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PowerDirector 15 - Video Editing for PC Users

Learn how to edit professional videos on a Windows PC with this Cyberlink PowerDirector video tutorial course.

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Edit videos the way you imagine!

Use all the BRAND NEW features of PowerDirector 15 including 360° video editing.

Improve your videos with blend modes, masks, and the action camera center.

Add titles and animated graphics to your video.

Export your high quality video for any device.


Start editing your own videos with the best Windows/PC video editing software out there - PowerDirector.

If you're looking for a Windows-based video editing application that will allow you to edit professional quality videos, Cyberlink's PowerDirector is a great tool. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started editing.

Course Updated with New PowerDirector 15 Features!

  • Edit and produce 360° videos 
  • Create stunning action videos with the Action Camera Center
  • Design custom masks with the Mask Designer
  • Use blend modes and blending effects
  • Import, edit, and produce vertical smartphone and mobile videos

Make videos the way you envision them! If you want to make videos with great titles, music, effects, and overall quality, this is the course for you.

Here are the main topics of this course:

  • Using easy editing and slideshow creator to make videos in less than 10 minutes
  • Importing footage from any camera
  • Understanding the program layout and tools
  • Editing together a sequence and adding transitions
  • Improving your video with graphics, music, and titles
  • Producing (exporting) your video in HD quality for any device
  • Creating advanced slow-motion, stabilized, color-corrected videos
  • much more!

Why is this the course that will make you successful?

Taking online courses isn't easy. It takes work and action. This course will help you succeed with concrete practice lessons. We'll walk you through each exercise. By the end of the course, you'll have a fully edited video montage that you can share with the world.

Color Director Lessons 

There is a section on color correcting with Color Director. If you don't have Color Director, that's totally okay - because you'll learn how to do color correction in PowerDirector. But for those of you who have Color Director, this is a great bonus.

Who teaches this course?

Phil Ebiner is a professional video editor who has edited over 1,000 videos in the past 3 years for amazing companies. His videos have shown at film festivals, in movie theaters, on television, and on popular websites. Phil strives to teach students not only the technical skills of a video editor with this course, but also the philosophy of video editing. You'll love learning from Phil like thousands of other Udemy students.

Are you ready to edit professional-looking videos?

With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!




PowerDirector 15 - Video Editing for PC Users
PowerDirector 15 - Video Editing for PC Users
PowerDirector 15 - Video Editing for PC Users
PowerDirector 15 - Video Editing for PC Users


Welcome and What's New in PowerDirector 15

Welcome and Course Overview

Download the Course Project Files

Download the PowerDirector User Guide

360° Video Editing

Introduction to 360°

Previewing and Editing 360° Video

Adding Text to 360° Video

TrueTheater Enhancements - Color Correction and Style Presets for 360° Video

Adding PiP Objects to 360° Video

Adding Effects to 360° Video

Using 360° Footage in a Non-360° Sequence

Tip - Switching from Regular to 360° Sequences

Producing a 360° Video and Uploading Online

More PowerDirector 15 Features - Blending Effects and the Mask Designer

How to use Blending Effects

Combining Videos using Blend Modes

How to use the Mask Designer

Action Camera Center

How to Edit Vertical Video from Your Phone

Importing & Using the Easy Editing Modes

Section Intro

How to Import Videos and Photos from an iPhone

How to Import Videos and Photos from a Camera

Quick Tips for Better Video

Using the Easy Editor

Using the Slideshow Creator

Exercise: Create a Travel Video Montage with the Easy Editor

Exercise Walkthrough

Video Editing with the Full Feature Editor

Section Intro

Overview of PowerDirector's Layout

Import Your Media into the Media Room

The Timeline Interface

Making Cuts - How to Put Together a Video Sequence

How to Add Transitions Between Video Clips

Screen Recording with PowerDirector

Exercise: Create a Travel Video Montage with the Full Feature Editor

Exercise Walkthrough

Improving Your Video

Section Intro

How to Add Titles

How to Add a PiP Object

How to Add Video Effects

How to Add Background Music

How to Download Templates from DirectorZone

How to Zoom and Crop a Video

How to Split Audio and Video Tracks

Exercise: Add Music and Titles to Your Travel Montage

Exercise Walkthrough

Producing Your Video (i.e. Exporting)

