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Complete Guide To Launching A Private Label Product With Amazon FBA | Amazon Private Label For Beginners

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What you will learn

Perform Amazon product research to select a profitable private label product

Find reputable private label manufacturers to order product inventory

Customize your private label product to stand out from the competition

Create & optimize your product listing on Amazon

Package & ship inventory to the Amazon FBA warehouse

Successfully launch a private label product to the Amazon marketplace


Are you ready to select, launch and sell your first private label product with Amazon FBA?

Welcome to the ‘Launch Your First Private Label Product | Amazon FBA’ masterclass!

This is your step-by-step guide to selecting, launching, and selling your first private label product using the Amazon FBA service. With Amazon FBA, you never have to store any product inventory, or manually ship customer orders. Simply send your product inventory to the Amazon Fulfillment warehouse, and let Amazon ship each order for you!

Whether you’re a beginner looking to launch your first private label product, or an experienced online seller that wants to expand into private label with Amazon FBA, this course will provide the information you need to achieve your goal.

Private label with Amazon FBA is an excellent business model for anyone looking to create their own brand, and start an online e-commerce business. By launching your product to the Amazon marketplace, you will instantly have access to millions of online shoppers ready to make their next purchase.

Discover How To:

  • Perform Amazon product research to select a profitable private label product.

  • Find reputable private label manufacturers to order product inventory.

  • Customize your private label product to stand out from the competition.

  • Create & optimize your product listing on Amazon.

  • Package & ship inventory to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

  • Successfully launch a private label product to the Amazon marketplace.

  • And tons more!

Become An Amazon Seller

You will be guided through the entire private label process, as you watch me launch a new private label product of my own. Having the ability to follow along as I demonstrate each step in the private label process will give you a huge advantage, and help you avoid many time (and money) wasting pitfalls & mistakes.

Perform market research to select the right product.

Selecting the right product to sell on Amazon is a huge factor in determining the success of your business. Learn how to perform product research, and what criteria to look for when choosing a profitable private label product.

Not all suppliers are created equal.

Discover the easiest methods to acquire product inventory for your Amazon FBA business. There are some excellent manufacturers out there, but also some you would not want to work with. Learn how to find reputable suppliers and manufacturers to obtain your product inventory. Use the included supplier email templates to contact and communicate with your product manufacturer.

Package & ship your inventory to the Amazon warehouse.

Shipping your inventory to the Amazon Fulfillment warehouse can be confusing for beginners. Inventory must be packed and shipped correctly to be accepted by Amazon. If not, your inventory could get rejected. Follow me through the entire packaging & shipping process to get your inventory accepted by the Amazon warehouse.

Once your inventory arrives at Amazon, it will be time to launch your product!

Launching your product can be a very exciting time! We will discuss strategies to help you have a successful product launch, and start getting your first sales on Amazon. Learn how to optimize your product listing to increase search ranking, get product reviews, how to run Amazon PPC campaigns and much more.

Action Based Modules

Don’t just follow along - take action!

This course is action based, and if perform each step, you will have a revenue generating private label product on Amazon by the end of the course. Become an Amazon seller and create a real business that you can expand, grow or even eventually sell.

Learn everything you need to launch your first private label product with Amazon FBA. Simply follow along as you watch me complete each step in the private label process, and make sure you take action!

What’s inside the course:

  • Select A Profitable Niche

  • Validate and Select a Product

  • Logo & Branding Creation

  • Finding Suppliers & Manufacturers

  • Customizing Your Product

  • Ordering Your Product Inventory

  • Packaging Your Product for the Amazon FBA Warehouse

  • Taking Product Photos

  • Setting Up Your Seller Central Account

  • Set Up Your Amazon Product Listing

  • How to Run Auto and Manual PPC Campaigns

  • Marketing Tips for Your Product

  • And Much More!

Templates & Resources:

  • Niche Selection Spreadsheet

  • Product Research & Selection Spreadsheets

  • Manufacturer Contact Templates

  • Amazon Listing HTML Template

  • Product Packaging Infographic

  • Box Labeling Infographic

  • Coupon Creation Guide

[BONUS] Get Started on Shopify

Learn how to build a Shopify store to sell private label products using Amazon FBA! As every online seller knows, it’s very important to diversify your income. This course will provide you with a step-by-step process to open up a new sales channel for your private label product with your own branded Shopify Store.

Get Started Today!

If you enroll in this course today, you will finally have the tools you need to move forward with selecting and launching your private label product. The competition on Amazon continues to grow each year, so don’t wait and get started now!

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee because we are confident in the information and value provided in this course. This option is available if you have any issues or concerns, so there is no risk to start learning today.

