SNMP Walk

Script Sensors

PRTG - HTTP Transactions /Monitor HTTP From different location 5 Continents

Notifications / Alerts / Setup SMTP

PRTG Desktop

PRTG Tickets

Working with PRTG: Libraries

PRTG Unusual Detection & Beta Features

PRTG Graphs Setting

PRTG- What to do when you have a scheduled devices maintenance?

PRTG Troubleshooting & Best Practices

Best Practices


Paessler Certified Monitoring Expert 2021 Some Sample Questions

Paessler Certified Monitoring Expert 2021 Sample Questions


Charles30 July 2021

This is exactly the course I needed to help me prepare for a new role. Yaz demonstrates a great mix of devices and sensors, and I truly enjoy his teaching style. As a bonus, before taking this course, I had been planning to learn GNS3. Getting a chance to use PRTG with GNS3 is one of the coolest lab experiences I have had. I definitely recommend this course if you want to master PRTG and get your "feet wet" with GNS3. Thank you, Yaz!

Jean15 May 2021

Very fantastic Lab...We had a test environment very quickly deployed....especially the instructor included Fortigate in it. Videos are well guiding....my conclusion very professional, deserved 5 stars

L.Wilpart14 May 2021

Lab I tried it and I think in this course it is a game changer. Excellent Course, I will learn many things


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