Project Management


Project Management for Technical Writers

Lean how to efficiently organize your work as a tech writer.

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Project Management for Technical Writers


5 hours


Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Define the scope of the user guide

Plan the content of the user guide, so that it meets requirements of your stakeholders

Prioritize the order of creating the content of the user guide

Use a framework to support the development of their software documentation and user assistance

Identify the main goals of a software documentation project


Do you need to deliver software projects that require customer-facing documentation? Would you like to learn how to make your documentation delivery successful and contribute efficiently to the goals of the development project?

As a technical writer, you often are expected to organize and deliver large sets of information to the customer. But everyone in the team has his or her own understanding of what is important for the customer. The development manager insists on documenting each and every little detail, the marketing manager wants you to focus on sharing success stories from the customers, while the editor thinks you should focus on improving the language quality of the documentation. Meanwhile, everybody on the team just wants to take a couple of days off!

Sounds familiar?! Somehow all the expectations fall on you, right?! 

                       "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

                        -- Colin Powell

How can you balance all these conflicting requirements towards the documentation? How can you ensure that the customer interest is properly defended and you manage to really be the customer advocate?

Today everybody speaks about project management, proper planning, and prioritization. But the entire project management training and up-skill happens after days and months of training and applying what you have learned on the job. Not to mention the cost! Simply finding the time to learn project management can be an overwhelming experience that requires time and serious commitment.

In this course, Jordan Stanchev (PMP #2174692, User Assistance Development Architect at SAP) with many years of experience in the field of technical writing, user assistance, and architecture will share the secrets of the project management framework that you can use to run the development of your software documentation with the team.

Jordan has been using the same approach to identify and prepare the delivery and successful publishing of numerous user assistance assets for software development projects, such as user guides, multimedia, and video assets.

You will learn:

- The importance of meeting customer needs & how to properly identify and capture them

- How to define the correct deliverables: should you use written software documentation; video, images, and infographics to guide your user? 

- What is the healthy balance of deliverables for your project

- What is realistic to plan for

- The steps to prepare a documentation project

- Which criteria to use to define the quality of your software documentation 

- How to deliver your content to your customer on time and schedule

Enroll now and learn how to apply the project management principles to a software documentation development project!

P.S. This course comes with a 30-day refund policy!




Course Materials & How to Use this Course

Step 1: Define Plan for Managing the Project

Project Management - Definition of a Project

A Note on Managing Documentation

Project Management Process

Knowledge Areas of Project Management to Consider

Exercise - Define Project Goals

Step 2: Define Scope of the Project

Step 2: Define Scope

Identify Needs

Exercise - Identify Needs, Define Requirements

Define Scope: Example

Step 3: Plan How to Manage the Project

Project Plan - Knowledge Areas to Consider - Integration and Scope

Project Plan - Knowledge Areas to Consider Time - Cost - Quality - Procurement

Project Plan - Knowledge Areas to Consider - Part 2

Project Plan - Knowledge Areas to Consider - Part 3

Project Plan - Knowledge Areas to Consider - Stakeholder Management

Knowledge Areas: Example


Step 4: Define Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Define Activities. Sequence Activities.

Define Activities: Exercise

Design the User Guide

Strategy for Structuring the Content

Organize High-Level Tasks in a Logical Sequence - Part I

Distribute the Work & Track the Project Progress

RACI Matrix - Part 1

Tasks and Topics Distribution in the Team

Using Excel as a Gantt Chart for Simplification of the Planning and Reporting

Bonus Section

The Successful Software Documentation Development Checklist


Mary20 May 2021

I liked the course, the instructor very clear in the information, giving all the guidelines. I understand that in view of it is a live recording regarding the intervention of the attending students, the audio was not very clear when they asked something, but I tried to imagine the question when the instructor answered, only that annotation about it, but the course completely very informative.

Arqam19 January 2021

I did only find section 6 beneficial and above. The rest was just axiomatic to me. Thanks, i will keep this one as my favorite.

David3 January 2021

I am an experienced technical writer and found it very useful to see how the formal principles of project management can be applied to documentation projects. Jordan's personal insights and nuggets of wisdom along the way also added a lot of value to this course for me.

Soco30 December 2020

The course is quite basic but it was helpful since it does introduce a few concepts that are useful if it's your first time managing a big TW project.

Gary19 December 2020

This course has given me some good ideas to implement as I seek to find new work involving project management and not just writing.

Tanya30 May 2020

I am currently writing documentation for already existed project. So this course this exactly what I was looking for.

Paul17 April 2020

I've been a technical writer for decades, but project planning is a skillset I've been missing. I'm soaking it all in, thanks to Jordan's "trust me, I've been there" approach and delivery.

Dionysios5 April 2020

Project management (PM), as a discipline, is arguably quite vague when it comes to the specifics of its application, mainly due to the breadth of areas and scenarios it can be used in. In my experience, courses revolving around PM tend to be fairly general, but this particular course does a good job of providing application scenarios specific to technical writing, all things considered.

Fernando16 October 2019

Muy buen curso, no soy muy fan de los cursos que se dan en publico y se graban, pero en general muy bien explicado


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