Problem-Solving and Fearless Decision-Making

Generate super effective solutions, make fearless decisions, solve tough problems.

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What you will learn

At the end of this course, you'll sigh with great relief because you'll know HOW TO problem solve and make fearless decisions by using our two Problem Solving Checklists. Just by using the checklist steps, you'll have a thinking framework to help you find innovative, creative, disruptive, or traditional solutions and then decide which idea or solution is the best for the problem or task. In other words, you now have thinking tools that work!


Do you know why it's so hard to solve problems and fearlessly make decisions? It's not because you lack critical or creative thinking skills. Nor is it because you lack life experience. And it's certainly not because you can't think outside the box. Science tells us it's hard to solve problems and make decisions because our brain gets in the way and sends us a not-so-useful thinking pattern, and we get stuck. 

But good news! Science also tells us it's possible for us to grow new super useful and helpful brain tools...and that's what this course is all about. By the time you're finished with this course, you'll have two amazing checklists you can use as go-to tools to solve any problem and make a fearless decision. One checklist will help you make decisions very quickly; the other will help you when you have more time to think and reflect about the kind of decision you need to make for a more complex problem or task. 

But why do we give you checklists? Because we've used science to create methods and steps for your brain to follow in order to unleash your inner creative thinker with ease. Even seasoned pilots who fly sophisticated jets in the air force use checklists!

I know you want to become a better problem solver and fearless decision maker, so join me and my friends as we take you on a learning journey where you'll become a better version of yourself!

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Lesson 1: Problem Solving and Fearless Decision Making
How We Think and Generate Ideas
Introducing the Two Checklists
The F-word Messing with Problem Solving and Fearless Decision Making
An Inspiring Success Story about Someone who Used Our Checklist
Lesson 1 Conclusion
Lesson 2: Instant Problem Solving
Introduction to the Instant Problem Solving Checklist
The IPS Checklist Explained—Breathe and Clarify
Case Study—Clarify
The IPS Checklist Explained—Think Inside the Triangle
Think Inside the Triangle Case Study
The IPS Checklist Explained—Pre-mortem
The IPS Checklist Explained—Fearlessly Decide
Lesson 2 Conclusion
Lesson 3: Reflective Problem Solving
Introduction and Reflective Problem Solving: Reframing
How to Reframe Using the RPS Checklist
Case Study—Jordan Uses the RPS Checklist
16 December 2019
This was great — lively and entertaining and great info. I used the decision making technique once already to my benefit.
16 May 2018
This course was extremely helpful and direct. It emphasizes on helping with real world problem solving skills to help aid in better and smarter decision making.
4 May 2018
Another great set of lessons created by Jeff! This set of videos, along with his others, are all super easy to follow and is a very useful course! Would highly recommend and looking forward to future lessons from Jeff and his team!
29 April 2018
I liked the delivery of the content and Sticky Steps way of explaining. Though I did find much new information in the course I could use right away. This time the course did not reasonate with me. The course level was basic.
15 April 2018
It's simple information presented easily and in a way that you know you would use it in the world. It's also presented in a way that introduces a few new ideas that aren't out of reach. They're informative but within reach. And the guys voice is super cute, love it.
22 December 2017
Too often trying to solve a problem brings us headache and we tend to postpone making any decision for fear to make the wrong one. Jeff Tan - through a 2 rather simple checklists - has made it simple for any of us to achieve our goals. Test them without fear and at all occasions. A great and simple way to develop quickly our problems solving skills in real life. My thumb up!
6 December 2017
This is a very easy-to-understand but applicable course. I think what stuck out most to me is to CLARIFY every situation. I often make decisions quickly and fearlessly, BUT I sometimes regret charging ahead and not clarifying what actually needed to be done. I like the extra resources as well. I think the exercises are good for practice and it's helpful that I can print them out or use the word docs to fill them out. I would definitely recommend this course for young professionals and will probably have some of my younger staff take this course.


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