Time Management & Simple Productivity Tips -2021 Technology

Tips & Hacks to Beat Work Overload. Achieve 2-5x More in Half the Time. Learn for free-Outlook, Basecamp, Trello, Asana.

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Time-management strategies you can implement today!

Time Management and Productivity Fundamentals - Take back your day!

How to use Time Management software tools like Outlook, Basecamp, Asana and Trello.

Help you Eliminate saying the Words To Busy and Overwhelmed ever again!

How to use simple Time Management Tips and Do Twice The Work with Half The Effort

Explode your Productivity using Software tools like Basecamp, Trello, Asana, and Outlook.

Find your Mad scientist part of your day.

Learn the 80/20 rule to reduce your workload.


FACT 1: Despite time tracking apps, hints and tips being available, only 17% of people track their own time. (Productivity Blog, 2019)

FACT 2: The average UK employee spends 2 hours 11 minutes procrastinating every day. (Human Resource, 2018)

FACT 3: The average knowledge worker checks email and IM every 6 minutes. (RescueTime, 2019)

FACT 4: The average employee only works for a total of 3 minutes before switching to another task. (Atlassian, 2019)

FACT 5: On average, we spend 3 hours and 15 minutes a day (49.4 days per year) on our phones. (RescueTime, 2018)

FACT 6: Most people check their phones an average of 58 times per day. (RescueTime, 2018)

Objective 1: Learn Time Management Fundamentals

Objective 2: Learn how to get all your thoughts out of your mind and on paper or in software

Objective 3: Learn the Time Management 80/20 Rule

Objective 4: Can you really Multi-task?

Objective 5: Learn from Elon Musk and Warren Buffet time management tools

Objective 6: Learn how to take back your day and get the most done

What you will Learn.

- In this course, you will learn how to plan your day learning time management fundamentals and software to improve your efficiency during your day.

- We will find your Mad Scientist part of your day weather that be in the morning or late at night.

- You will take a multi-tasking quiz and see if you can beat the so called non ability to multi-task.

- You will learn how to collect all your thoughts and put them on a list, so you get everything out of your head and ready for action.

Let's Get Started!  Take back your busy day and learn to control the chaos!


Time Management & Simple Productivity Tips -2021 Technology
Time Management & Simple Productivity Tips -2021 Technology
Time Management & Simple Productivity Tips -2021 Technology
Time Management & Simple Productivity Tips -2021 Technology



Time Management Introduction

Five Time Management Quick Wins

Your Mad Scientist Time

The 80/20 Rule

Your Time Management Journey

Divided Attention: Multi-tasking, Productivity, and Brain Health

Why It’s So Hard To Do Nothing

Living Better By Saying No

Time Management Quick Wins Quiz

Awesome Amazing To Do List - Task Management

Your Amazing To Do List

Airtable Free - Simple to Do Example

My Amazing To Do List Using Airtable

Simple Paper

Amazing To Do List

Build Your Ideal Day Using Your Calendar and Inbox

Taming the Inbox Monsters

Paper or Digital Calendar?

Free Outlook Email - How to Sign Up

Tips and Tricks to Using Outlook Online Calendar


Time Management Strategies and Tips

The Teeter-Totter of Work-Life Balance

Effective Meetings

Working From Home

Working From Home

Common Road Blocks to Productivity

Why do you Procrastinate?

Overcome Procrastination

Working Too Many Hours


Eisenhower Matrix - Planning

Eisenhower Matrix Intro

Urgent and Important - Time Management

Not Important, Urgent

Not Urgent, Important

Not Important, Not Urgent

Eisenhower Matrix

Time Management Tools and Methologies - Focus

Eat That Frog

Getting Things Done - Focus, Clarity, and Confidence

Using Trello for Free - Simple To Do and Timeboxing

Using Trello and GTD

Basecamp Overview Free Software

Using Basecamp Software for Your To Do Lists

Learn Asana for Free - Build Your Task List

Deep Dive Into Asana

Project Management Using Asana

Getting things Done

Optional - Yearly Bullet Journal - Exercise

Intro - Bullet Journal

Question 1 - Top Ten Highlights

Question 2 - Top 5 Things Achieved

Question #3 - Three Challenges

Question #4 - Grateful

Question #5 - Five Lessons Learned

Question #6 - Developed/Changed

Question #7 - Most Proud

Question #8 - Have you stayed true to your values?

Next Year's Goals

Long Term Goal Setting

Four Step Formula for Long Term Goal Setting

Warren Buffet's Strategy

Mission - Vision - Why?

IMPORTANT - Goal Setting Template - Follow Along

Setting Up Your Goal Tracking Using Basecamp

What is the Warren Buffet Time Management Strategy?

Last Words - Must Watch

Closing - Accomplish Just This Side of Impossible!


Charles3 May 2021

All the tools Patrick introduced worked perfectly. The delivery was calm and reassuring. The pacing was excellent. I was never left wondering why what I had on my screen was different to what I was seeing in the explanatory videos. The course is on time management, but at a deeper level it is about becoming more assertive, developing self-confidence and using your new-found time to get you to the place you want to be.

Armando26 April 2021

This is an amazing and comprehensive course. The instructor is a person with a lot of experience, he knows how to transmit his knowledge in a clear and precise way. In addition, it offers valuable information along with effective and useful tools for time management.

Evan23 April 2021

This course is a great ROI for your time. Tons of tips & strategies packed into quick lectures you can watch throughout the day. Patrick has done a good job of condensing & including everything you need to know, and nothing you don't. I've watched a couple of his lectures twice because there were some insights I had never considered before.

Edward19 April 2021

I really benefited from Patrick's introductions to tools such as Trello and Airtable and how to incorporate these into daily time management strategies. Patrick's lectures were easy to digest and follow. Thanks for the tips!

Shaik14 April 2021

If you want to manage your time better, then this course is for you. The instructor offers practical tips & hacks to manage day-to-day activities enhancing productivity.


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