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Polymer 3 - Code Like A Google Developer

Build universal web components Lit-Element, Lit-HTML

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Jan 2019

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What you will learn

They will be able to use Polymer 3 as their main front end framework


If you are looking to learn Polymer 3, Lit-Element, and Lit-HTML well this is the course for you. Google just released Polymer 3 and I've created a course to get you up to speed with this amazing framework. No longer do you need to use other frameworks like react, angular, or vue to create amazing web applications. Now all you need to learn is Polymer which uses all of the features your browser already has to create universal web components.

In this course you will learn.
  • The basics of lit-element
  • The template engine lit-html
  • Become more comfortable with vanilla Javascript
  • Build a phone book application Single Page App
  • How to reuse web components
  • and much more


Polymer 3 - Code Like A Google Developer
Polymer 3 - Code Like A Google Developer
Polymer 3 - Code Like A Google Developer
Polymer 3 - Code Like A Google Developer




what are web components?

All you need to get started

Changes in Polymer Lit Elements

Polymer Basics

My first Web Component

Shadow Dom

Properties in components


Slot Defaults

Child Components

Basic ways to handle events

Adding Event Listeners

Understand how it renders

Polymer Locally

add polymer locally

Phonebook App

Start building our App

Organize your elements

Style the sidemenu

style the contactarea and contactlist

Favorites layouts and css

Form components

Form styles

opening and closing the form popup

working on the logic of the form

saving and displaying contacts

Delete Contacts

Concluding Phonebook app


New Handling events with lit-html


Ricardo29 September 2020

No se puede crear el boton en el CodePen, y el repositorio de github ya no está actualizado para poder hacer el proyecto.

Julie18 September 2020

good level of detail, felt a bit rushed at the end... definitely good to get to grips quickly as a start, but I would not rely on the details as it seemed a bit dated. Read the current documentation from polymer.

Antonio14 September 2020

El curso no está actualizado. No he visto que responda a las preguntas realizadas por los usuarios al respecto. No contiene material para descarga como podría ser el código para poder utilizarlo. No explica el por qué realiza o utiliza cada cosa y se pasa gran parte del tiempo aplicando estilos de la aplicación.

Keith28 July 2020

No code / resources. Codepen example does not work. I may try one of the other polymer courses. This was a waste of time and money.

Will12 May 2020

I followed along and can't get the code to work. I liked the course up to this point. Others have commented with their own fixes but this didn't help. Will update my review when code issues are addressed. Also, wish he would zoom in on code, it's hard to see and Udemy doesn't have videos in HD.

Jakub1 October 2019

Tak, bardzo podoba mi się, że (póki co :)) wszystko jest zrozumiałe oraz, że wbrew pozorom jest też tutaj zawarte sporo teorii ( a nie tylko sucha praktyka klepania componentu w js bez tlumaczenia co ja wlasnie robie).

Miquel16 March 2019

Contenidos desactualizados y se pasa mas tiempo estilizando la practica con css que entendiendo y aprendiendo los conceptos de WebComponents y las bases de Polymer, es un curso de Polymer, NO de CSS, no recomendable.

Rikkert11 March 2019

Course isnt up to date, have to find workarounds myself; also even though certain constructs are plain javascript or ES6, it might be helpful why you use .bind(this...) Not all of us have a frontend background.

Sergio15 January 2019

Considero que es una mala idea preguntar la calificacion al inicio de cualquier curso, no sabemos que tan bueno es el profesor o que tan actualizado esta en los temas.

Ian5 December 2018

I felt Joe did an excellent job introducing the world of Web Components through Polymer3. I honestly didn't know what a web component was before this course, but know I have a much better understanding of what they are and how they are used. This course is a good portfolio/github piece and would be effective in helping the new developer their first job (or to even help the seasoned professional get a better job). Thanks for the hard work Joe!

Joel7 November 2018

Maybe its because Polymer is a bit of an ever changing mess, but I feel like this course was a bit short and missed a bunch of stuff - how do I create a component and package it up? - how do I get it on web-components.org - The examples in this course seem to be treating polymer more like a react/angular framework, vs a framework to build and share components using standards. - Lots of the stuff in here is pure css/html/js stuff, and its not clear which things are using Polymer and which are not. - The course needs an update, many of the functions are not there anymore (all underscores are gone) Having said that I really liked Joe as an instructor, he is easy to understand and I was able to stay awake.

Gil5 November 2018

Thank you Joe for this tut, it is the quickest and simple way to seeing Polymer components come together from start to finish.

Juan25 September 2018

Encontré problemas para implementar el método _render. Ahora es solo render() en el ejemplo del video 3.

Harvey18 September 2018

I have never seen any udemy instructor talking like Snoop Dog before, let alone a coder, and just for that, it deserves 5 stars!

Siddhartha12 September 2018

No Course Content added to Donwload . No difference between Pervious version of polymer and Polymer-3 was explained.


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