Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to design a logo that stands out from the crowd.

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Graphic Design
Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator
7.5 hours
May 2015
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What you will learn

Design a Professional Logo

Design a logo that stand out from the croud

Design a new logo for a real client

Fine-tuning a design after client selection

Understand the techniques used in logo creation

Apply various new techniques to your own work

Why take this course?

🎨 Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator: Course Overview 🚀

Course Headline: ✨ Learn how to design a logo that stands out from the crowd! ✨

Welcome to the world of professional logo design, where your creativity meets industry-standard tools. In this comprehensive course, we'll delve into the art of crafting logos that not only represent a brand but also resonate with its target audience. 🌟

Why Take This Course? Logos are the visual handshake between a business and its clients. They are the face of the company, and when done correctly, they can be instantly recognizable across various mediums. Understanding the principles behind successful logo designs is crucial for any aspiring or seasoned designer. Our focus will be on creating logos that are not only visually appealing but also versatile and adaptable to different applications.

What You'll Learn:

  • 🪛 Choosing the right typeface: Discover how to select fonts that convey the right message and complement your design.
  • 🔺 Designing with simple shapes: Master the use of basic geometric shapes to create complex logos with a cohesive look.
  • Adding shine, texture, beveled edges, and transparency: Learn advanced techniques to give your logo that extra touch of sophistication.
  • 🎭 Designing with negative space: Uncover the power of what's left unsaid by using negative space to your advantage.
  • 🌈 Choosing logo colors: Explore color theory and how it can be used to evoke certain emotions and convey brand values.
  • 🚀 Preparing final files: Ensure your logo is ready for any platform by learning proper file preparation techniques.

Course Features:

  • 🎥 Fully explained tutorial from starting to end: Learn at your own pace with detailed video instructions.
  • 🕰️ Secret techniques of creation revealed: Get insights into the professional methods used by top designers.
  • 📑 Project file provided for enhanced workflow: Practice alongside the tutorial using the same files as the instructor.

What's Inside? With over 45 lectures and a total of 2.5 hours of content, this course offers step-by-step guidance on how to design logos from scratch. You'll receive the AI Working File to download and practice along with the tutorials, ensuring you get hands-on experience with real-life examples.

Who is this course for? No prior knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is required to enroll in this course. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to sharpen your design skills, this course will take you through the basics and beyond, equipping you with the tools and techniques needed to create standout logos.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the anatomy of a successful logo.
  • Be proficient in using Adobe Illustrator CC for logo design.
  • Have the ability to create logos that work in both color and black and white across different formats.
  • Know how to position text, use geometric shapes, and add elements to words effectively.

Embark on your journey to becoming a professional logo designer today! 🌟 With this course, you'll gain the skills necessary to craft logos that not only look great but also fulfill their purpose as symbols of identity for businesses around the globe. Enroll now and design your way to success!


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Our review

  1. Overall Positive Feedback: Participants found the course valuable and practical for newcomers learning Adobe Illustrator using the software version came across throughout the tutorial provided by Aragon Tutorial. It appears to be a comprehensive guide to mastering Adobe Illustrator software version of Aragon Tutorial, especially for those with limited knowledge of Illustrator up to now.This course is great for practicing and learning within an engaging and easy-to-understand teaching methodology.

  2. Technical Fundamentals: The course provides valuable technical fundamentals when designing logos. The teaching methods are excellent, and the pacing is also outstanding. Keep up the good work!

  3. Educational Value for Beginners: This unit was engaging and perfect for someone to learn from scratch. He (instructor) does not skip a step, which makes it much more interesting. He explains very well and made it easy. His pace is outstanding too, Kudos to the instructor!

  4. Technical Ease: Finally, a video that is not too basic, where the speaker is clear and audio hangs or timeouts are no more present! Very impressed so far.

  5. Practical and Insightful: This course is good for practicing and provides insight into how to use Illustrator to create logos, although fundamentally it lacks the theory behind the design of a brand logo, here only its construction on Illustrator. Here, only the creation process on Illustrator is covered.

  6. Beginner-Friendly with Room for Advanced Learning: This course was engaging and perfect for someone to learn from scratch. He (instructor) does not skip a step, which makes it much more interesting. He explains very well and made it easy. His pace is outstanding too, Kudos to the instructor! Despite some knowledge gaps and Illustrator version differences, I found the video excellent with no issues.

  7. Accessibility and Video Stability: Finally, a video that is not too basic, where the speaker is audible and clear, and video's do not hang or time out! Very impressed so far.

  8. Theory Lack but Practical: Questo corso è buono per esercitarsi con gli strumenti di Adobe Illustrator e altresima anche perché ti dà pratica! Tuttavia, manca la teoria dietro alla progettazione di un marchio brand logo (brand logotip), qui c'è solo appunto la sua costruzione su Illustrator. Qui, solo la tua costruzione su Illustrator viene coperta.

  9. Overall Satisfaction: This course was a great introduction for me, as I had limited knowledge about anything related to Illustrator before. What stood out for me was the clear structure of the course. It started with the basics of the software and gradually advanced to more complex topics. The modules were well-organized and each one had practical exercises to apply what had been taught. This practical approach really helped me consolidate my knowledge. The platform Udemy offered a variety of useful resources. The videos from the lectures were very well produced and easy to follow, and the support materials provided were very useful for reviewing concepts when necessary. However, I felt there could be a more interactive component, like live sessions or discussion forums to ask questions. The Adobe Illustrator itself proved to be a very powerful and versatile tool. I was able to create simple illustrations and work on designs for personal projects. The initial learning curve was a bit challenging at first, but as I progressed through the course, I began to feel more comfortable with the features of the software. Although this was mainly an autodidactic experience, the course on Udemy gave me a solid base to explore more into Adobe Illustrator. If you're looking for an accessible way to learn about design and start using Illustrator, this course might be something to consider. However, be prepared to rely more on your own initiative to clarify doubts and deepen your knowledge further.



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