Powerful (management) Coaching questions explained

Top 20 questions for Self-coaching, Executive, Entrepreneurial or Leadership coaching

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What you will learn

How to inspire leaders to become the best version of themselves;

Learn questions to help you discuss different topics relevant for Executives like: Goals; Strategy; How to lead; Mindset; etc.

Learn questions that are bold, thought-provoking, focused on clarifying distinctions and similar.

Become a "trusted advisor" to business leaders.


As you have noticed – coaching industry is booming and evolving very fast, and probably this is the reason why you are attracted here – with a hope to learn how to distinguish yourself.

To answer that challenge – we have created a short, specific free material – to serve you as an “add-on” to your existing coaching arsenal.

As you probably know – coaching is a dialog – however, instead of focusing on giving answers and “just talking”, there is a huge power in asking questions as an approach. For example – questions force us to think, to create answers we believe in and motivate us to act accordingly. And, here we don’t think on asking just a generic questions like:

- What is your goal?

- What stands on your way?

- What options or alternatives do you have?

- What else?

- Which one would you like to pursue?

- How committed you are? Etc.

Although these are great questions – you cannot ask them session after session – simply, in that case you are no longer needed. As we believe, successful management coaching nowadays requires process that facilitate human change, and it’s based on:

- Well-designed curriculum and

- Outcomes;

At the heart of the process, coaches insert a sort of a “powerful” questions – those that serve them to “move the needle”, or to help a client to get an insight, or to see his “topic” from a new perspective. That is why “powerful” questions are bold, thought-provoking, focused on clarifying distinctions and similar.

Here, you will find 20 questions explained, targeting different topics relevant for Executives like:

- Goals;

- Strategy;

- How to lead;

- Mindset; etc.

Hopefully, those will serve you well – just “save” them and use them when you need it!



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How would you describe a next version of yourself as an Executive?
What Strategic Uncertainties keep you awake at night?
How do you generate a “Creative Tension”?
What are you willing to struggle for?
What if a “big shark” took your job? What he would do differently?
How or where do you set your strategic boundaries with people?
How do you approach strategy? What's your style?
Who do you serve primary – shareholders, customers or employees?
How do you know if you measure what really matters?
How Committed are your Employees to help each other?
Are you running the company, or you are leading it?
Let’s not talk about the problem – but why the problem hasn’t been solved yet!
Who dominates in your team - Participants or Contributors? Why?
Your member left you - what percentage of that departure are you willing to own?
What would have made this year so awesome for you and your team?
What would mean for you to get your company in shape, or in a top-form?
What does success feel like for you?
How to up your game when you already play it big?
Transformation from the top? How about engagement on the ground?
When my business works…list



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