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Based on the scenario provided, the correct solution to implement reliability and scalability in video processing workloads on AWS involves the following components and architecture:

  1. S3 as a Source of Truth: Instead of using EFS, which is block storage for use with Amazon EC2 instances, you would upload video files directly to an S3 bucket. S3 offers high durability, availability, and scalability, and is well-suited for storing large files like videos.

  2. S3 Event Notifications: Configure the S3 bucket to emit events when a new file is uploaded. This triggers a Lambda function without the need for an API Gateway, as Lambda can be invoked directly by S3.

  3. Lambda Function: The Lambda function processes the uploaded video file and stores the processed files in another S3 bucket. After processing, the Lambda function sends a message to an SQS queue with details about the video processing instructions and a link to the processed file(s).

  4. Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS): The video processing application reads messages from the SQS queue. This decouples the production of video files from their processing, ensuring that even if the processing system is temporarily overloaded, incoming video files will not be lost and can be processed later.

  5. Auto Scaling Group with SQS Queue Depth Scaling: The size of the Auto Scaling group for video processing instances can be automatically adjusted based on the depth of messages in the SQS queue. This ensures that resources are scaled up or down based on demand, optimizing costs and performance.

  6. Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS): After the video is processed and the message is sent to the SQS queue, an SNS topic can be notified to send an in-app notification to the user that the processing is complete and the video is ready for use or distribution.

  7. Practice Exams and Learning Resources: As mentioned in the instructor's introduction, practice exams with detailed explanations are crucial for preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam. These resources can help you understand the architecture and design patterns that best solve the problem at hand.

By using these AWS services, you can build a robust, scalable, and cost-effective video processing system that is capable of handling high volumes of video uploads and ensuring that all processes are reliable and fault-tolerant.

Our review

Based on the feedback provided, it's clear that the practice exams offered by the courses for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional are a valuable resource for preparation, despite some variations between the practice questions and the actual exam questions. Here are some key takeaways from the feedback:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The practice exams cover a wide range of topics and help candidates understand the depth of services they need to know, which is essential for the real exam.

  2. Exam Style and Approach: The style and format of the practice questions are quite similar to the actual exam, which helps candidates prepare for the level and type of questions they will encounter.

  3. Identifying Knowledge Gaps: Candidates who took the time to review all questions, understand the concepts deeply, and correct misconceptions found in their practice exams were more likely to pass the actual exam.

  4. Importance of Real Experience: Some candidates emphasized that while practice exams are helpful, hands-on experience with AWS services is crucial for understanding the practical applications and nuances that may be tested in the actual exam.

  5. Differences in Exam Content: There were mentions of specific AWS services like IoT, which were not heavily covered in the practice tests but appeared on the actual exam. This highlights the importance of having a broad understanding of AWS offerings.

  6. Efficacy in Preparation: The courses and practice exams, particularly those by Neal Devis and Stephane Maric, were effective tools for preparation, as evidenced by several candidates who passed the exam on their first or subsequent attempts after overcoming initial setbacks.

  7. Value of Detailed Explanations: Candidates appreciated the detailed explanations provided for each answer in the practice tests, which helped them not only to understand why an answer was correct or incorrect but also to improve their learning process.

  8. Encouragement for Persistence: The difficulty of the practice exams initially serving as a motivator for some candidates to study more and ultimately succeed in the actual exam underscores the importance of persistence and dedication to learning.

In summary, the practice exams are a solid study tool for preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam. They help candidates gauge their knowledge level and identify areas that require more attention. However, it's important to complement these practice tests with hands-on experience and a deep dive into all AWS services covered by the exam blueprint to ensure comprehensive preparedness. The detailed explanations provided in the practice tests are particularly beneficial for understanding the concepts at a deeper level.



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