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PMP Practice Real Exams 2021-(New ECO+PMBOK6th +Agile)

Full PMP Practice Exams

3.95 (48 reviews)

PMP Practice Real Exams 2021-(New ECO+PMBOK6th +Agile)


1080 questions


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

PMP- 2021 Real exam Have you already taken an PMP course ? Are you still not quite confident that you are ready to take the certification exam? If so, you've come to the right place! This course is designed to be closely to Real PMP exams, so you can pass the actual PMP Certification Exam with confidence! you will know you are ready to pass the exam, saving your time and money. After practicing these tests and scoring an 75% or higher , you will be ready to PASS from the first attempt with Above Traget and avoid costly re-scheduling fees. After each practice exam attempt, you will receive your total final score, along with feedback on each and every question .telling you exactly why each answer is correct so that you can close your gaps t. These practice exams are constantly updated to ensure it stays current and up-to-date with the latest release of the PMP exam


Practice exam very close to the Real PMP Exam and it will keep you more confident to pass the Real PMP Exam also will lead you to close all gaps in project management knowledge further to agile part adaptive planning and management , so you have to read /understand each knowledge area and process goups first then try to solve these mock exams which will close all gaps accordingly you will clear all concerns and understand the project management and pass the PMP Exam easily with above target try to got more than 85% in the practice exams .

The exam questions will not be selected based on process groups. They will be selected according to the three domains

  1. PEOPLE (42%)

  2. PROCESS (50%)


The new exam is comprised of:

  • 180 questions (the previous exam was 200) but the same number of questions will be scored

  • 230 minutes to complete the exam

  • One additional break for a total of two 10-minute breaks for computer-based tests. No scheduled breaks for paper-based exams.

  • Questions will be a combination of multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hot spot and limited fill-in-the-blank.

Theses questions mocks have been Updated to be matched with new PMI approach after 2nd January 2021


D14 December 2020

There are too many grammatical errors. It is hard to focus on the content and understand the context.

Keith6 December 2020

I really dislike that the questions are worded so poorly and with obvious spelling and grammatical errors along with missing words and punctuation. I found one EVM question where the author gave an impossible number. CPI= EV/AC and since both EV and AC were given in the problem it was easy to calculate CPI was 1.5. For some reason the author gave the reader a CPI value of 1.2 (not possible) and then used this incorrect number in his calculations. I found numerous questions had arbitrary answers. The questions were not particularly helpful and were not as good as several other PMP test examples. Very sloppy job. The author needs to Control Quality!

Nilesh28 November 2020

Some questions are really good Some spell error but should be okay Good set of 700 questions - Thanks

Nour9 November 2020

Actually, I only practiced 1 exam, and it was very useful and the questions are well-covering and inclusive. I passed the exam at my first attempt. PMBOK 6th ED.

David14 September 2020

There were some spelling issues here and there, and maybe 1 repeated question. Overall, this was a great prep, with lots of questions and good explanations. Covered a great deal of material. After all these, I hope I pass the real thing.

Ahmed5 August 2020

Wonderful highly recommended for really PMP exam, if you pass these Exams you will pass the real exam with easy way هذة الامتحانات بالفعل تغطى كل النقاط المهمة فى المنهج وتكد انك لو اجتزت هذة الامتحانات فسوف تجتاز الامتحان

Ljubisa2 August 2020

The questions are very good on substance. However, a number of questions are written in very poor English and I had difficulties understanding them.

Tariyel26 July 2020

Great course and excellent sets of mock exams. Really helped me understand key concepts and pass PMP exam with 5 ATs. Many thanks to the author of this course, Mr Wagdy Azzam!

Abdulelah13 July 2020

It is one of the best course I have ever take it. I would to thank the trainer for every single information in the course.

Ibrahim2 July 2020

amazing course with very nice questions regarding to agile and predictive as well great effort from the publisher high recommend for training before real exam


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