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Develop A Pizza Delivery App With Django 3.1(Latest)

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Oct 2020

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create read update delete operations

Object Relational Mapping With Database


Message requests

Django Inbuilt Libraries

security measures


Hi ! i'm a freelancer from India

you might have subscribed to online courses earlier which mess up with lot of boring theory explanations,

and this course is completely different.we will learn the amazing framework(django) practically, it just turns your idea into a startup

django is a kind of framework, where we can do the same thing in different ways, so as per my freelancing experience i will choose only one way to do a particular task. so in this course i will be explaining you my best practices that i do instead of explaining all the possible ways .this is the reason i reduced this course from 24 hours to nearly 4 hours removing all unnecessary stuff, this is just to make you learn quicker.

everything is explained in simple English, instead of using Hi-Fi vocabulary and technical terms. so that it will be completely beginner friendly.


Develop A Pizza Delivery App With Django 3.1(Latest)
Develop A Pizza Delivery App With Django 3.1(Latest)
Develop A Pizza Delivery App With Django 3.1(Latest)
Develop A Pizza Delivery App With Django 3.1(Latest)



intro and project setup

lets welcome the world

passing python variables into a template

counter app - tiny project(introduction to database)

your first project

CRUD operations with todo app


create and read operations

delete operation

update operation

id's doesn't matter to users

Pizza Delivery Project

lets birdwatch the project

creating a super user

designing the admin login page

messages concept

logout feature

creating pizza's

deleting pizza's

customer homepage

what actually the static folder is

let the customer create their account

customer authentication

displaying pizzas for customer

placing orders

security measure

modifying number input

myorders section for customer

order management section for admin


Vivek29 April 2021

The course was great but some things could be improved: 1. Please add database connection part in more detail 2. Add subtitles to the course if possible Rest everything was great and I am satisfied. Keep up the good work and Thanks.

JRY2 November 2020

Your student will not allow be follow your speed, the file jumping here and there. Your voice is unclear.

Alla5 September 2020

neat and clean course straight to the point.such a wonderful instructor he rectified errors in my code too

Akshay31 August 2020

This course is project based and at the end I understand about django and also done a small project following this course .and I really like project based course

Simo25 August 2020

From all the courses I picked this to learn latest django. I still feel good about it. Of course the docker and test driven one for rest would be nice but I wanted to learn more the mvc side now.

M28 July 2020

Explanation is very understanding, but the admin for user management should have been included and also in the database few different data type should have been dealt with where in this we are only working on CharField type. If all of this is included I would have rated it five.

Santosh17 July 2020

You can go if you want to have some practical experience on Djnago flow. However as he mentioned, you should have a bit django knowledge before you take this course as he may not explain everything. Im happy with course.

Gaurav2 July 2020

Initially I don't have the basic knowledge about django but after watching this video series I'm feeling confident and I can also make a website's backend. Thanks for this:-)

Jigar10 June 2020

Perfect course to create your web app fast. Awesome tutorial. Not only django but you also get to learn web page designing with html and css during pizza app development.

Reddy9 June 2020

I got what I thought.But for me it is a little bit fast for learning. But I need to catch up. Thank you!

Timofei8 June 2020

The tutor really cares about students and can answer any question you have! The projects covered in the course will lead you to understand how Django works and will help with your following projects. I was pleased to know the author covered the question about security as well.

Unnati8 June 2020

The course was started from the basics concept it was very useful for me I got to learn many new things and it was very knowledgeable course.

Swetang5 June 2020

Course flow is good. Instructor explains the small concepts before using them. Another good thing is that he debugs the errors on screen. This will help starters in debugging. Excellent course for beginner level.

Ramyabojja24 May 2020

i dont have even a basic knowledge about django, now i made 3 web apps within 4 hours, yay! ... Pavan is the best instructor ever

Jagadish24 May 2020

i have enrolled to a couple of Django courses already and ended up with learning nothing. this course is completely different , started with basics and ended up with a very interesting pizza delivery project.


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