Piping Fabrication with Isometrics - Oil&Gas, Mechanical

Introduction to Piping Fabrication ( Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Petroleum, Oil & Gas Industry )

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

Will gain basic & advanced knowledge in Piping Fabrication and Isometric drawings which is the heart of Oil & Gas Industry

Complete understanding on Piping Components like Flange, Fittings, Valves, Gaskets, Fasteners etc with Isometric symbols

Different types of Isometrics study, Piping Inch Dia sheet and Codes & standards used

Piping fabrication schedule, Welding basics, Fabrication activities, Hydrotesting of pipe spools etc

Exclusive & Real time video examples from shop floor on all activities involved in Piping Fabrication


This course is designed to provide basic and advanced knowledge of Piping Fabrication and Isometrics.

A complete package starting with Piping basics, Piping components (Flanges, Fittings, Valves, Gaskets & Fasteners), Codes & Standards, Isometric basics, Detailed study of different isometrics, Piping fabrication schedule, Welding basics, Shop fabrication activities etc.

Exclusive videos of each piping fabrication activity from shop floor is included ( Live industrial examples )

Ideal for Mechanical Engineers, Process Engineers and other aspiring candidates.

Course content

Introduction & Piping Basics

Codes & Specifications

Piping components – Flanges, Fittings, Valves, Gasket & Fasteners

Isometrics basics & Drawing Study

Isometrics & Shop spools

Piping Fabrication Schedule

Piping Inch Dia sheet

Piping BOQ

Shop fabrication activities

Real-time Videos from Shop floor


Piping Fabrication with Isometrics - Oil&Gas, Mechanical
Piping Fabrication with Isometrics - Oil&Gas, Mechanical
Piping Fabrication with Isometrics - Oil&Gas, Mechanical
Piping Fabrication with Isometrics - Oil&Gas, Mechanical


Introduction & Piping Basics


Piping Basics

Codes & Specification

Codes & Specification

Piping Components

Piping Components - Flanges

Piping Components - Fittings

Piping Components - Valves

Piping Components - Gaskets & Fasteners

Isometrics Study

Isometrics Basics - Very Important

Isometrics Study - Type 1 - Part 1

Isometrics Study - Type 1 - Part 2

Isometrics Study - Type 2, 3 & 4

Isometrics & Shop spools

Isometrics & Shop spools - Type 1

Isometrics & Shop spools - Type 2

Isometrics & Shop spools - Type 3

Isometrics & Shop spools - Type 4

Piping Fabrication Schedule

Fabrication Schedule Review

Piping Inch Dia Sheet

Piping Inch Dia Sheet Review

Piping BOQ

Piping BOQ

Shop Fabrication Activities

Cutting, WEP & Fitups

Fitup Video - Pipe#Elbow#Flange


Weld History Sheet & Hydrotest

Fitup of Weldolet - Video from shop for reference - No voice narration

Shop-floor Real-time Videos

Pipe Cutting

Painted Spools


Victor14 January 2021

The standard of teaching is top notch and I recommend it for any beginner in the piping Engineering field.

Solomon17 December 2020

Highly Educative course by highly experience professional. I acquired a lot of knowledge worth over two years of experience.

Sebastian3 December 2020

This course was excellent. I already did some internships at piping companies but I needed a refreshment of the whole topic. Great work and great videos and examples. I had a few struggles with the speakers english pronunciation but I know how hard a foreign language can be.

Arun21 September 2020

Excellent course for piping fabrication. All the details are included and very well explained by the instructor .Workshop videos of piping fabrication are very helpful to understand the basics. It really helped me .Thank you!!

Jacob11 September 2020

The course is really informative and practical. Good introduction to Piping fabrication. Activities are explained in detail. Thank you!

Vaman2 September 2020

Many aspects were not clarified 1. Why manual valves were not in the Hydrotesting 2. Sand blasting , Painting , Insulation 3. If hydrotesting is done in shop , then why again Hydrotest is carried out at site

Andrews24 August 2020

Very good content and well organised course overall. Videos from shop are very helpful. Instructor covered all basics especially isometrics. Thanks!!


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