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Practical E-Commerce App Programming

Create shopping apps using Ionic 4/5, React Native, XCode and Android Studio


11 hours


Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Learn about E-Commerce Mobile App technologies with practical examples and information.


E-Commerce has been one of the fastest growing retail service area in recent years. In 2017 alone, global e-commerce transactions generated $29.267 Trillion, more than the GDP of any country in the world. With COVID-19 and global lockdown, most companies are moving their sales operations from brick-mortar to E-Commerce. Combining with fast growing mobile market, any mobile app programmer will have tremendous employment opportunities in E-Commerce field.

In this Practical E-Commerce App Programming, necessary basic information about shopping app programming and their usage areas are explained with examples. Purpose of this course is:

• To give fundamental information about Shopping carts, mobile apps and related E-Commerce technologies.

• We will use OpenCart as the open source shopping solution.

• To give background on shopping apps, teach how shopping app is created in Ionic, React Native, XCode and Android Studio

• Show how shopping app communicates with shopping cart website using REST API using PHP, MySQL.

• With several sample programs and projects, prepare you to E-Commerce app programmer

• Introducing a new type of distance education, combined with knowledge and experience.

Target Participants: Newly graduated university students, high school students, administrators, entrepreneurs, anyone who wants to improve themselves.

Here are the contents of our Practical E-Commerce App Programming course:

  1. Introduction

  2. Shopping Cart Technologies

    • Market, Recent technologies, OpenCart

  3. Shopping Apps

    • Mobile App types, native vs hybrid mobile app frameworks

  4. Mobile App Programming

    • Android, iOS Examples

    • RESTful API Programming using PHP and MySQL

  5. Making RESTful API for OpenCart using PHP and MySQL

  6. Building Shopping App in Ionic 4/5, React Native, Xcode and Android

    1. Learning Cool UIs, multilanguage functionalities and user-friendly features.

    2. Testing your shopping app in emulators, physical phone and Expo.

  7. Shopping App and Security

  8. Publishing Shopping App in App Store and Play Store

  9. Next steps

We are looking forward to be working with you to create best E-Commerce mobile app programming experience for your needs.

Once you register to our course, we will provide you all source codes. When you complete this course, you will receive a certificate from Udemy.


Practical E-Commerce App Programming
Practical E-Commerce App Programming
Practical E-Commerce App Programming
Practical E-Commerce App Programming




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Shopping Carts

Shopping Cart - Introduction

Installing OpenCart to Web Server

Installing OpenCart to Web Server- Final

Installing OpenCart to Local Server, Installing XAMPP

Running XAMPP, Creating Database for OpenCart

Installing OpenCart to Local Server - Final

Shopping Apps

Mobile Apps

Installing Node.js, Ionic, Creating Blank Ionic App

Adding Ionic Pages, Menu Items, Links

Adding Ion Cards, Styling

Adding Ion Slides, Product Information

Shopping App Compiling

Ionic App Compiling in Android

Ionic App Testing in Android

Ionic Compiling in iOS

RESTful API How to Create

RESTful API Introduction

Restful API Example

Restful API OpenCart - Products List

Creating Shopping App

Resful API Implement to Ionic App

Adding Product Images using Inner Join in SQL

Adding Product Price, Creating Add to Cart Button

Adding Cart Page, Ionic Storage

Creating Cart for Storage

Creating Cart Page and Shopping Cart

Grouping Products in Shopping Cart and Displaying

Cart Buttons, Adding UI Effects with CSS

Version Control and Comparing Codes

Increasing Product Quantities in Cart

Decreasing Product Quantities in Cart

Adding Global Values, Totals

Updating Cart Elements after Page Reloads

Adding Checkout, Login, Register, OrderPlaced Pages

Checking if Customer is Logged in

Creating Global Parameter to check if customer is logged in

Creating Login Page

Creating Login Function, Global Error Messages

Creating Login Rest API

Finishing Login Rest API and Testing

Creating Login Function in Ionic/Angular

Creating Session ID to Customer Info Rest API

Finishing Session ID to Customer Info API and Implementing to App

Creating Checkout Page

Adding Shipping and Payment Options to Checkout Page

Creating Checkout Form Data for Place Order

Finishing Checkout Form Data, Testing

Preparing Checkout Order Data for REST API

Creating PlaceOrder Rest API

Finishing PlaceOrder API

Creating PlaceOrder App API

Creating Order Placed Confirmation Page

Finishing Order Placed Confirmation Page

Shopping App and Security

Shopping App and Security - Best Practices

Useful Information for App Developers

Backing Up App Versions and Using Winmerge to Compare App Code Versions

Using Debugging Feature to check value types from REST api

Next Steps

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