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Programming Bootcamp for Kids and Beginners

Learn to be an excellent programmer from the absolute basics

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Computer Science Fundementals


Programming Logic


Basic Debugging

Understand the basics of any programming language

Breaking down large problems into smaller tasks


This course will teach the fundamentals of programming in a sustainable way to ensure that these concepts stick with your students of all ages. Students will learn the basics of Karel, followed by logical concepts, and a deep dive into Python. This course aims to not only introduce students to Python as a programming language, but also to logic and design principles that are needed to write clean and effective code. There were many stakeholders in the course including fellow engineers from Google and Facebook who helped create content based on one key question:

"How would I have liked to have been taught programming if I knew absolutely nothing about it?"

Usually when trying to learn programming, students are taught many things at once, but they lack the core fundamentals that will allow them to be world class. The content in this course addresses this issue and helps build students confidence and knowledge to the point where they can begin to develop larger, and more useful Python applications. All of the content is extremely easy to follow, and is supported with quizzes and assignments.

Any feedback is really appreciated to ensure that this course is constantly updated, and this remains the best resource for new programmers.

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Programming Bootcamp for Kids and Beginners
Programming Bootcamp for Kids and Beginners
Programming Bootcamp for Kids and Beginners
Programming Bootcamp for Kids and Beginners




What Is Possible With Coding

Why Take This Course?

Course Outline

Karel The Robot

Meet Karel

The Karel IDE

Basic Commands With Karel

Karel Guide

Karel Basics Quiz

Conditional Statements In Karel

While Loops In Karel

Functions In karel

Karel Summative

Karel Summative Solution


Logic And Its Place In Programming

Logic In Real Life

Logical Statements

Comparison Operators

Intro To Logical Operators

Logical AND Operator

Logical OR Operator

Logical NOT Operator

Comprehensive Logic Quiz


Introduction To Python

Why Python ?

The Python IDE

Getting Started With The REPL Integrated Development Environment

Single Line Print

Code Commenting In Python

Introduction To Variables

Variable Types

Converting Between Variable Types

Intro To Math In Python

Addition In Python

Subtraction In Python

Division In Python

Multiplication In Python

Exponents In Python

The Modulo Operator

Introduction To Input In Python

Input In Python

Introduction To Functions

Functions Demo

Function Parameters

Variables Inside And Outside A Function

Return Statement

Return Statement Example

Functions Quiz

Conditional Statements

Conditionals Quiz

Introduction To Loops

For Loops 1

For Loops 2

For Loops 3

For Loops Quiz

For Loops Exercise

While Loops

While Loops 2

While Loops Quiz


Conclusion & Congratulations!


Samuel7 June 2021

For a little while I never understood what I would do when I did a script for Karel, later on I started to understand the commands Karel follow. Now I am certainly happy because I learnt something new!

Coolk1 May 2021

This is a great course and was very fun and I would highly recommend for all beginners who are trying to learn coding and the many other great things which are in this course.

Jiya6 April 2021

Great course! Did not enjoy coding before but this was a great course to get me started and learned so much. When is the next one!


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