Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Approved Course

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

By taking this course, you will learn, step by step, how to teach safe prenatal yoga classes

Learn the top 18 pregnancy friendly yoga poses

Learn the physical, mental and emotional benefits of pregnancy yoga

Learn how to make sure mum and baby are safe in a yoga class

You will have a good understanding of mums anatomy, how her body changes each trimester and how yoga can assist her

You will learn about baby's development

You will learn about the pelvic floor muscles, where they are and how to make them stronger

Learn about common issues during pregnancy, how yoga can help these issues or what poses mum needs to avoid

How to sequence a pregnancy yoga class

Pranayama, breathwork and meditation in a prenatal yoga class

Legal matters and insurance


Welcome to the Anjali Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course!

This course will teach you everything you need to know to teach safe, fun and calming pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes!

Our course is a Yoga Alliance approved continuing education course.

The Anjali Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course will cover:

  • Pregnancy yoga benefits - including the physical, mental and emotional benefits

  • Intentions - your intentions as a teacher and mums intentions in a yoga class

  • Safety - how to keep mum and baby safe in your yoga classes

  • Anatomy - we will cover the pregnant body by trimester, baby's development, the pelvic floor, common issues during pregnancy and hormones

  • Pregnancy friendly yoga poses - learn the top 25 yoga poses that are great for the pregnant woman, our exclusive yoga pose guide will include video instructions of each pose, the English and Sanskrit names, pose benefits, contraindications and steps for each pose

  • Sequencing - how to sequence a good pregnancy yoga class

  • Sample pregnancy yoga class and class theme ideas

  • Pranayama, breath work and meditation for pregnancy

  • Postnatal yoga guidelines - how to guide mum through a yoga class when she is recovering from pregnancy and birth

  • Postnatal yoga poses

  • Legal matters for prenatal and postnatal classes

You will also receive wonderful resources with this course including a printable workbook with all of the information from the course, two fully illustrated, printable yoga pose guides, one for prenatal yoga, the other for postnatal yoga detailing over 30 yoga poses and printable PDF meditation scripts to guide your students through calming, pregnancy focused meditations.

All of our resources are exclusive to Anjali Yoga!

This course will provide you with all of the skills, tools and knowledge you need to confidently and safely teach prenatal and postnatal yoga classes.


Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course
Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course
Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course
Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course





Benefits of Prenatal Yoga


Safety Basics

Anatomy for Prenatal Yoga



Mums Body - Trimesters One, Two and Three

Baby's Development

The Pelvic Floor

Common Ailments

Back Pain

Pelvic Girdle Pain


Diastasis Recti

Incompetent Cervix


Low Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

Gestational Diabetes

Oedema or Swelling

Carpel Tunnel

Leg Cramps

Sciatic Pain

Vena Cava

Teaching Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Poses


Pranayama and Breath Work


Connection to Body and Baby - A Pregnancy Focused Meditation

Zen Mama - A Pregnancy Focused Meditation

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga Guidelines

Postnatal Yoga Poses


Legal Matters

Congratulations and Your Certificate


Nikita27 August 2021

I love this course and I like the way you are teaching. Kindly send my certificate with YACEP at yogmitranikita@gmail.com

Krushna18 August 2021

Fantastic and awesome with so much simplicity and humility by respected Jessica Madam. Thank You very very much for this insightful and practical session. KCD

Christiana14 August 2021

Very organized and complete training! Looking forward for the next one! I also liked the meditation music very much!

Ilić13 August 2021

The whole course is very understadable. the course Contains a lot of interesting and significant facts.

Jennifer11 August 2021

The most beneficial things I learned from this course were: contraindications for pregnancy; poses to avoid; and its always good to brush up on meditation. One suggestion I have is make sure that the anatomical positions and actions of body parts are accurate. For example, in anjaneyasa the lower back is not in "flexion." Flexion is when you decrease the angle between joints, and in the spine we have flexion going forward i.e. a forward fold or lateral flexion i.e. a side bend. In anjaneyasana, the spine is in extension, while the pelvis is in a posterior tilt, and both terms refer to movement that goes behind the body/past the midline if we were going to split the body into two halves in the sagittal plane. When it comes down to anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, this course use some improvements. But for someone who is a beginner to all forms of yoga, its pretty good.

Manasvi3 August 2021

absolutely loved the way Jessica has explained everything in detailed. I am a yoga teacher 200hrs cant wait to teach all mommies soon.

Dr29 July 2021

I love Anjali yoga TTC course. It's beautifully designed and I love the way Jessica Fleming Communicates

Radha28 July 2021

PreNatal Teacher Training course is very informative. The details about the mother and the baby during pregnancy is very helpful to understand a mother. Prenatal and postnatal poses are very accurate. one suggestion to include loosening exercise in the beginning.

Debra27 July 2021

I have a client and she is expecting. I wanted to offer her some guidance and know this class will help know the benefits and make sure she is safe.

Jo27 July 2021

Another excellent course from Anjali. Very informative and so much content. These courses really are amazing value and have really increased my confidence as a yoga teacher.

Shreya26 July 2021

Wonderful..Content, video quality is just awsome. Please bring some more courses such as chair yoga, therapeutic yoga

Costanza18 July 2021

This is my third course with Jessica and is a confirmation of her professionalism, clarity, sweetness and humanity


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