Enroll now and let’s get started...

See you in the course!

Jason G


Launch Your First Private Label Product | Amazon FBA
Launch Your First Private Label Product | Amazon FBA
Launch Your First Private Label Product | Amazon FBA
Launch Your First Private Label Product | Amazon FBA


Introduction to the Private Label Product Business

Introduction to Private Label & Amazon FBA

Course Agenda | What We Will Cover

Market Research | Create Your Niche List & Find Your Market

Create A Niche List (3-5 Possible Markets) | Market Research Overview

Niche Brainstorming | Finding Niche's for Your List

One of the Top Ways to Find Hot Topics People are Actually Paying For

Market Research for Dummies

How to Analyze Market Demand & Trends

Are People Talking About the Niche?

How to Analyze Search Volume for Your Selected Markets

Is the Market Active? Let's Check Facebook

Market Research Section Summary & Tasks

Market Research Section [Quiz]

Create Your Product List | Potential PL Products

Create Your Product List Introduction

Product Selection Overview

Create Your Product List (10 - 15 Possible Products) - Product Selection

Amazon Departments | Create Your Product List

What are the Top Products are People Buying?

Product List Section [Quiz]

Product Selection | Find A Winning Product to Sell

Product Selection Introduction

Product Selection & Tools Overview

Amazon Revenue Calculator - Product Research Tool

CamelCamelCamel Product Research Tool

Jungle Scout - Market Research [Paid Tool]

AMZ Seller Browser - Product Research [Free Tool]

Amazon Product Research - Select Your Private Label Product

Product Differentiation - 4 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition

Patent Research - Google Patents & USPTO

Product Research Section Summary

Product Selection Section [Quiz]

Product Preparation & Branding | Tax EIN, Barcodes and Branding

Product Preparation Overview

How to Form a Business & Get Your Tax EIN

How to Get a UPC Barcode for Your Product

Brand Names, Trademarks & Logos

Fiverr - Branding Your Product

Upwork.com - Branding Your Product

99designs.com - Branding Your Product

Branding Section Summary & Action Steps

Product Preparation & Branding [Quiz]

Finding Suppliers & Ordering Samples

Finding Product Suppliers Overview

Alibaba Overview & Getting Product Samples

Alibaba Review - Contacting Suppliers & Ordering Samples

Initial Supplier Contact Email (Template)

AliExpress Overview & Ordering Samples

Finding Other Suppliers & Manufacturers

My Product Sample [AliExpress]

Finding a Supplier Summary Action Steps

Finding a Supplier & Ordering Samples Section [Quiz]

Alibaba & AliExpress | Product Customization & Ordering Inventory

Alibaba Product Customization & Ordering Inventory Overview

Sending Designs to Supplier & Inventory Order Preparation

Order Your First Inventory Shipment from Alibaba

Email Template 001 | After Reviewing Sample [Alibaba]

Email Template 001 | Example

Email Templates 002 | Inventory Quantity [Alibaba]

Email Template 002 - Example

Email Template 003 - Example

Email Templates 004 | Inventory Inspection [Alibaba]

Email Template 004 - Example

Email Template 005 | Final Payment & Shipment [Alibaba]

Email Template 005 - Example

Ordering From AliExpress Overview & My Order

Summary Action Steps - Ordering Inventory [Alibaba]

Product Customization & Ordering Inventory Section [Quiz]

Product Customization | Packaging, Logo's and Labels

Customizing Inventory Section Overview

Poly Bag Packaging, Warning Labels & Five Star Stickers

Custom Bags & Packaging for Your Inventory

The Easiest (And Cheapest) Way to Add Your Logo To Your Packaging

Card Inserts for Your Customers

Time to Work! Putting Everything Together

Inventory Customization Overview | Summary Action Steps

Inventory Customization Section [Quiz]

Amazon Account Setup & Shipment Plan

Amazon Account Setup Overview

Choose Your Amazon Account | Individual or Professional

Add Your Product to the Amazon Catalog

Create a Shipment Plan for Your Inventory

Amazon Account Setup | Summary & Action Steps

Amazon Account Setup Section [Quiz]

Add Your SKU, Package & Ship Your Inventory to the Amazon FBA Warehouse

Inventory Shipment Overview

Add an Amazon SKU Label to Your Inventory

Inventory Packaging | Preparation for Shipment

Seal, Label & Ship Your Inventory Using Your Selected Amazon Partnered Carrier

Shipping Inventory | Summary Action Steps

Shipping Inventory Section [Quiz]

