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Premiere Pro: 20+ Life-Hacks for Boosting Workflow (2021)

Learn powerful tools that will improve your editing workflow!

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Ways to Organising Workspace.

Powerful Hotkeys and Shortcuts.

How to Do Visual Effects Faster.

Small but Powerful Editing Hints.

Hidden Features Inside Premiere That Really Help.


Learn powerful tools that will boost your editing workflow!

Hi, I'm Evgeny Maximov, independent filmmaker and video editor. In this course I collected a lot of handy and powerful tools that will help you to edit faster.

I believe that proper and personalised workspace makes editing process much enjoyable and faster. This course is all about increasing speed of your editing. Do more with less time!

What you will learn?

  • How to optimise workspace, including color labels, making presets;

  • How to organise sequence building a simple, but useful structure;

  • How to use different features like extended markers, loop playback, audio gain, etc.;

  • How to use cool tools: Productions, advanced Export Settings.

Who is the audience of the course?

This course for everyone who works in Adobe Premiere Pro. These tips could be useful if you only start career of video editor or if you already have a big editing experience. Just look at the curriculum for better understanding.

What do you need for the course?

You only need installed Adobe Premiere Pro for learning - no matter Windows or Mac.

Hope you will enjoy this course. If you will have any questions during course progress, feel free to share it with me. Also you can download test footage that I'm using during this course.

Let's learn some cool stuff!


Premiere Pro: 20+ Life-Hacks for Boosting Workflow (2021)
Premiere Pro: 20+ Life-Hacks for Boosting Workflow (2021)
Premiere Pro: 20+ Life-Hacks for Boosting Workflow (2021)
Premiere Pro: 20+ Life-Hacks for Boosting Workflow (2021)



Welcome to the Course!

Download Test Footage

Optimising Your Sequence

Automatic Scale, Set to Frame Size

Show Duplicate Clips in Sequence

Ripple Delete, Close Gap

Customise Color Labels

Remove Unused Footage

Optimising Your Workspace

Customise and Save Workspace

Making Preset for Sequence

Making Preset for Effects

Customise Hotkeys, Shortcuts

Useful Features

Hide Warp Stabilizer Banner from Video

Adjustment Layer for Color Correction

Editing Master Clip

Global Effect Muting

Render Video Clips in Sequence

Best Way to Insert Clips in Final Sequence

Export Frame

Extended Markers

Loop Playback

Audio Gain and Why It's Better Than Volume Adjustment

Dive Deeper into Export Settings

How to Freeze Frame - Frame Hold

Production Feature




Арматур7 July 2021

I learnt a lot of different stuff. It's mind-blowing how much features I didn't see in front of my eyes ;D Highly recommend to anyone. Engaging teacher, clear explanations. P.S. Cat is the best companion in the course :D


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