Learn HTML by Creating Web Pages in 85 Minutes

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Learn HTML by Creating Web Pages in 85 Minutes
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Oct 2023
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What you will learn

You will be confident on how web pages work together

You will understand how things are being used in HTML

You will realize that you need about 20% HTML knowledge to create 80% of your website pages

You can better understand whether you should continue learning more in web development or not

Why take this course?

Embark on an exciting journey to create your own web pages in just 85 minutes with our dynamic course, "Learn HTML by Creating Web Pages" This beginner-friendly crash course is designed to equip you with practical HTML skills without any prior coding experience.

Course Highlights:

  • Hands-on Learning: Dive right into coding as you build web pages from scratch, gaining valuable experience along the way.

  • Step-by-step Guidance: My easy-to-follow video lessons ensure a seamless and engaging learning process.

  • Master HTML Fundamentals: Understand the core concepts of HTML, including syntax, tags, and attributes, to structure your content effectively.

  • Enhance Web Pages: Learn to incorporate links, images, and videos, and explore the basics of CSS styling to create polished designs.

Why Enroll in My Course:

  • Empowerment in Web Development: Whether you're a marketer, graphic designer, writer, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or hobbyist, learning HTML will unlock new possibilities and save time in your projects.

  • Foundation of the Web: HTML, the backbone of every website, will provide you with a solid understanding of web page creation and functionality.

  • Focus on Essentials: I concentrate on teaching you the 20% core essentials that make a significant difference in comprehending other web-based programming languages like JavaScript and PHP.

  • Independence and Efficiency: Gain the confidence to create and manage web pages on your own, reducing dependence on design teams or freelancers.

Student Testimonials:

  • "Thanks for giving me the basic structure of HTML! It cleared my doubts regarding html." - Muthamizh

  • "It was great, and the tutor simplified the process, making it easier for me to learn. Thank you." - Ipnx

  • "This course is just awesome to start as a beginner. I definitely recommend taking it first." - Jegadeeswara

  • "I love every section of the tutorial thank you." - Adejumo

  • "This is an awesome course by Zeeshan Sir. He explained all the basic and necessary elements, tags, and their uses in a great way." - Harshit

Are You Ready to Create Your First Web Pages? Enroll today in "Learn HTML by Creating Web Pages in 85 Minutes" and unleash your creativity! With this course, you'll master the essentials of HTML, opening doors to exciting possibilities in web development. Don't miss this chance to bring your ideas to life. Start your 85-minute adventure now!


Day 1: HTML Website Development

What Will You Learn?
Install and Setup Basic Tools
HTML Quick Start with a Simple Page
Create a Blueprint Template
Create Website Pages
Create Blog Page
Create Gallery Page
Create Data Report Page
Create Resources Page
Create Application Form
Create Contact Form + Enhance Application Form
Add Google Map on Your Contact Page
Test Your Knowledge :)
Bonus Lecture: Beginner Full Stack Web Development in 10 Days
Further Reading or Reference Study
Download Source Files (Static HTML Website)
How to Get Your Certificate (Added: July 23, 2019)


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Our review

--- **Overview of Course "How to Create a Web Page"** Global course rating: **4.30** This course has garnered high praise from recent reviewers, with a majority expressing satisfaction and gratitude for the quality of instruction and content provided. Below, we'll delve into the various aspects that make this course stand out, followed by areas where there is room for improvement. --- **Pros of the Course:** - **Comprehensive Learning:** Reviewers who are studying as Mechanical Engineers and those seeking a career change in web development both found the course highly useful, indicating that it covers the basics well and is suitable for beginners. - **Effective Teaching Style:** Zeeshan, the instructor, has been commended for his teaching approach, which has been described as clear, comprehensive, and catering to the needs of beginners. - **Real Application:** The course is practical, with learners being able to build something from scratch without spending excessive time on software setup. - **Clarity in Instruction:** The instructor's ability to explain concepts in detail has been highlighted as a significant strength, with many appreciating the step-by-step approach. - **Free Access:** The course is offered for free, providing learners with an opportunity to explore web development without financial commitment. - **Beginner Friendly:** The course has been recommended for individuals entering the world of web development, offering a solid foundation in HTML and related topics. - **Engaging Content:** Learners appreciate the hands-on experience and the logical, practice-based approach of the course. - **Positive Impact:** There are numerous testimonials indicating that this course has significantly improved learners' understanding of HTML and web creation, boosting their confidence in pursuing further learning. --- **Cons of the Course:** - **Pacing Concerns:** Some reviewers felt that the instructor moves too fast, making it challenging to follow along, especially for those who are not as familiar with the content. - **Quality Issues:** A few users reported difficulty in understanding the video content due to poor video quality, which sometimes affected the clarity of the instructor's voice and instructions. - **Desire for More Complex Content:** One reviewer expressed a desire for more advanced content beyond what was covered in the free course, indicating that while the basics were well-taught, some learners are ready to move on to more complex topics. - **Accessibility Concerns:** The blurry video quality and fast pacing could be barriers for those who rely heavily on visual learning or who need to pause and absorb information at a slower pace. --- **Additional Feedback and Suggestions:** - Several learners expressed their appreciation for the free course and inquired about obtaining a certificate upon completion, suggesting that a certificate feature could add value to the course. - Some users suggested improvements in video clarity and pacing to ensure that all learners can benefit fully from the instruction. - Learners have requested more content on specific tools and advanced HTML techniques, indicating a demand for a follow-up course that builds upon this foundational knowledge. --- **Conclusion:** Overall, the "How to Create a Web Page" course has received overwhelming positive feedback for its effectiveness in teaching beginners HTML and web development basics. While there are some areas that need improvement, such as video quality and pacing, the course's strengths far outweigh these concerns. The instructor's clear explanations, practical approach, and beginner-friendly content have made this course a valuable resource for those looking to start their journey in web development. With the potential for a follow-up course on more complex topics and a certificate for completion, this course has the makings of an excellent educational program for aspiring web developers.



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