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Project Based Python Programming For Kids & Beginners

Learn Hands-On Python Programming By Creating Games, GUIs and Graphics

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5 hours


Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Build simple Python based games using programming loops and functions

Draw graphics using the Python module Turtle

Build Python Graphical User Interfaces(GUI) with Tkinter

Get a handle on working with Python 2 and 3

Be able to use the in-built Python modules for their own projects

Beginners and children will be able to create their own projects and advance to more complicated concepts

Use Microsoft Visual Studio Code-a powerful IDLE for practical programming and development in Python and other languages


                                       Beginners and Kids Can Now Learn Python the Fun and Easy Way 

Teach yourself (and your kids) to code fun games, graphics and GUI in Python, the powerful programming language used at tech companies and in academia. 

Unlike the other courses and books out there, this course provides a rare opportunity to learn the graphics and UX (User Experience) sides of Python – even as a beginner! Unlike the many other Python courses on Udemy, this course introduces you to this computer language by drawing shapes, coding a simple game, and designing GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces), including a functional GUI for a temperature converter app.

Gain a Firm Foundation in Python GUI Programming

  • Learn the basics of Python game programming
  • Craft elegant and useful Python GUIs
  • Create simple and practical applications in Python
  • Explore the world of Python graphic design

If you want to learn to code, Python GUIs are the best way to start!

I designed this programming course to be easily understood by absolute beginners and young people. We start with basic Python programming concepts. Reinforce the same by developing games, graphics and GUIs. And finally we will develop a practical temperature converter app using Python.

Why Python?

The Python coding language integrates well with other platforms – and runs on virtually all modern devices. If you’re new to coding, you can easily learn the basics in this fast and powerful coding environment. If you have experience with other computer languages, you’ll find Python simple and straightforward. This OSI-approved open-source language allows free use and distribution – even commercial distribution.

Can You Build a Career with Python?

Absolutely! On average, U.S. Python developers earn $109,000 per year. This powerful and widely-used language could be your or your child's ticket to a better life. With the rigorous grounding you get from this course, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to step into higher-level Python courses.

How Can You Use Python?

Once you gain a basic knowledge of Python through this course, you can explore a diverse range of programming specialties:

  • Build Desktop/Laptop GUIs
  • Design Exciting and Immersive Games
  • Develop Websites and Apps
  • Analyze Scientific and Statistical Data
  • Create Educational Software
  • Access and Organize Databases
  • Manage Networks

Who Uses Python?

This course gives you a solid set of skills in one of today’s top programming languages. Today’s biggest companies (and smartest startups) use Python, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, IBM, and NASA. Python is increasingly being used for scientific computations and data analysis. 

You Can Start Right Away, Without Prior Programming Experience

Detailed instructions have been provided with regards to Python installation and getting started with Microsoft Visual Code, a powerful programming IDLE that will be a valuable tool for your programming journey. Hands-on coding instructions have been provided in the lecture videos to enable you to follow along. Additionally, working code examples have been provided for you to try and modify. Each video will teach you a new practical programming concept that you can apply in real time and quizzes will reinforce your learning. 

The instructor is an Oxbridge trained researcher and always available to troubleshoot. You'll also receive an industry recognized Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course.

No Risk: Preview videos from the different sections for FREE, and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee when you enroll - zero risk, unlimited payoff! 

Sign up for this course today and learn the skills you need to rub shoulders with today’s tech industry giants. Have fun, create and control intriguing and interactive Python GUIs, and enjoy a bright future!


