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Polymer 3: Learn Polymer 3 in 2020

Install Polymer 3, Master Polymer 3, Create custom web components with Polymer 3

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Jul 2019

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What you will learn

Install Polymer 3

Create Polymer 3 Application/Element

Build Article Template with Polymer 3

Build TODO List with Polymer 3

Build Image Slider with Polymer 3


So, do you want to learn Polymer 3?

You have come to the right place, in this course I will teach you everything you need to know about polymer 3. Polymer allows apps that launch quickly, respond instantly and can be accessed from anywhere—on devices of all types and sizes, under any network conditions. Polymer is just great.

Companies that use polymer:

  • Google

  • EA

  • CocaCola

  • Comcast

  • Ing

  • BBVA

  • USA Today

  • And many more

Version 3.0 of the Polymer library brings web components into the mainstream, embracing JavaScript modules and npm. 

What will I learn?

Well, we start off by installing everything we need in order for us to be able to use Polymer 3,  don't worry if you are a beginner who has never used bash or command line, I explain everything you need to know

Then we create our first simple web component - Article, This component is extremely simple but by building it you will understand how data binding works, how to install web components, how to add web components into your app, and basically how the polymer works.

Then we move on to TODO list, this project is a bit more advanced, You will learn how 2-way data binding works, how to use web components like paper-input and paper-checkbox, how to use dom-repeat element, how to add custom functions to your web component and much more.

The last project is the Image Slider, this application uses 2 custom web components, That works together, In this project, we will leverage the functionality of Javascript and make an actual slider that you can use on your website.


A bit of experience with HTML and Javascript

Who should take this course?

Anyone who wants to learn Polymer 3

Anyone who wants to create custom Web Components


Polymer 3: Learn Polymer 3 in 2020
Polymer 3: Learn Polymer 3 in 2020
Polymer 3: Learn Polymer 3 in 2020
Polymer 3: Learn Polymer 3 in 2020




Installing and Setting Up

Install Git

Install Node.js

Install Polymer

Install VisualStudio Code

Getting Started

Creating First Project

Project Structure

Teamplate And Data Binding

Article Project

ARTICLE: Template and Properties

ARTICLE: Add Paper Button

Todo List Project

What we will make?

TODO LIST: Create the Project

TODO LIST: Import Packages

TODO LIST: Template

TODO LIST: Dom Repeat

TODO LIST: Functionality

TODO LIST: Functionality 2

Slider Project

What we will make?

SLIDER: Create the project

SLIDER: Adding image-slider

SLIDER: Adding Functionality "image-slider"

SLIDER: Adding Functionality "image-slider" 2

SLIDER: Adding Functionality "slider-item"

SLIDER: Editing the html

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Kourtni7 August 2019

This course claims that it will teach you to "Master Polymer 3", unfortunately they only cover some very basic elements of initializing a component and then the rest of the class is simply watching the instructor create 2 components and very simple web-app. No mastery can be obtained from this course!

Konstantin19 May 2019

Too much information about basic things, like how to install npm, etc. Also, it would be difficult to understand this course without previous knowledge of webcomponents: this course explains nothing about what temlpate is, what ":host" pseudoclass is, etc

Gabriel24 December 2018

Well, I'd like to see more details about Polymer, like the states of an element, go deep in the double binding, explain more about the functions he used like: getElementsByTagName ( I know this one looks pretty straightforward, but maybe give more some extra details). He could also give some places to search about Polymer. He could also explain more about observers in polymer. Also he could explain more the examples, I felt like he was just giving the examples like a tutorial and not a course.

Joel16 October 2018

Hi, this was a very basic intro to polymer and web components, would love for it to include more content/details. Things that were missing: - how to package a component (and make available via npm) - how to make a component available to others (on webcomponents.com), also how to keep it private within an organization. - how slots work (it seems polymer uses them underneath the covers) - how to build a component that talks to remote servers (give example with google maps, where users provide their own keys, give another example that requires a user to provide their own REST based service. - current browser compatibility issues and polyfills - performance (does polymer use virtual dom?)


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