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Progressive Web Apps: The Concise PWA Masterclass

Everything you need to build Progressive Web Apps from Scratch, or upgrade your existing Web Apps to PWAs.

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6 hours


May 2020

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What you will learn

Understand the purpose of PWAs.

Learn each aspect of the Service Worker API and the Caching API in depth.

Learn to add PWA technologies into existing web apps with the help of progressive enhancement.

Convert an existing web app to a full-featured Progressive Web App without compromising support for older Browsers.

Audit and improve a Progressive Web App with the help of Google Lighthouse testing tool.


Learn to build discoverable, engaging Progressive Webs Apps (PWAs) from scratch, or Upgrade Existing Web Apps to PWAs using Service Workers, Caches API and Web App Manifests.

Learn the Essential technologies, and Concepts behind PWAs to get started as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Understand the purpose of PWAs and the problems they solve

  • Learn supporting JavaScript concepts for working with PWAs, including Promises & the Fetch API

  • Practical, In-depth lessons on each individual aspect of building a PWA

    • Service Workers

    • Push Notifications

    • Caching

    • Native capabilities

An invaluable skill for any Web/Mobile Developer, made available via a very concise and well-planned curriculum. 

Progressive Web Apps is an incredibly exciting, fast-growing and sought after skill in Web App Development.

This course will provide a very practical & concise approach to learning Progressive Web Apps and the curriculum includes all the aspects of PWAs ready for production today.

There’s no faster way to get started with PWAs and the course will particularly focus on upgrading existing web apps to be fully progressive without any compromise in non-supporting browsers.

Content and Overview

With 38 concise and practical lessons, this course aims to teach a solid understanding of Progressive Web Apps and is suitable for anyone with a basic understanding of HTML, CSS & JavaScript in the browser.

The course starts with an introduction to Progressive Web Apps as a concept and follows on to cover Service Workers in great details.
The Service Worker section includes short lessons on supporting JavaScript concepts, including Promises and the Fetch API.

The course also dedicates an entire section to understanding the Cache API and using it alongside Service Workers.

Finally, to put the entirety of the course contents to practice, a practical project sections covers the process of assessing and upgrading an existing Web App to be fully Progressive while still maintaining it’s initial integrity through progressive enhancement.

Upon completion of this course you will have the practical skills to immediately start building fully customised, production ready, Progressive Web Apps.

This course is to the point and everything is demonstrated in the most simple, yet practical ways.


Progressive Web Apps: The Concise PWA Masterclass
Progressive Web Apps: The Concise PWA Masterclass
Progressive Web Apps: The Concise PWA Masterclass
Progressive Web Apps: The Concise PWA Masterclass




Technical Overview

Lesson Structure

Service Worker


Promise API

Promises - Test your knowledge

Fetch API

Understanding Promises & the Fetch API


Events: Fetch



Events: Message

Events: Push

Push Notifications


Server Push


Storage Options


Cache API

Caching in the Service Worker

Caching Strategies

Native App Features

Develop with Real Devices

Web App Manifest

Add to Homescreen

Safari App Icons

Build a Progressive Web App - Project

Project Introduction

Adding a Service Worker

Cache Dynamic Content

Managing Cache Storage

Deploying with GitHub Pages

Testing with LIghthouse

Build a Push Server - Project

Project Setup

Server Endpoints

Public Key

Server Subscription

Subscription Storage

Push Notifications

Subscription Management

Rapid PWAs with Workbox - Project

App Overview & Setup

App Shell

App Logic


Adding Messages

Syncing Messages

Creating a Service Worker

Automating Service Worker Builds


Resources & Further Learning

Bonus Lecture: Feedback & Course Coupons


Diarrah5 October 2020

Love the pace & the densely packed info - great difference from all the Udemy courses with so much fluff.

John8 September 2020

Very clear and with evidence of good planning. This contrasts with another PWA course on Udemy which I gave up on very quickly.

Ajay24 July 2020

its too good please suggest me if their is any advance course of PWA with database connection and sync

Normand24 May 2020

The english speech of the teacher is of BBC anchorman quality. The course is concise, well structured. Very appreciated.

Matthieu24 April 2020

I never known about Promise and at the end of this lesson, it's quite clear. Examples are chosen well !

Randy6 February 2020

As with other courses by Ray Viljoen, this course has excellent content, a great pace and lots of detail.

David15 January 2020

I am very satisfied with the quality of the material in this course. Very well presented and totally usable in a commercial context.

Gabriel29 November 2019

This is a crash course about PWA. Its short but it seems that covers all. If you need to create a PWA fast, this will open the way for you. May be you will need to watch it a few times while you try things to grasp better some concepts. . This is fast and if you are note confident with JS, promises, nodeJS, GIT, and development in general, this is not the place to start i think, becouse this is to fast, at least for the last chapters.

Davor17 November 2019

This course is not bad and author is knowledgeable abot the topic. However, author doesn't explain much about underlying concepts so less knowledgleable student sometimes has to go elsewhere for more fundamental explanation. Especially a section about building a push server is quite confusing and not very explanatory about principles that go behind the scene. I prefer courses where authors explain fundamental principles first and then give students specific knowledge on the top of that. In my experience in order to gain a good knowledge about something one has to understand fundamental principles first. Overall I recommend this course, although there are not many alternatives that cover this topic. You will not learn everything you need in this field but it will help you toward that path.

John9 November 2019

This was a direct, no-nonsense, straight presentation of some heady material. But the best part was how it was Paced, and the supporting graphics, annotations, and isolated zoomed blowups of the relevant features, re-enforcing / slowing down pieces which may have gone by fast.

Miguel5 November 2019

I quite liked the course. It's concise and well explained. I knew nothing about PWA and it showed me interesting ways to build one. Congratulations!

Izzy27 July 2019

He doesn't really explain things that well. He assumes you understand underlying concepts, but I much rather have a deeper explanation of thing. Saying one line to explain a concept isn't really an explanation. I found myself spending 90% of the time Google searching to figure out what the guy was talking about. And even though he gives starter and solution files, he will do 5 solutions in a video, and only give you the solution file for the last solution. And I even found a couple of typos in the lecture titles, which serves to show that this guy doesn't really care about this course. He wrote "Sever Push" instead of "Server Push" This course is like a year old... How do you not catch that? And there is also a general lack of presence in the Q&A. I just feel like this entire course was just a cash grab. Maybe I'm being too harsh, I'm sure this guy really put the effort in. As the course itself is clean cut. And maybe if you are an experienced developer, this course would be easy for you, but man, this was was not my cup of tea... AND I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT MOST OF THE ZIP FILES FOR MODULE 7 DON'T EVEN WORK!

Danny4 June 2019

Great course! Short, sweet and to the point! If you have no knowledge of PWAs or ES6 I'd recommend brushing up first. This course is not for the faint of heart. It's like 0 to 60 in no time. It's almost too concise and not everything is explained for newer devs. But take it anyway because it will stretch you! Thanks!

J4 May 2019

So far, this course is providing a very clear way of understanding pwa's. It's perfect for what I need

Syed14 April 2019

Very precise, but sometimes the instructor flies over the ideas too quickly. So, to fully grasp the idea I have to watch video more than one time.


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