Positive, Confident, and Resilient Leadership, and Life !

Upgrade your Motivation, Performance, Happiness and Leadership, with Positive Psychology, Self-Efficacy and Resilience !

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

How to become Positive, Confident, and Resilient People, and Leaders

The Research, and Findings, from Positive Psychology

Getting Lessons from, and Applying these Research Findings, in everyday life


Everyone wants to be more confident, resilient, hopeful and optimistic. But what if that were not just a feel-good factor, but also something that can actually help you do better in life ?! More importantly, though, what if these qualities, of being more positive, confident, resilient etc. were attitudes and behaviours that you could learn and develop ?

Imagine how awesome that would be !
Well, actually, you don't have to imagine anymore. It is really true. Research has indeed found this to be true !

Positive Psychology is a fairly recent research field that focuses on how certain positive traits and states of individuals contributes to their mental and physical well-being, motivation, performance, and success !

Positive Psychological Capital is an important concept here, and it is defined as the positive and developmental state of an individual, as characterised by 4 factors, or components … high Self-Efficacy, Resiliency, Hope and Optimism.

Given today’s dynamic and unpredictable environment, organisations need a lot more options for competitive advantage. Traditional resources and capital like Economic and Financial Capital, Advanced Technology, Innovation etc, are not sufficient.

Surveys and studies have repeatedly revealed, that most organisations today, are not realising the full potential of their employees, thereby losing out big time !

Ironically, Research also reveals, that the most employee productivity, performance, and innovation, comes from employees who work in a positive organisational environment. Focusing and developing positive organisational behaviour, and positive psychological capital, whether as an individual, team or organisation, can have a huge impact on employee and leadership performance, job satisfaction, work happiness, organisational commitment, as well as mental and physical well-being.

So, there is indeed an urgent need to focus on positive psychology and psychological capital.
 Hence this Course ! 

This Course will talk about the need for a focus on Psychological Capital, as well as the 4 components of Positive Psychological Capital. It will also cover the different ways and means to improve your Psychological Capital, and the huge benefits of that !


Positive, Confident, and Resilient Leadership, and Life !
Positive, Confident, and Resilient Leadership, and Life !
Positive, Confident, and Resilient Leadership, and Life !
Positive, Confident, and Resilient Leadership, and Life !



Course Introduction 1

Course Introduction 2

Why do we need Positive Psychology and PsyCap ?

About me, your Instructor !

SELF-EFFICACY, the First Component

About Self-Efficacy, Part 1

About Self-Efficacy, Part 2

Self-Efficacy: Observations and Lessons, Part 1

Self-Efficacy: Observations and Lessons, Part 2

Self-Efficacy: Research Snippets, Part 1

Self-Efficacy: Research Snippets, Part 2

RESILIENCE, the Second Component

Resilience - Introduction

About Resilience, the Resilience Model, Part 1

About Resilience, the Resilience Model, Part 2

Research Snippets, Resilience, Part 1

Research Snippets, Resilience, Part 2

Research Snippets, Resilience and Self-Efficacy, Part 3

A related Concept - Grit

Another related Concept - Hardiness

HOPE, the Third Component

Hope, Part 1, About Hope

Hope, Part 2, Research Snippets

Hope, Part 3, how to improve Hope ?

OPTIMISM, the Fourth Component



Lessons and Applications - Introduction

Lessons and Applications, continued (Part 2)

Lessons and Applications, continued (Part 3)


Neha7 August 2021

I like the Course a lot, it is very interesting, and it is good to know that positive thinking is Research based !


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