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Program Management Professional (PgMP) - PMI

ادارة البرامج الاحترافية PgMP

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Program Management Professional (PgMP) - PMI


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Jul 2021

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تعد شهادة PgMP من الشهادات المفيدة والضرورية للنجاح والتقدم في مجال إدارة البرامج الاحترافية، فمدراء البرامج عليهم مسؤولية ضخمة من أجل قيادة وإدارة برامجهم نحو النجاح، لذلك هذه الشهادة مفيدة؛ فهي تسمّى بشهادة محترف إدارة البرامجProgram Management Professional ، وشهادة PgMP من أكثر الشهادات المعترف بها والمعتمدة لدى المهتمين بإدارة البرامج، ويستطيع الفرد منا الحصول على هذه الشهادة بعد اجتياز امتحان يتم التحضير له بواسطة حضور الدورة التدريبية المعدّة لذلك، والتي يعطى بها كم وفير من المعلومات عن إدارة البرامج والأمثلة من البرامج الناجحة دولياً وعالمياً، وطرق وأدوات ادارة البرنامج الناجح من خلال مدرب يمتلك الخبرة والكفاءة لإعطائها بالشكل المتميز والمناسب.


Program Management is the next logical career step for professional project managers leading larger and more complex initiatives. To some, program management is viewed as the top of the “technical project management” professional ladder. With less than 3,200 certified PgMPs currently in the world, this certification provides a definitive advantage for project professionals seeking growth and recognition.

Programs are at the heart of any major operations, regardless of the size and significance of each program. A business can only succeed when all related programs work in perfect harmony without any ambiguities, contributing to the larger objective of the company. Should any program fall apart or fail to accomplish its goal, the train may derail. Innumerable business, be it small to medium enterprises or large organizations, have su­ered body blows and many have failed owing to ine­icient or outright inept program management.

A Program Management Professional plays a essential role in determining the fortune of an organization. Program Management Professional (PgMP) is the most prestigious certificate for program managers. This certificate is offered by PMI (Project Management Institute) for experienced program managers.

A program management professional or PgMP is responsible for this crucial lifeline of a business. A PgMP is expected to manage all the program projects, sub-programs and operations, to undertake preprogram assessments, study program feasibility, conduct cost benefit analysis, take all stakeholders and sponsors into confidence, form teams or use existing teams and assign relevant tasks, conceive plans to initiate a perfect plan and then executing it optimally to deliver the most qualitative results at a budget while adhering to a timeline.

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Dr. Ahmed Hassan, DBA, Ph.D., PgMP, PMP, RMP, PBA

PMO Director, MCIT


PgMP Orientation Session

Introduction to PgMP

Course Overview

Ch. 01 : Introduction

What is a Program?

Portfolios, Programs, Projects and Organizational Strategy

Ch. 02 : Program Management Performance Domains

Performance Domain Definitions

PgMP Questions : Program Management Framework

Ch. 03 - Program Strategy Alignment

Program Business Case, Program Charter & Program Roadmap

Environmental Assessments & Program Risk Management Strategy

Ch. 04 - Program Benefits Management

Benefits Identification & Benefits Analysis and Planning &

Benefits Delivery, Benefits Transition & Benefits Sustainment

Ch. 05 : Program Stakeholder Engagement

Program Stakeholder Identification & Analysis

Program Stakeholder Engagement

Ch. 06 : Program Governance

Program Governance Practices

Program Governance Roles

Ch. 07 : Program Life Cycle Management

Program Life Cycle

Mapping of Program Management Life Cycle Phases to Supporting Activities


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