Entrepreneurs: It is more than just a pitch deck

Learn the art of Agile Pitching from fundraising experts and entrepreneurs.

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Jun 2013
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What you will learn

By the end of the course, you will be able to understand the concept and creation process of agile pitching

In this course, you will learn how to build a rapport with potential investors

Open a dialogue that sticks!

Tell an emotional story about your pain point


Agile Pitching is a term brought to you by the INVESTyR DealTeam that identifies a style of pitching that is 180 degrees different from traditional styles entrepreneurs have been taught. We're hoping this course will shed light on the change in dialogue amongst entrepreneurs and so-called "pitch doctors". The conversation has changed between investors and entrepreneurs these days and now it's all about having a dialogue. Forget the notion of the 'elevator pitch' that is a jumble of quick talking jargon with an out-of-breath speaking 'Ask' . We've taught our entrepreneurs to be beggars, they shouldn't be going around shaking a tin cup for investors money! In this course, the INVESTyR DealTeam breaks it down with screencasts, interviews and presentation slides to show you the best way to open a dialogue with an investor and pitch your business.


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Course Objectives
Agile Vs. Old School
Agile Pitching
What is a Pitch Deck


Creating an Agile Pitch Deck
An Enchanting Pitch Deck
Why Who Where


Success Factors of a Great Pitch
Action Plan and Next Steps
Pitch Clinic


October 28, 2017
Your own presentation has the old school stuff. It is better to make your presentation looks better by applying the same which you are advising others.
March 15, 2016
The content consists only of very basic information that is generic and publicly available online. The design is very dated and there was little to no gain from this brief course.
March 11, 2016
I liked the course, but feel it would benefit from a revision (taking the Agile approach in practice). Suggestions: 1. More images/charts could be used. 2. Back-up examples with visuals, links, etc. 3. The narrator stumbles a couple of times when speaking. When talking face to face it would be hardly noticeable, but when audio is the chief medium for communication it stands out. Maybe record a new version? 4. Sometimes sounds like the narrator is reading the content, particularly noticeable early on. Did you achieve your goal? At the end of the course I wanted more, and added the paid course to my wishlist. I won't buy at $55, but I probably will purchase the course when there is a sale. Thanks
December 2, 2015
Agile Pitching is new to me. I found it freeing because I am reminded that as an entrepreneur, I may have a great idea or service or product. But I need to take time to listen in order to discover what my client or investor really wants. Rather than pushing my pitch, Agile Pitching Is about creating conversations and will more likely get us to our mutual win-win goals faster.



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