Power BI Intermediate: Learn the Finer Points of Power BI

Take the next Steps in your journey with Power BI, DAX and Power Query

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Power BI Intermediate: Learn the Finer Points of Power BI
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Feb 2023
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What you will learn

Learn the finer points of Power BI

Extend your knowledge of Power Query

Quickly customize Power BI reports for different audiences

Integrate Power BI with other Microsoft products

Intermediate data modelling and DAX techniques

Why take this course?

πŸŽ“ Power BI Intermediate: Master the Finer Points of Power BI, DAX & Power Query

Course Instructor: Grant Gamble
Course Title: Power BI Intermediate: Learn the Finer Points of Power BI
Headline: Take your Power BI Skills to the Next Level!

Embark on an advanced journey with our Power BI Intermediate Course tailored for those who have already conquered the basics and are ready to elevate their data analysis and reporting capabilities. In this comprehensive course, you'll dive into the intricacies of Power BI, Power Query, and DAX to refine your skills and unlock new potential in your data storytelling.

What You Will Learn:

  • Mastering Power Query: Enhance your data transformation capabilities with advanced techniques in the Query Editor. Discover how to:

    • Implement query parameters to create dynamic, flexible reports.
    • Utilize templates for common queries to streamline your workflow.
  • Row-Level Security (RLS) & Role Creation: Learn to secure your data with RLS by defining roles and implementing them in the Power BI service. Take it a step further by using DAX USERNAME functions to create dynamic roles based on user credentials.

  • Integration with Microsoft Products: Seamlessly connect your Power BI reports with Excel, SharePoint, and PowerPoint for a more comprehensive data analysis toolkit. Here's what you can achieve:

    • Embed Excel solutions within Power BI workspaces.
    • Explore the Analyze in Excel feature to create reports using Power BI datasets.
    • Pin Excel content to Power BI dashboards and utilize dashboard subscriptions for wider distribution of Excel content.
  • Connecting with SharePoint: Understand how to connect to SharePoint folders, sub-folders, and lists, as well as the security aspects when embedding Power BI reports into SharePoint pages.

  • PowerPoint Integration: Optimize your reports for PowerPoint export by using tenant settings and understanding the export mechanism. Learn how to make your presentations more impactful with these insights.

  • Drill-Through & Tooltips: Configure and implement drill-through pages, including cross-report drill-through and customized tooltip pages, to provide deeper insights into your data.

  • DAX What-If Parameters & Customization: Explore the advanced features of DAX, including what-if parameters and custom parameter tables. Learn how to create sophisticated dashboards like a currency conversion dashboard using these techniques, incorporating custom visuals, DAX variables, and interactive elements for user feedback.

  • Practical Application & Real-World Scenarios: Each concept is not just taught theoretically but applied through practical exercises that challenge you to think critically about data analysis and reporting.

Why Take This Course?

If you've already mastered the basics of Power BI, this intermediate course is your stepping stone to becoming a Power BI expert. You'll gain hands-on experience with real-world scenarios that will help you understand how these advanced features can be applied in various business contexts. With a focus on practical application, you'll come out of this course ready to tackle complex data challenges and create impactful reports, dashboards, and presentations.

Join us on this advanced journey with Power BI, DAX, and Power Query, and take your data skills to new heights! πŸš€

Enroll Now to:

  • Expand Your Skill Set: Go beyond the basics and discover advanced features of Power BI.
  • Become a Data Hero: Learn to create dynamic, interactive reports that engage users.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Keep your skills sharp with the latest tools and techniques in data analysis.
  • Unlock Insights: Use drill-through and tooltips to uncover hidden patterns in your data.
  • Elevate Your Career: Stand out as a Power BI expert with advanced knowledge and practical experience.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your data into stories that matter! πŸ“ŠπŸ’‘


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Our review

🌟 Course Review Synthesis 🌟 TDM Rating: 4.65 out of 5 stars

Overall Course Highlights

  • Exceptional Teaching: The instructor is commended for their clear and detailed explanations, ensuring that learners at all levels can follow along with the course material.
  • Well-Organized Content: The course is structured in a way that gradually takes students from beginner to advanced levels in Power BI, making it an excellent resource for those starting out or looking to deepen their knowledge.
  • Practical Application: The course provides valuable examples that not only illustrate theoretical concepts but also enhance practical understanding and application of Power BI.


βœ… Comprehensive Curriculum: The course covers a range of topics from basic to advanced, ensuring a thorough understanding of Power BI. βœ… Step-by-Step Guidance: Instructions are provided in a clear and systematic manner, which is highly appreciated by learners. βœ… User-Friendly Format: The format is designed to be accessible and engaging, with chapters broken down into smaller, more digestible segments. βœ… Real-World Examples: The course includes numerous practical examples that solidify theoretical concepts and provide tangible experience with Power BI. βœ… Beginner to Advanced: The gradual progression of the course is ideal for newcomers to Power BI as well as professionals looking to enhance their skills.


❌ Limited Negative Feedback: Given the overwhelmingly positive reviews, it's difficult to pinpoint specific cons without more diverse feedback. However, learners with prior experience in Power BI might find some content too basic or redundant. ❌ Advanced Topics Depth: While the course covers advanced topics, some learners with a higher level of expertise may seek additional depth or specificity in these areas.


  • "Awesome teacher! He explains everything step by step and whole course is built from easy parts to advanced."
  • "The course is well organized and pinpoints the very basic and core details to understand PowerBI better."
  • "Valuable, solid knowledge. Thank you for being a good teacher at the beginning of my journey with Power BI!"
  • "Fantabulous course! He explained the whole course in a very clear and crisp way. I recommend this course for all newcomers. It is also useful to PBI professionals or just started as PBI data analysts."
  • "The format was really easy to follow and understand. Breaking it up into smaller chapters was really effective."
  • "This course did a nice job of covering the appropriate amount of detail along with providing a lot of applicable examples that have enhanced my understanding and comfort with Microsoft Power BI."
  • "I love how instructor explains every details of the course, he's making it easier to understand and he jumped right at a practical approach. Thank you for the lesson."

In Summary

The course on Power BI is highly rated by learners who appreciate its structured approach, from beginner to advanced topics, and the clear, practical explanations provided by the instructor. It is particularly recommended for those new to Power BI or those who wish to refine their skills. While it is comprehensive and user-friendly, more seasoned professionals might seek additional depth in some areas. Overall, this course stands out as an excellent resource for anyone looking to master Microsoft Power BI.



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