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Complete Guide to Pinterest & Pinterest Growth 2021

Pinheroes - Advanced Guide To Pinterest Business ,Pinterest Growth, Tailwind and More

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Explosive Pinterest Account Growth

Drastically increase Pinterest Monthly Viewers

Drive more traffic to Pinterest Account

Create Weekly Routine for Maximum Growth

Learn How To Use Insanely Huge Traffic From Pinterest


Hey there, Nick Nyxson here.

Welcome to PinHeroes.

Only Pinterest course EVER to teach you how to grow your profile on Pinterest from 0 to 1 Million monthly viewers in just short few months.

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms and its main appeal is its unconventional way treat the content. It is an ONLY social media platform that Not just NOT RESTRICT external content but actively encourages it. For that reason alone it has become one of the largest social media platforms for businesses and entrepreneurs.

And That's where I come in.

In this course you will learn THESE and much more:

  • How to create Pinterest Profile;

  • How to claim your website and social media platforms;

  • What are Rich Pins and how to use them;

  • How to setup profile and boards for the win;

  • How Mass Create Your pins;

  • How to decrease your work needed to just a few hours per week

  • How to control growth

  • And Much more.

And most importantly course is made in the way to help not just users of Pinterest but absolute beginners as well. Plus the course is made with methods that will be working for the years to come! NO MORE CHANGING STRATEGIES EVERY MONTH!

And EVEN most importantly you will gain direct access to me for any questions and suggestions.

Start now and CRUSH Pinterest for the years to come.


Complete Guide to Pinterest & Pinterest Growth 2021
Complete Guide to Pinterest & Pinterest Growth 2021
Complete Guide to Pinterest & Pinterest Growth 2021
Complete Guide to Pinterest & Pinterest Growth 2021



Introduction To Course

What is Pinterest

Account Creation

Claim & Rich Pins

Profile Setup


Boards Setup

Board Population

Creation of Pins


Introduction to Tailwind

Scheduling Your Pins




Maintaining Growth

Never Run Out Of Pins

Maintenance Routine


Establishing Brand Authority

Draw Traffic


Debanjan10 October 2020

This course have everything I needed to get started with printerest and he shared many tips and trick to increase followers

Karim9 October 2020

Ok, so I would have given this course a 5 star rating based on the passion of delivery, but I found a few things that I did not like. 1) The picture quality was not the best - poor in some cases. Most of the courses I have taken have had much better picture quality. I am not sure why this is 720 and not 1080. 2) A lot of unwarranted commentary and repetition. While repetition is good for reinforcement, the repetition on this course was getting very annoying, especially when repetition is delivered with a passion. 3) Not much practical instruction - there were some parts where we were shown examples of how to....But on the whole, I thought this was lacking, especially since I am new to Pinterest. For example where and how to place links for website. On the whole I thought it was a good course, but I think you need to give more instruction on "how to" and less instruction on "motivation". You definitely want students to succeed, and that made me carry on watching until the end.

Suliman20 September 2020

Amazing Teacher. Amazing Course. This Course Is Amazing. Very Polite. Thank You, Nick. Solute to You.

Mardhiatul14 September 2020

Yes, the author gave a lot of information on Pinterest which helps someone like me who does not really understand the usage of Pinterest. I am still in the initial part of the course, but I think this course is very good especially for super beginner in Pinterest.

Anwan1 September 2020

Fantastic course. I really learned a lot from this course. Every section of the course was clear. Now I can start my own Pinterest business

Theo27 August 2020

I feel uncomfortable in the way they speak, like emphasize every single word. The contents look great but I can't stand listening till it ends.

John10 August 2020

Sad to say that I excepted for a more professional course. Most of the time the instructor talks about himself and his accomplishments. Not really showing how to do things in detail, not talking about how to make sure to get more link clicks on to your own business from your own Pins, just Re-pinning other people's hard work. The Saddest thing is in his the last lecture, where he says that Pinterest doesn't really work and people don't like to go out from Pinterest to other sources like other websites to read the content - So I'm asking myself "Then what was the point of this course?" It smees a bit scammy and shady to keep that information till the end of the course and why would someone pay for a course with a button conclusion that this source of traffic doesn't really work?! I don't recommend the course, very low key, not professional at all, bad video and audio quality, and the English level is not understandable.

Debra22 February 2020

It was alright. I picked up some great ideas... He mostly goes over the process and skips the details. Oh, the terrible details, CONTENT!!! Thank you.

Anthony20 February 2020

Nick is the Truth and no fluff. I highly recommend this course to a beginner such as myself. Also I’m glad to be a Pin Hero.

James12 January 2020

Very informative and started us off to build our Pinterest account for our client; it's a very professional and comprehensive course and well worth the price. The instructor, Nick, makes a good understandable presentation. For sure, the videos are so packed with new terms and detailed process demonstrations that several views were needed to follow his directions. I was looking for a general introduction when I chose this course and it provided the beginning steps to building a business Pinterest account, to constructing the boards, and loading them with pins. Those lessons were clearly presented in separate videos. The end of the course introduces automation to running a Pinterest account. Very informative. Thank you Nick.

Aditi15 December 2019

The information provided in this course is absolutely fantastic!! It teaches you everything from scratch! Just what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

Marchan25 November 2019

I haven't finished this course yet, but I like how he covers everything I need to know, but doesn't spend too much time on each step. So far, really good.

Arshad25 November 2019

Just into lesson 2. Awesome delivery! Nick knows what he is talking about. He first gives you an overview instead of just trying to replace a step-by-step manual! Will update this review later at the end of of the course.

Kateryna4 September 2019

Thank you Nick! This is really great course. I learned new information that will help me in my work.

Stuart1 September 2019

I highly recommend this course. I am only a quarter way through this couse and by just using the suggestions in part one of the course I have doubled my Pinterest views for the month so far. Thank you


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