Project Based Python Programming For Kids & Beginners
Project Based Python Programming For Kids & Beginners
Project Based Python Programming For Kids & Beginners
Project Based Python Programming For Kids & Beginners


Introduction to Project Based Python Programming

Introduction to the Course & Me

Scripts Used in the Course

Python Installation for Windows

Python Installation for Other OS

Online Python IDLE

Hello World in Python

Python Coding with Visual Studio

Some Common Python Terms

Conclusion to Section 1

Section 1 Quiz

Diving into the Python Basics

Basic Arithmetic in Python

Welcome to the World of Data Types

Random Number Generation

Working With Strings

Get User Inputs

Different Python Data Structures




Defining our Own Functions in Python-Basic

Some More On Functions

Conclusions to Section 2

Section 2 Quiz

Decision Making with Programming

Rationale for this section

if-else loops

elif in if-else loops

while loop

for loop

More on Loops

Nested For Loop

Build a Number Guessing Game!!-Basic

Build a Number Guessing Game!!-Advanced

OPTIONAL:Build a Number Guessing Game!!-(More) Advanced

Conclusion to Section 3

Section 3 Quiz

Graphics with Python

Working With Graphics in Python

Draw a Square

The Idea Behind Angles

Draw a Rectangle Using Loops

Create a Rectangle Function

Code Along1: Draw an Equilateral Triangle

Code Along2: Draw an Equilateral Triangle With Loops

Code an Irregular Shape: Start a Snowflake


Conclusions to Section 4

Section 4 Quiz

GUI Programming with Python

What is a GUI?

Start with GUIs in Python

Create a Simple Button With tkinter

Add Functionality to the Button

The Tkinter Grid

Common Tkinter GUI Widgets

Canvas for Drawing-part1

Canvas for Drawing-part2

Simple Expression Evaluator

Start With the Temperature Conversion App

Complete the App-1

Complete the App-2

Conclusions to Section 5


Naveen26 August 2020

It is a good course for begginers who are around 18 and more but not suitablle kids because of different terms used in it and I suggest to teach Scratch coding. But, Yeah! having a great instructor who always answers us within 6 hours of time, I would rate it more but because this course also has some speed breakers where kids could not understand. It is a beautiful course. Thank You!

Hong5 August 2020

it was good it explains it clearly but had to strain to understand sometimes. also it only has a few projects when it was a project based course.

Parnika30 July 2020

This course is good and explains a lot about python. However it is a bit hard to understand the instructor speaking. One of the videos wasn't demonstrating what the instructor was doing, it was just frozen and you could only hear the instructor speaking. The activities were fun to complete and this course taught a lot about python.

Fred6 July 2020

This course is suitable for any person he didn't have any knowledge of Python. Very simply and effective. It's great first step to start Python career.

Dobby2 July 2020

Excellent course , the instructor is very good and he explain clearly all of the themes , i wanna go to the second level.

James9 December 2019

This was an excellent introduction to Python. And the exposure to turtle and tkinter was extremely helpful. Thanks so much. Just an FYI, Lesson 23, if-else loops, is messed up as the picture conditional Op1.png is displayed while you are running examples in the background. So we cannot see the examples. Othewise, no issues at all.

Maclean20 September 2019

The course was a great introduction. My only issue was that some of the symbols etc., used were not explained.

Eisil23 August 2019

Absolutely indeed, for people with experience in other programming languages, this training will have a very slow start, but as soon as it starts getting into some more advanced topics it improves a lot.

Shantir20 August 2019

I have learned so much and enjoyed the journey. This has been undoubtedly one of the best courses I've ever took. It was my first ever attempt to learning how to write code and I've been extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Milona18 August 2019

Took me a little to figure things out but at the moment I can get all the point step by step. Thanks again!

Kilappa16 August 2019

You explain many advanced technique but you should also cover some basic thing like "what is the shell?"

Shithia15 August 2019

I liked the format but, in my opinion, the content was a bit light. Overall this is a great introduction with good examples. I am looking forward to the next course

Jensi7 July 2019

I am a software engineer and never use python, this is a great introduction with good examples. Highly recommend

Nosto5 July 2019

Course is really good for the Beginners who are doing python for the first time. The way the material is explained makes it easy to follow, which is important when teaching a new language.

Rat4 July 2019

Wow! I didn't expect anyone to teach so beautifully and efficiently. My experience with the tutorials till now, is very interesting, beautiful and full of knowledge.


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