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Spring Certification Exam Practice Test 2021 [300 Questions]

[300 Questions] - Get a Spring Professional Certification - 6 Full Spring Professional Certification Timed Exams

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300 questions


Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Get ready for Spring Professional Certification Exam

Evaluate your knowledge in Spring Framework 5

Get ready for a Spring Framework Interview Questions

Know what needs to learn to be a Spring Framework Expert

Spring Framework Training



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If you are interested in passing Spring Professional Exam and having a Spring Professional Certification (This certification is now awarded by VMware and also called VMware EDU-1202 exam) , we are here to help! We have compiled a database of questions from actual exams in order to help you prepare for and pass your exam.

Four Full Spring Professional Certification Timed Practice Exams ( 50 Questions Each ) + BONUS : adapted to the recent change in the official pivotal exam.

Exam Pattern

- Number of Questions :  50

- Passing Score : 76%

- Duration : 90 Minutes

- Questions Type  : Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection


The Spring Professional Certification Exam is designed to test and validate your understanding of and familiarity with:

• Container basics

• Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)

• Data access and transactions

• Spring model-view-controller (MVC)

Practice Exam Topics

Topics included on this practice exams :

• Container (20%)

• AOP (8%)

• JDBC (4%)

• Transactions (8%)

• MVC (8%)

• Security (6%)

• REST (6%)

• JPA Spring Data (4%)

• Testing (4%)

• Boot Into (8%)

• Boot Autoconfig (8%)

• Boot Actuator (8%)

• Boot Testing (8%)

In this course Spring Professional Certification Exam - Practice Tests , I fully prepare you for what it is like to take the Spring Professional Exam. With 4 practice exams, each of which is timed at 90 minutes, I have carefully hand-crafted each question to put you to the test.

I have followed the official Exam Guide from Pivotal, along with the 13 Knowledge Areas and corresponding weighting for each, so you can approach the actual Spring Professional Certification Exam with confidence...not hoping you are ready, but knowing you are ready.

Improve your odds of passing with the first attempt and avoid costly re-schedule fees by enrolling in this course today. You will receive your total final score, along with Section Level Feedback, so you can pinpoint the areas in which you need to improve and study further.

If you have any doubt, ask in the Q&A section and we'll try to answer those questions. All the best for your Spring Professional certification exam.


Spring Certification Exam Practice Test 2021 [300 Questions]
Spring Certification Exam Practice Test 2021 [300 Questions]
Spring Certification Exam Practice Test 2021 [300 Questions]
Spring Certification Exam Practice Test 2021 [300 Questions]


Andreas20 January 2021

A few mistakes in the questions or answers. Also sometimes the explanation in the review section references answers "A", "B", "C", ... but the answers are not labeled and are in a different order.

Ramya6 December 2020

Not even 1 question from this course, felt really waste and I was totally relying on this. I was confident that I could able to get 90% in these tests, but not in real exam, I haven’t got any question from this course.

Paul3 December 2020

I took this course twice over 3 days and then sat and passed the exam. The exam questions are harder than this course and are more detailed and specific but the course is broadly aligned with the exam questions. I think you would need to be achieving almost 100% in this course to be confident of passing the exam.

Rupert26 November 2020

Great questions which are the most relevant I have found. Some of questions in wrong order e.g. all of above.

Abdelahad12 November 2020

Je suis désolé, mais les tests sont copier coller du livre de Luliana Cosmina et des tests du site itestjava. Sans parler du fait que j'ai vu les mêmes questions dans les anciens Test Spring 4 sur des sites de dump.

Jorgi23 September 2020

There are some duplicate questions. Sometimes the answer refers to answer A/B/C and often that's not in the correct order. I do feel like I've learnt a few things from taking the tests.

Frank19 September 2020

The actual test is harder than this, but its a good step to test your knowledge and it is the most updated practice exam so far based on the current Spring exam

Jason12 September 2020

I found this resource to be helpful in preparing me for the real exam. The question makeup does a good job at matching the breadth and makeup of the official study guide. There are a handful of flaws in some of the questions and explanations, but overall the quality is definitely solid. The instructor seems attentive to flaws people point out in the Q&A, so it's possible the handful of flaws would have been fixed by the time you read this. Lastly, be aware that a handful of questions are shared across these practice exams. The vast majority of the questions are unique.

Ilayaraja3 September 2020

It gives an idea about how exam might be. It would be better if this includes the latest questions. Questions have changed recently with this exam.

Vinicius25 August 2020

This will definitely help me to achieve the certification, some explanations need to be improved. I am using these mock exams and some other as my last preparation for the exam, the positive point is that it has some questions that I never crossed for.

Philippe21 August 2020

- The proposed answers to the questions are not always correct. - The explanations of the answers to questions are very limited, many times only containing a link to Spring documentation or other resources. The explanations many times don't justify the correct and wrong answers. - Most questions and answers are very short. On the real exams, the questions and answers are longer, due to which you need more time (1,5 is still enough though). + Still useful to take these mock exams to get an idea of your current level.

Florian7 August 2020

Der Kurs bzw. die Praxistests haben mir nicht geholfen. Im Gegenteil: sie haben mich zusätzlich verunsichert. Die Qualität der Fragen ist schlecht (schlecht Verständlich, fehlerhaft, z.T. sehr gesucht, ...) und die Fragen sind nicht vergleichbar mit den echten Zertifizierungsfragen.

Zied1 August 2020

It was instructive but some explanations needs to be enhanced and some answers to some questions are wrong like : _ Exam 1/Question 45 which is incorrect since Spring AOP can intercept protected methods when CGlib proxying is used. I invite to check this issue : https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-framework/issues/19917# _ Exam 2/Question 10 about Spring MVC. A null value will crash the application. This affirmation is wrong _ Exam 4/Question 9 : metrics and not /metric

Santosh8 July 2020

It's definitely a challenge and there were a few questions that I had never come across but it's what I need to become fully prepared for the real-deal!

Souhaila24 June 2020

a good initiative, I really liked this test, it allows me to know my level and the gaps in spring, thank you very much and good luck for what comes


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