Section Intro

How to Produce a Video File

Producing for iPhone, Playstation, and Xbox

Producing and Publishing to YouTube

How to Burn a DVD Movie Disc with PowerDirector

Exercise: Produce and Publish Your Video to YouTube

My Sample Montage

Advanced Video Editing

Section Intro

How to Blur Out a Specific Part of Your Video

Adding Blur to a Moving Object - Like a Face

Using the Multicam Editor

Adding Video Stabilization

Using Smooth Slow-Motion

Chroma Keying (Green Screen Editing) in PowerDirector

Motion Tracking in PowerDirector

Exercise: Improve Your Montage with some Advanced Techniques

Exercise Walkthrough

Editing Audio

How to Sync Audio in PowerDirector

Removing Bad Audio in PowerDirector (Hiss Removal Tool)

Round Trip Editing with AudioDirector

Using the Vocal Transformer Tool

Color Correction and Grading

Color Correction in PowerDirector

Color Grading in PowerDirector - Giving Your Video a Feeling

Round Trip Editing with ColorDirector

Adjusting Colors in ColorDirector

Adding a Gradient Mask in ColorDirector

Adding a Motion Tracked Mask in ColorDirector

The Pleasantville Effect

Split Toning

Course Wrap Up

Course Conclusion


Louw23 July 2020

Good course for beginners. I was expecting to learn some new stuff, or ways to make nice looking (travel) videos, but it's basically just the posibilites of PowerDirectors (nothing wrong with that).

Malcolm10 April 2020

Great course for me. I am very weak in the production end and this course is giving me a great foundation to build on.

Ken29 March 2020

Good introduction to Power Director. The nstructor did a nice job of covering the basics in easy to follow steps. The course is a bit dated now that Power Director 18 is out, but I'm expecting a lot will carry over to the latest version.

Mike21 March 2020

Great course. Phil does a great job of explaining the concepts for editing videos with this software. Took me from novice to being very comfortable with editing my videos. Got me up to speed very quickly.

Tim8 January 2020

Poor / Average. Could be better. 1. The course starts to teach on advanced subjects (like 360 degrees Video Editing) without explanation first the basics. 2. Lesson 21 (Quick Tips for better Video) Very poor and too little. 3. Too little examples how to use titles, like moving title, title with background (like on the news or in the course itself). 4. Not enough attention and examples for how working with DirectZone. 5. How to create lines, arrows or other objects, for example in order to point out something in the clip. 6. How to copy edited material from one timeline in PowerDirector to be uses in other timeline in other work file? 7. What about markers to place on the timeline to jump immediately to the spot marked. 8. I could not find anywhere in the course how to contact for assistance. The instructor just says to post, ask questions, feedbacks but never provide his contact details. 9. Must say, great, clear and pleasant voice and explanation.

Daniel4 January 2020

Lots of great information without getting so far into the weeds that it was incomprehensible! Excellent overview that applies to multiple versions of PowerDirector.

Judy5 September 2019

This course is a terrible course for a true novice as he goes too fast and expects that the learner has basic knowledge of Power Director. A total waste of time.

Christine13 August 2019

I knew some. I probably need an intermediate course. Plus, I use a lot of photos along with videos. I would love some training on how to use both.

Shane11 August 2019

This course was decently informative. I think it's structured a little wrong. This could be just my preference though. We are learning how to edit 360 video before we are even learning how to import our media files. One other point, when he was demonstrating the PiP on the 360 video edit, he said that we could add text to it but didn't give a quick demonstration on how to do it. Just a couple of my thoughts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Deborah4 August 2019

Yes, it is a good course. I'm learning a lot. It is a lot and takes a lot of time, which is evident in that it has taken me over 6 months to go through things, and I have been working out some things on my own.

Chris5 May 2019

Great course. I am meandering my way through and learn something new with each video. Thank you. Great value.

Larry13 April 2019

The constant and fast cursor movement was not necessary - a more deliberate movement is all you need if the explanation is clear.

Kelvin1 April 2019

This tutor is so easy to understand i have looked at other videos on this subject and found them to be a bit confusing this is very straight forward and caters for every level i would highly recommend this course to all, once again thank you and keep up the great work

Manik17 March 2019

It is a very nice and simple tutorial about Powerdirector 15 for anybody who is the first time learner.

Jerry20 September 2018

Very good overall. Clear, understandable presentation. Some topics could use a little more depth. As a complete newbie, I expected a different section order. Specifically, I expected to learn about the basic editing tools before diving into 360 degree video etc.


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