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Practical Git: for Absolute Beginners

Learn all important basic Git features in practice only in 2 hours

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Basics of Git in a simple words

Understanding of version control systems

Practical experience with Git from the very first lectures

Git setup and configuration

Git repository essentials

How to manage changes in files

Most used commands in git such as git add, git commit, git push and more

Integrating file changes

Exploring history log

Branches and team work

Merge vs. Rebase: what to use?

What is merge conflict and how to solve it

How to create pull request on GitHub


Explore Git on practice in under 2 hours! Gain hands-on experience already from the first lectures!

This course is designed for students who never worked with Git. We will focus on Git basics from the very beginning and discover how to apply them. The course contains theoretical lectures followed by practical lessons.

Every practical lesson shows the application material from the respective theory. Students have an opportunity to explore Git and gain practical knowledge in less than 2 hours.

The course will teach you how to start applying Git from day 1 in a practical manner. The main accent is to familiarize with Git faster and try it out.

The following topics will be covered

  • installation and setup;

  • explanation of what is Git repository;

  • how to copy the repository to your computer;

  • what is the difference between local and remote repository;

  • lifecycle of changes in files;

  • how to view modifications in files and revert them;

  • common Git commands for saving and propagating modifications such as commit and push;

  • using history log;

  • downloading changes with the Git pull command;

  • what is a Git branch;

  • effective teamwork in examples with many branches;

  • merge and rebase: when to use?

  • conflicts and files and how to resolve them;

  • pull request and its benefits;

At the end of this course, students will get all the necessary knowledge about Git and will be able to perform the basic git operations confidently. This course is mainly for beginners in the software development industry and everybody who is curious about git.

Git is being used by a significant number of companies. Don't miss your chance and join this course!

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Practical Git: for Absolute Beginners
Practical Git: for Absolute Beginners
Practical Git: for Absolute Beginners
Practical Git: for Absolute Beginners




Course Expectations

What is Git?



How to Work with Terminal

Git Basics

Repository Theory

Repository - Hands-on

Changes Lifecycle

Changes Lifecycle - Hands-on (Part 1)

Changes Lifecycle - Hands-on (Part 2)

Git Commit

Git Commit - Hands-on

Git Basics - Quiz

Work with a Remote Repository

Git Push

Git Push - Hands-on

Git Pull

Git Pull - Hands-on

Work with a Remote Repository - Quiz

Team Work with Git

Git Branch

Git Branch - Hands-on

Git Checkout - Hands-on

Git Merge

Git Merge - Hands-on

Git Rebase

Git Rebase - Hands-on


Conflicts - Hands-on

Pull Request

Pull Request - Hands-on

Team Work with Git - Quiz

Congratulations - Practical Git: for Absolute Beginners

Congratulations - Practical Git: for Absolute Beginners


Svetlozar2 February 2021

Short, to-the-point explanations, visualised well, and presenting all the important fundamental topics.

Christian28 January 2021

Thanks for creating this course. It's a good starting point for the practical day-to-day work with git.

Denys27 January 2021

In the last lectures, it was difficult to understand what was happening in practice video without the diagrams like those from the theoretical ones and sometimes I lacked explanations of used Linux commands.

Alessandro25 January 2021

Very good course on the basics of Git, the explanations are super clear and there is no waste of time

Gokhan25 January 2021

Found this course right on the time I wanted to start with Git. And it was a good decision. I have checked some other platforms/courses to learn Git. Comparing to all this was the most beginner friendly one. I def recommend this course.

Anton24 January 2021

A great course to refresh existing knowledge and absolutely essential for beginners! From a pedagogical point of view, one of the best courses I've seen on Udemy!

Julia23 December 2020

Dmytro is a very good instructor, providing explanations at an appropriate pace and in a clear manner. I was able to follow the course very well despite having no prior background knowledge. Based on the course, I feel comfortable to start working with Git.

Andrii21 December 2020

This is a great course to start with Git from scratch. All essentials are included giving a possibility to learn quickly this version control system and be efficient in the collaborative software development projects.

Marion21 December 2020

As a non-technical person, I still thought this course was a good time investment to get many basic technical knowledge. The size of the lecture and the pace of the lecturer make it a nice learning experience. Thank you !

Kateryna21 December 2020

Amazing course! The author explained the material in a very accessible way. I would definitely recommend this course

Valerie7 December 2020

Dmytro explains Git very well! This course helped me a lot to understand how to work with git, because I never worked with it in the past. I would recommend that course.

Alexander7 December 2020

This course is a very good start in this topic and gives a developer an important skill in its everyday work. Really helpful. Thanks

Anastasia7 December 2020

The course is great! Dmytro explains everything step by step, from simple concepts to more complex ones. It's really easy to follow and nicely broken down. I'm really enjoying it!

Oleksandr6 December 2020

This course is quite helpful in refreshing existed knowledge, as well as for acquiring the new one. Presented materials are fresh, relevant and understandable enough. Although this course seems to be ideal for beginners, some experience with working in Linux/Mac terminal is a must. Good luck in your studying!

Angelina6 December 2020

This is a well-structured course aimed to give practical Git skills for beginners. I highly recommend everyone to take it not only for learning Git from scratch but also for refreshing own knowledge and filling the gaps. Thank you, Dmytro!


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