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Power BI Masterclass - your future in data analytics

Microsoft Power BI - data analytics beginner to professional special extended. Power BI Training

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

You can quickly create stunning reports in Power BI

You can generate valuable insights for yourself and your company

You can improve strategic decision making and create competitive advantages

Taking the Power BI Masterclass series on udemy will prepare you to start your data analytics career

You can write powerful advanced Dax calculations in Microsoft Power BI

You know the latest tips and tricks in Power BI


Microsoft Power BI Masterclass  - Your future in data analytics

Why Power BI? In a world of data Business Intelligence / Business Analytics is in high demand. Companies are constantly searching for ways to make better and faster and smarter decisions. This heavily involves getting insights from their data. Small company or Multinational -  data driven decision making is the key to success for ANY business in the world of tomorrow.

Because of that companies are drastically looking out for skilled employees and freelancers worldwide with the necessary capabilities to help them analyze and understand their data, 

It is a "War for talent". This offers tremendous job opportunities for all who are interested in the topic and want to dive into it.  This environment is a bless for anyone who acquires the necessary capabilities and positions herself/himself

So back to the question. Why Power BI? Well, because..

MS Power BI is an andvanced yet easy to get started self service business analytics / business intelligence solution provided by Microsoft which is currently in very hot demand.  Gartner has labeled Power BI as a leader in their BI quadrant - and considers Power BI visionary. Already today we can see that companies will more and more replace old Powerpoint and standard Excel with Power BI. We are already in the process towards this data driven future.

From my personal experience I can tell you that companies will actively searching for you if you master Power BI. Diving into data & analytics can not only immensly improve your career opportunities but also your job satisfaction!

Power BI is also a great tool for datascience too. A lot of data scientists like to use it for visualizing and presenting the findings. Therefore learning to use this tool can also be a valuable skill for datascience jobs.

That is why I created this new Power BI Masterclass - Your future in data analytics course 

The main goal is to help you to further increase your skills from my other Power BI Masterclass Series courses on udemy and become even better I collected additional techniques and tricks to get you to the next level. 

What we learn in this course might also help you later with your Power BI certification exam.

You can follow along with the provided learning material in Power BI on your own computer at your own pace. Exited? You should be. So let's answer the question on how to master Power BI Desktop. Buckle up and meet me in the first lecture starting today!

Update: The complete Power BI Masterclass Series on udemy (I have aggregated some classes together to provide more content value per class for you. I really hope that serves you better!

1.Power BI Masterclass - beginners to advanced

2.Microsoft Power BI Masterclass - Expand Excellence

4.Power BI Masterclass - DAX, Excel And More

5. The Power BI Masterclass - Additional Tips and Tricks

6. Power BI Desktop - Data Prep Challenges

7. Power BI Masterclass - DAX, R and Gateways

8. Power BI Masterclass - Python Finance and Advanced DAX

9. Power BI Masterclass - the next level

 All we do here is accomplished with a provided dataset but you can of course use your own dataset and explore it in detail. Additional course materials can be downloaded at no extra costs.

The introduction video contains a preview of a report you will built during the course so check it out.

Exited? You should be! Buckle up and meet me in the first lecture starting today!

Let's get into it and master Power BI in no time!


Power BI Masterclass - your future in data analytics
Power BI Masterclass - your future in data analytics
Power BI Masterclass - your future in data analytics
Power BI Masterclass - your future in data analytics


Updated Videos of this Power BI Masterclass course

1 Power BI Masterclass Future DA Intro

One important thing before you start

Download latest course files

Before we start first enable the new Interface if necessary

4 Power BI How to do visual tooltips in your reports

5 Power BI the QandA feature explained what can we do with it

6 Power BI how to syncronize Slicers on selected Report pages

7 Timeintelligence with running totals and how to display Total Sales

8 Power BI DAX - ALL vs ALLSELECTED Visually explained whats the difference

9 Power BI Iterator Functions in DAX practical use case example

10 Power BI Use DAX to create a Ranking on two customer KPIs

11 Power BI DAX - How to classify our Employees based on their sales numbers

12 Advanced DAX Dynamically show sales of TOP N countries with correct Totals

13 ParetoCharts in Power BI with DAX - Step by Step

14 Power BI DAX - Additional TimeIntelligence and MeasuresTable Trick

15 Clusteranalysis easy in Power BI

16 Custom Visuals Countdown Timer

17 Custom Visuals for Stock prices - animations

18 Waffle chart for visualizing Survey results in Power BI

19 Visualizing Maps with your own customized style in Power BI

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What have you achieved

Power BI Masterclass - your future in data analytics

The Power BI Masterclass continues


How to use Power BI Tooltips

Power BI Tooltip Addon

QA How to ask Questions in Power BI

Slicer Syncronization across Reports

DAX Time intelligence Power BI - RunningTotal Monthly

DAX All vs Allselected - whats the difference

DAX - Iterators in Power BI

DAX How to combine the ranking of two measures

DAX Power BI - Top Average and Low Sales Performer

DAX Power BI - Dynamically select your Top Sales Countries

How to create a pareto chart in Power BI

DAX - Power BI time intelligence differences to consider

Power BI How to do a cluster analysis

Custom Visuals in Power BI The final countdown

Custom Visuals in Power BI - How to best visualize KPIs in Power BI

Visualizing your experience with Power BI

Custom Visuals in Power BI Bring your maps to the next level in PBI

Bonus - SUMX vs SUM in Power BI Whats the difference and when to use which examp

BONUS - How to create your own BUMP chart in Power BI

Your input is needed - share your thoughts and ideas

Overview the complete Power BI Masterclass series on udemy


Apoorv20 November 2019

Yes, overall the course was good. I thought a little more on DAX expressions would have made it a killer.

Mvuselelo17 July 2019

I am one of those who purchased the whole Power BI master class series . I have done 6 modules already and i must say this is a an excellent course for anyone who wants to pursue a career in business intelligence. When i started i didn't know anything about Power BI but now i must say i have moved from beginner to master. I am experimenting will all the DAX taught here and i am achieving tremendous results in my workplace. I am now the go to guy in Power BI.Thank you for teaching with such clarity.

Eric6 November 2018

My 6th course from this instructor, I learn something everytime. Looking forward to doing: Power BI Masterclass 7 - Learn Advanced DAX, R and Gateways Power BI Masterclass 8 - Python, Finance and advanced DAX When is number 9 coming Daniel ? Eric (Montreal, Canada)

Tariq27 May 2018

This is one the good course which contains very good information, which is definitely helpful to my career

Kareem7 May 2018

Another great class by Daniel. If you want to sharpen your skills or fill in any missing gaps, this is a course to get. Highly recommended.

SelinaBlack16 April 2018

I like the teaching style and I learned a lot new things which help me at work. My colleagues already ask me where I got all the Power BI knowlege. That is awesome!


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