Practical Web Development with Docker, Django, Nginx, Redis

Learn how it all fits together!

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May 2021

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What you will learn

This course will show you how the latest technologies in web development fit together and how to apply them in web applications.

We will start by setting up our development environment with Python, PyCharm, Docker and Anaconda, then we will containerize and deploy our application.

We will test its performance and limitations and we will improve our microservice architecture with Redis for caching, Gunicorn as our deployment server, and Nginx as our load balancer.

Our goal, by the end of this course is to help you understand how these technologies work together so you can confidently go on designing and building awesome web applications.


Have you found yourself, after having learned about Docker / Django / Redis / Nginx / etc., not fully understanding how to put them into practice and how to best make use of your knowledge and hardware resources to deliver a high-performance web application?

Many of our students have experienced the same thing, so we decided to cover this topic with a hands-on course on the subject.

We structured this course based on real-world applications that we have deployed and are successfully running in production.

This course will take you through:

  • Setting up your development environment;

  • Configuring and deploying a Django web application with Docker;

  • Designing the micro-service architecture;

  • Assessing a web app's performance;

  • Improving performance by using modern technologies like: Nginx, Gunicorn, Redis.

Docker and Redis can work wonders on your web app's response time and scalability.
This course will show you how to harness the power of the latest technologies to make the best of your web app.

Join us in this hands-on course that will teach you how to improve the response time of your website and be ready to scale it as it grows.

This course will teach you how to create fast and scalable web applications from the start, how to build the correct architecture and how to adapt your existing web applications for a better performance.

So let's get started!


Practical Web Development with Docker, Django, Nginx, Redis
Practical Web Development with Docker, Django, Nginx, Redis
Practical Web Development with Docker, Django, Nginx, Redis
Practical Web Development with Docker, Django, Nginx, Redis


Course Introduction

Course Introduction

Environment Setup

Installing Anaconda

Installing PyCharm

Installing Docker

Configuring PyCharm with Anaconda

Containerization and Deployment

Web Application using Microservices - Containerize and Unify Deployment

Starting Our Web App with Docker Containers

Creating our Load Tester with Docker

Adding a Load Balancer - Nginx and Gunicorn

Optimizing the Performance

Testing the Performance

Adding Caching with Redis

Simulate Intense Calculations

Improving Performance by Scaling Horizontally

Optimizing the Load Balancer


mohamed7 July 2021

very useful course i would like to last more than this with some use cases like java scripts framework integration using docker containers but i wish to be considered later thanks transylvanian

Mary18 June 2021

Easy to follow and straight to the point. Instead of hours off blabber, you get all the necessary information in a clear and concise way, so you can implement it straight away.

Spring18 June 2021

The teacher is really good at explaining complex concepts in simple and practical terms, capturing your attention and also providing an overall view of the architecture.

Ovidiu12 June 2021

The instructor is very friendly and the course is easy to follow along. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to learn about Docker containers quickly.

Sandy8 June 2021

Step-by-step instructions from env setup to tweaking performance and security. The architecture overview was very helpful to understand why and how everything fits together.

Ioana8 June 2021

I used this course to optimize my website and 10x my response time, without spending a fortune on cloud resources. I was pleasantly surprised of how easy and painless it was. Very satisfied!

Mpho5 June 2021

Wow, using python as a microservice app was explaned in detail. The challenge that one can experience and their solution was provided with real docker demo that i can do.

Cristina25 May 2021

As a beginner, I really appreciate it when the explanations are clear, technical but not to an extent to which I can't follow through. The pace of the video lessons is just right and I can't wait to learn more!

Duicu25 May 2021

Easy to follow, good explanations with visual support. Good understanding of architectural overview. Pleasent voice.

Andrei24 May 2021

Easy to understand if you have some basic knowledge, i like that the lectures are broken into small parts so you can stay focused and not lose interest. Looking forward to your next course!

Emanuel24 May 2021

Finally, a course that teaches you how to put concepts into practice and how to set them up together with hands-on examples and clear instructions. Prior knowledge of the technologies used is useful but not necessary, as the course goes over all the steps, from installing to management. Other courses might cover these concepts and technologies by themselves, but this one gave me a better understanding of how to link them together and how to use this stack for deploying a real world scalable application. Wholeheartedly recommend it!

Andrew23 May 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this course because it was: - concise and to the point - well explained and organised - with lots of practical examples - easy to translate into my day to day job - fastpaced.

Oana23 May 2021

The instructor keeps a steady pace so you don’t get bored. Each video is nicely balanced between theory and practical steps. Would have liked to learn more about automating the Docker deployment.

Isabela23 May 2021

Excellent course, very well explained and very practical. The content is well organized to cover all the topics and especially how they work together in a real-life situation.


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