Setup Your Amazon Product Listing

Amazon Product Listing Overview

Product Photos for Your Listing | How to Take or Hire a Photographer

Remove Background From Photos - Photo Editing for Amazon

Keyword Research | Create Your Keyword List

Amazon Listing Setup | Keywords & Copy

Amazon Listing Copy & Bullet Points [Template w/ HTML]

Amazon Brand Registry | Register Your Brand

Amazon Listing Setup | Summary Action Steps

Amazon Listing Setup [Quiz]

Launching & Getting Reviews | Social Proof

Product Launch & Getting Reviews Overview

My Amazon Product Update | Reviews & BSR

The Amazon Seller App | Seller Tools

Getting Customer Reviews | Social Proof on Amazon

New Review Rules | Amazon Vine Program

How to Setup Coupon Codes for Product Promotion

How to Setup a Coupon Code Promotions on Amazon | Follow Instructions

Listing Maintenance | Adding More Inventory & Products

Product Launch & Reviews | Summary Action Steps

Amazon PPC & Product Promotions | Automatic & Manual PPC Campaigns

Amazon PPC | Campaign Overview

Auto Campaign | Create Your Amazon Auto PPC Campaign

Download & Analyze Your Amazon PPC Report Data

Manual Campaign | Use Auto Campaign Data to Create a Manual PPC Campaign

Seller University | Education for Selling on Amazon

Shopify for Private Label Products

Getting Started on Shopify | Section Overview

Add Private Label Products to Your Shopify Store

Create A Product Collection | Shopify Store

Add Google Analytics to Your Shopify Store

Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Shopify Store

Download the Shopify Mobile App

Fulfilling Customer Orders | Process Overview

Activate Amazon FBA on Your Shopify Store

Payment Processing | Shopify Store

Purchasing From Your Shopify Store | Customer Order Process

How to Fulfill Customer Orders | Manual Amazon FBA Fulfillment (Walkthrough)

Product Arrival | Shopify Order Fulfilled Using Amazon FBA

Thank You for Joining the Private Label Products | Masterclass 2017

Bonus Lecture


Bridget4 October 2020

I'm not in the US, so can't compare things on my Amazon screen. It adjusts for recognising I'm in the UK, so hard to compare like with like. And I can't download the resources!

Anton29 July 2020

the video is hardly to run well. it looks like the server has a problem which makes me cannot watch the video smoothly without delay although I have high-speed internet.

Maria2 January 2020

I have learned so much from this lesson. I am really pleased with the outcome and also his clear voice. Some of the sites he introduced were of a lot of help and also new to me. Very glad I took this course.

Joseph30 December 2019

Great course. My only regret is not having known about this course before setting up my first two Amazon products. I now realize that I was clueless and regret rushing my products thanks to watching too many would be Youtube "instructors". I'm fairly certain that I can change course now and fix my mistakes and sell more product. Many Thanks!

John11 November 2019

I really just got started so it’s a little early to say about the quality overall will give another review at the end of the course however so far I like what I’m hearing The course seems easy to follow and has a lot of tips and research ideas that I was not aware of

L21 March 2019

I like it so far and have learned a great deal of information I would not have know if I hadn't watched it. And it's interactive. I'm not just watching and learning, but I'm also taking action based on the instructor prompts.

Ricky21 December 2018

Step by step instructions. Recommended for new or planning to sell on Amazon FBA. Great informative experience. Looking forward to launch my very first PPL product. wish me luck.

Thomas27 June 2018

content is huge just having a problem with how he suggest validating a product, i've tried to contact the author but have not been able to reach him

Janet27 May 2018

The course was very informative. It contains some things that aren't included in other courses I've taken about Amazon FBA.

Narek21 March 2018

Overall great information with some great tips on third-party sources for analyses. Would have been great to have a little more details on charges and costs involved with Amazon.

Clarissa18 March 2018

Very good information. I rated a three because most of the internet web pages shown in the course, including the one shown of Jason speaking are breaking up/losing connection. So I could hardly see most of the pages. Otherwise great course!

Osama15 March 2018

this was the first lesson i bought in my life frankly valuable information thank you invite everyone to follow this lesson is useful a lot thank you again

Josefina1 January 2018

Nice! Exceptional talent for teaching this subject. Leaves nothing untouched. Very thorough, professional, and captivating. Simply outstanding, elated that I found this.

Dr.12 December 2017

Jason is very systematic and clear in each step of the process. I appreciated the hints he gave for searching for best selling items on Amazon and elsewhere. He also covers the topics of branding, using the Amazon warehouse system and the issues of manufacturing and supplying your product. Great course!

Gabby29 November 2017

I dont really like the course so far since it is not providing any step by step as they mentions on the listing....


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