Proofreading Power Basics

Learn to proofread from an experienced educator and subject matter expert.

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Learn the basics of proofreading

Correct common proofreading errors

Use exercises to practice proofreading skills

Build proofreading confidence

Breaking into freelance proofreading


Proofreading Power Basics is a unique online class that offers practical application with hands-on exercises and quizzes to master the fundamentals of proofreading. This is an introduction to proofreading fundamentals for people with keen grammar and writing skills who want an extra skill challenge, particularly teachers, practicing freelance writers or editors who want to expand their services.

  • Proofreading is a highly marketable skill that makes for a great side-hustle or second income. As more people write a variety of content across numerous industries, opportunities abound for professionals with above average language skills to bankroll their knack for words into a profitable home-based business.

  • Now more than ever before, the stage is set for good writers, editors, proofreaders and teachers to sharpen their skills and promote their services. The field of freelance proofreading is wide open with potential clients everywhere. For the curious and the determined, this online proofreading course answers the questions, "What is proofreading," and “How do I get started as a freelance proofreader?” From defining the job of proofreader to setting up a freelance proofreading business, this proofreading course clearly outlines what it takes to become an effective proofreader.

Before You Enroll: You must at least have intermediate grammar skills to successfully complete this course. You must already be a pretty good writer in order to catch mistakes.

Please note, this class will not qualify you to launch a proofreading business, or certify you as a proofreader. Your certificate simply means that you have completed all of the lessons.

NO JOB LEADS! Taking this class will NOT guarantee any kind of full-time or part-time employment. No job leads or client leads are provided.

GRAMMAR NOTE: This class is taught by an American English instructor who focuses on American grammar, American spelling, and
American usage rules, not UK English; (there is a difference).


Proofreading Power Basics
Proofreading Power Basics
Proofreading Power Basics
Proofreading Power Basics


Your Student Dashboard

Viewing the Lessons

Downloading Resources

Class Intro

Proofreader Expectations

Proofreader Expectations

Proofreading Prep

Grammar Assessment

Proofreading Grammar Assessment

Proofreading Tips

Video: Personal Proofreading Tips

On-screen Warm-up #1

ANSWER: Warm-up #1

Practice: Sample Email

Proofreading Strategies

Video: Proofreading Strategies

Video: Proofing vs. Editing

On-screen Warm-up #2

ANSWER: Warm-up #2

Practice: Sample Agenda

Proofreading Marks

Video: Proofreading Marks

Handout: Proofing Marks

Proofing Marks #1

Proofing Marks #2

Proofing for Capitalization

Video: Capitalization


Proofreader Error Hotspots

Error Hotspots

Error Checklist

On-screen Warm-up #3

Answer: Online Warm-up #3

Start Freelance Proofreading

Receiving Clients Online

Proofreading Resources

Proofreading Practice

BONUS: Advanced Grammar Assessment

Grammar Assessment III


Conclusion: Congratulations!

Getting Your Certificate

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Jody23 September 2020

So far the content has been good; very informative. The presenter needs to relax a little, she sounds a little robotic.

Brianna17 September 2020

This course was very basic. I was hoping for more instructions on how to start a proofreading business. However, this course was focused on spelling errors as well as some basic grammar rules.

Anjana4 September 2020

Thanks a lot for creating this course. Really had a great time going through the information that you have provided.

Laurie29 August 2020

Perfect. Concise. Loved it. Is there somewhere I can download the slides? Error: You may want to update the spelling of Rahm Emanual. It's actually Emanuel. (See, I paid attention).....Thanks again. Laurie

Katie22 August 2020

This class has given me the confidence to start my own proofreading business. After being an employee at horrible companies for most of my life, I have decided to finally do something that will not only fulfill me, but will also help others. I know I need to brush up on my grammar, so I am now off to take Ashan's other courses and probably buy a couple of her books!

Uchechi17 August 2020

I definitely learnt some new things and i will happily recommend this course to others. I'm also planning to order one of the books advertised to continue my learning process.

Kelli13 August 2020

This introduction helped me understand what is required to be a proofreader. I enjoyed receiving the knowledge.

Luiz6 August 2020

The course is an introduction to Proofreading, if you want a deeper knowledge you should buy Mrs. Hampton's books

Jusan3 August 2020

I have enjoyed the class. I was curious about what proofreading was all about. Ashan made it simple for me to understand. I am pleased with the course.

Dennis2 August 2020

As a book collector, I've been proofreading some of my collections. In this course, I've learned the two kinds of proofreading. Also, the level on what kind of a proofreader I am. Really great knowing these!

Carol29 July 2020

Gradients helps me see where I'm at and acknowledge that I've done most of this already, even though I've been self-taught without doing any classes. I see I need more info on advertising proofreading.

Beverley23 July 2020

yes, I am interested in online work as a proofreader and wanted to get an idea of what I need to work on to improve my skills.

Kristi16 July 2020

Yes!! I have been studying everything I can on proofreading. I'm so excited to finally be taking a class with a professional.

Jacqueline9 July 2020

The course was very good and I really enjoyed the chance to practise my skills through the online tests.

Eileen25 June 2020

Ashan gave good beginner information. I really enjoyed the tests and assessments. I look forward to reading her books to get more information. Her voice is also very soothing and relaxing, making it a plus to staying focused on the material.

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