Build Profitable Business In a Competitive Niche Market

The Same Methods Fortune 500 Companies Use Every Day To Sell YOU Their Stuff.

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Feb 2015

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What you will learn

Discover my exact formula to establishing a business that creates a never ending cash flow

Achieve complete financial freedom in no time

Skyrocket your sales instantly

Build a business that generates passive income on autopilot


Forget SEO, Facebook or YouTube, Dominate Any Market In Less Than 90 Days…

You need a solid plan and a proven blueprint to follow, right?

If you want to build a profitable business in a competitive niche market, then you must position your uniqueness and sell from that exact angle.

Let me ask you a few simple questions:

  • Do you want a business that creates a never ending cash flow?
  • Do you want the freedom to choose when you take time off?
  • Do you want to control & drive more sales to your pockets than anyone else?
  • Do you want a system that enables you to go into any market and make a killing?
  • Do you want the security of knowing that no one else can take your share?
  • Do you want a business that makes you money on autopilot while you sleep?
  • Do you want to know how to do all this quicker than you ever imagined possible?

After having massive success with this system myself, I analyzed, refined and defined my process so I could share the exact formula I used.

To prove this works for others I had to find some people who needed help and now I am looking for more.

I have now used this with other peoples businesses and the results have been nothing short of incredible.

It’s taken me over a year to put this together in a step-by-step and easy to follow format anyone can use.

Now you have the chance to use this powerful system in any niche to absolutely dominate and crush it in any market.

Now… Will This Work For YOUR Business?

As long as you have a business that has a market to dominate…. this will definitely work for you.

You can cash in big time easier and quicker than you ever thought possible.

Go ahead right now and grab the exact steps you need to transform your life and create for yourself a solid, massively profitable and dependable business that will eagerly and effortlessly provide for your family for generations to come.

"It honestly feels so good knowing that if I went broke tomorrow, I would just refer to the same formula I am sharing with you today and I would make my money all over again… quickly and easily!"

Imagine the feeling of knowing that you can make money on demand.

You can rinse and repeat this over and over again.

Here’s what is included in this profit building system…

  • 11 step-by-step, over the shoulder, fully professional HD quality videos
  • A 27 page companion eBook
  • Lifetime Support: I will personally answer all of your questions within a few hours!
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.

See you inside,
Brett & Sandor


Build Profitable Business In a Competitive Niche Market
Build Profitable Business In a Competitive Niche Market
Build Profitable Business In a Competitive Niche Market
Build Profitable Business In a Competitive Niche Market


The Core Training

Meet & Greet

Expert Intro - Who I am

Niche Crusher I - Find Your Passion

Niche Crusher II - Market Ninja

Niche Crusher III - Provide Solutions

Niche Crusher IV - Audience Secrets

Niche Crusher V - Research Like A Boss

Niche Crusher VI - Provide Maximum Value

Niche Crusher VII - Find Your Sales Angle


Bonus Section

Bonus Video #1: Mindset Mastery

Bonus Video #2: Attributes Of A Good Mindset

Bonus Video #3: Responsibility & Self-Reliance

Bonus Video #4: Conclusion

Triple Penetration Fast Action Guide


Heather6 November 2017

I decided to skip the Expert Intro. Because of that, my course was only 94% complete. So I had to go back into the course to let it play. I would have preferred that the educator bio had been a PDF.

Tim2 May 2016

This is a great course - It really helped me view how to effectively connect the right people with the right product.

Nikolas11 February 2016

I am really disappointed about basically every single minute in this course. You can summarize the whole course in 3 Points: 1.) Find a niche you like and people have a demand for. 2.) Use Alexa, Quantcast, search engines, and social media to determine your target market. 3.) Establish a winning mindset. That's it. No practical insight on how to apply your information (e.g. in terms of content marketing, blogging, seo, ppc, affiliate marketing, or whatsoever). Waste of time and money.

Fred17 January 2016

I loved this training. It was a slides based presentation as apposed to over the shoulder screen casts but the content was excellent, the quality of sound also excellent, and the videos are downloadable which gives me the opportunity to take the training offline with my notebook, tablet or smartphone. Lastly the bonus section is like another course.

KC1 May 2015

This course is a high-level overview of how to be successful in whatever business you create. It's solid advice on how to get inside the head of your customer and truly help them. This information can cross any niche imaginable. (Although I was a bit shocked to find out the instructor's original business, it took nothing away from the course, and added some motivation haha) Sales angles are hard to come up with and require testing, but this course gives a good foundation for that. I'd like to see a section that explores getting in the head of your prospects a bit more. I thought that the information presented was very thorough, but I'd love to see this pushed further. The resources mentioned are great, and can give you a good start, but I think more primary market research info would be golden. That doesn't take away from the course though, and I still think this is worth it. Lastly, I'd love to see even just one video on implementation of a viable business model. Just something that shows how you can set up a business knowing this stuff. It doesn't need to go into things like websites, storefronts, logistics, etc..., but just a flow chart on how this could be laid out, especially in the affiliate or product space would rock. Oh, and the production quality is high, much higher than some other courses I've seen. I hope this helps.

Cyrus11 April 2015

Great videos, and always good to learn something new. Thank you for a great course. Your topics are always relevant and entertaining.

Youcef11 April 2015

I've learned a lot of things about the market I did not know before, especially when it revolves around the customer and knowing his problem and solve it, The instructeur explained well, which makes the information provided high quality, and thank you for this helpful information

Gergely10 April 2015

I like this course because it strongly based on the instructor's real life experience, therefore it's unique. Thank you for the lessons!

Steve10 April 2015

you will find a lot of fluff in Udemy...but this is one that gets to the heart of what works and makes it beat even harder....well done.

Hazem10 April 2015

You have a good information, but the problem is that the way of presenting this information is not so good as it seems that you are just reading a book. I mean the videos are not interactive.


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