Prepare for the Salesforce Certified Associate Exam

Updated August 2023! Take your Salesforce Skills to the Next Level!

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Prepare for the Salesforce Certified Associate Exam
4 hours
Nov 2023
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What you will learn

Prepare to Become a Salesforce Associate

Understand the Basics of the Salesforce Ecosystem

Learn about Salesforce Security

Learn about the Salesforce Data Model


Welcome to the Salesforce Associate Certification course! In this course, we prepare you for passing the Associate certification from Salesforce.

We cover:

  • Salesforce Ecosystem 32%

    • Including What is Salesforce, using trailhead, careers, and roles in the salesforce ecosystem

  • Navigation 28%

    • Including Personal Settings, lightning page customizations, and how to get around in salesforce

  • Data Model 25%

    • Including the full data model breakdown and security model

  • Reports and Dashboards 15%

    • Including report types, dashboard components, and subscriptions

This exam and certification is a game-changer for a salesforce career! It helps to open the door to a triumphant career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

This course is 100% in Lighting Experience and is updated all the time with each new exam release! You can also rest assured that it will also help you in learning best practices for your day-to-day as a Salesforce Associate.

You do not need any experience for this course or exam although it will help you get a greater score on the exam.

This course will take you around 4-5 hours to get through and helps you study for the exam with just the right amount of information without any fluff! 

Without further adieu, I would like to formally welcome you to this course, and let's help you get this certification!



Welcome to the Course!
Our Study Method
About Emily
About Jeremy
About the Exam
About this Course
Glossary Overview
Create a Developer Sandbox

Salesforce Ecosystem 32%

Introduction to the Salesforce Ecosystem
What is Salesforce?
What is Trailhead?
What is the Trailblazer Community
Trailhead Playgrounds
Salesforce Help
Customer 360
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Experience Cloud
Nonprofit Cloud
Commerce Cloud
Einstein Analytics
Health Cloud
Clicks vs. Code
Careers and Roles on the Salesforce Platform
Scrum and Agile Development
Salesforce Trust

Navigation 28%

Introduction to Navigation
App Launcher
App Exchange
Salesforce Setup
Personal Settings
Company Settings
Adding Users
Salesforce Global Search
Lightning Page Customization
Lightning Knowledge Setup

Data Model 25%

Introduction to Data Model
Accounts in Salesforce
Contacts in Salesforce
Opportunities in Salesforce
Cases in Salesforce
Leads in Salesforce
How everything relates to Accounts
What are Objects?
Standard vs Custom Objects
What are Fields?
Creating Custom Fields
Picklist Fields
Formula Fields
Rollup Summary Fields
Page Layouts
Record Types
How Record Types, Page Layouts, and Profiles work together
Overview of Salesforce Security
Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups
Field Level Security
Roles and Role Hierarchies
Sharing Rules
Public Groups
Manual Sharing
Sharing Sets

Reports and Dashboards 15%

Introduction to Reports and Dashboards
Quickstart Creating a Report
Report Types
Report Formats
Report Filters
Limits with Reporting
Quick Start Creating a Dashboard
Dashboard Components
Dashboard Filters and Dynamic Dashboards
Folders and Security


Thank you so much for taking this course!
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Extra: Practice Exam

Introduction to the Practice Exam
Full Length Practice Test


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June 13, 2023
Thank you so much for this course! I've previously done the Marketing Cloud Admin and Email Specialist exams and never felt prepared enough. This one I felt really confident after doing this course. Everything is so well explained and the demos really help it get into your head so it's easier to remember. A much better way of learning than the Trailhead modules, although I did do those first. Did my exam this morning and (thanks to this course) I've got an amazing pass mark! Section-Level Scoring: Salesforce Ecosystem: 84% Navigation: 81% Data Model: 100% Reports & Dashboards: 100% So thank you again for this course, I'd 100% recommend this to anyone wanting to do this exam!
May 24, 2023
The course was thorough, yet, concise! It helped me to pull together the front end and backend concepts, as a complete newbie to Salesforce! Next step is passing the Associate Exam and moving forward to the Admin Exam! Looking forward to connecting on LinkedIn!
May 17, 2023
The course is very easy to listen to and understand. I couldn't quite grasp all the concepts by just listening but practice test pointed that out and now I know what to look at more closely.
May 15, 2023
I pass my Salesforce Associate exam at the first try! I think this is a very good prep with the exactly topics that you need and with a clear and to the point explanation. I felt the mock test a little harder than the real exam so if you pass the mock test you will do great in the real exam.
May 10, 2023
This was a very detailed and well explained course for Salesforce Associate certification exam. The practice exam was very helpful and I've got my certification after going through this course. Thanks a lot!
May 6, 2023
This was a very detailed exam prep course with just the right amount of explanation of the concepts. The instructor was going a bit fast for me to be able to follow without frequently pausing the video, especially when clicking on things, but I managed to get through by just taking my time!
May 3, 2023
Being a Salesforce Administrator already, this course is just perfect to clear the Associate credential. No need to look for any other material
April 30, 2023
I wish the presenter could use clearer language and explanations instead of nuances and unclear. It's to the point that I'm using the transcription and trying to make sense out of what she's trying to say.
April 29, 2023
The content is not up to the mark, the way of teaching is very poor, and not able to explain anything in a proper manner
April 27, 2023
This is great. Emily breaks it out so nicely. I have seen some other study guides that seem a bit overwhelming. I am getting ready to take the exam and think this is going to help me a great deal.
April 7, 2023
Today I've got my certification. This was the only resource info for this milestone. The course has all the info that you requiere to get the certification. Good job friends for the course
April 7, 2023
Emily talks through some examples, but can be hard to follow without actually seeing it played out on the screen, esp if you're new to SalesForce
April 1, 2023
Great source for study! I love this course...It went right to the meat and bones of the program. Very effective!
March 29, 2023
Amazing lecturers and insights provided could go a little more in-depth on reporting module if possible as I really like to learn more there.
March 22, 2023
Passed my exam thank you for all the learning tools, the glossary and practice exam are really helpful thank you !



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