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PHP with PDO - ULTIMATE Crash Course

Learn PHP Data Object Objects or PDO and make better secured database queries.

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Dec 2015

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What you will learn

Learn to use PDO with PHP to build more secured applications

Students will learn how to use PDO with PHP and MySQL


PDO is the best way to access databases in PHP among other web programming languages. PDO is not database specific, so we can use it to connect and control data for a very broad selection of databases. PDO is most secured and easy way to access any database.

PDO stands for PHP Data Objects and a little Object Oriented Programming understanding is necessary but not required to follow the course.

In this course you will learn how to use PDO to Create, read, update, delete data from any database and lots more.

The best thing about this course is that it goes right to the point and it doesn't waste much time on trivial matters.

If you are ready to get started learning how to use PDO with PHP, lets go......


PHP with PDO - ULTIMATE Crash Course
PHP with PDO - ULTIMATE Crash Course
PHP with PDO - ULTIMATE Crash Course
PHP with PDO - ULTIMATE Crash Course


Let's start with PDO


Exercise files

Creating Database, table and data


Catching errors

Reading data / Fetching

Reading all data / Fetching

Prepare statement part 1

Prepare statement part 2 - different placeholder

Binding values

Complex binding

Bind params feature

Manually escaping data

Updating data

deleting and inserting data

Counting table rows

Last inserted id, insertion and update

Affected rows


Victor17 September 2020

the course wasnt bad but, he dont go to deep with PDO, he just cover the ""basics"". But still the course was ok/great ;)

Sujon6 September 2020

Before publishing video you can do some editing or you can do some practicing things, cause seeing syntax mistakes is really irritating.

Anthony26 June 2020

The course content was about what I expected. For the most part the instructor did a good job. But there were portions of the course where he seemed somewhat disorganized. I would also liked to have seen more on best practices for using PDO.

Ed14 May 2020

I've only seen examples of PDO usage on sites like SO, but hadn't really explored the topic. This course makes sense of it all.

Steven15 March 2020

One of many Edwin's courses I have subscribed too. Personally I like his style of teaching and have learnt a lot for a beginner in PHP. This course is short and straightforward, but the more info and education the better.

Darren11 January 2020

Thank you for putting this course together as an introduction. I always enjoy the energy and humor you bring to your teaching.

Richard24 October 2019

Edwin is my go to instructor when I really want to learn a technology. He is very thorough and explains things in a down-to-earth fashion, which makes it easier to learn. This quick course is great if you want to learn how to use PDO to interact with databases.

Prisco17 September 2019

Again Edwin Diaz delivers a quick and clear introduction course. This time over PHP Data Objects. The most common functions are described. The course satisfied me and I will go on with further research. Thanks Edwin!

Murărescu16 September 2019

putine informatii practice. doar metode aruncate. e bun..nu zic ca nu..dar as fii preferat sa vad ceva mai palpabil, un formular sau ceva

Pedro2 September 2019

Malas practicas de programación, le vendria bien aplicar algun metodo de pedagogia orientada al desarrollo de proyectos. Codificación prueba y error.

Petra28 August 2019

Edwin is an awesome instructor and he brings this subject with ease. Easily understandable for a beginner.

Jean15 May 2019

The course has value and I did learn some things. But not to the extent I hoped for. Some of the demonstrations were more confusing than anything else, I have to say.

Johannes14 May 2019

The course was a great match for me, big steps, right what I needed. However, why I did not do 5 stars: at the beginning of every lecture the objective should be stated clearly, why something needs to happen. Do not say things like "that is what you see in code", what I need is why I would see this. An example where it could be better is the lecture about the Prepare statement with question marks. For the rest great, well done.

Morgan8 April 2019

I have been using example codes for a few projects I've worked on. Being able to understand exactly what it's doing is nice, and this course has enabled me to do that. One thing that I would recommend is slowing down a little bit and explaining certain things. For example, when you got to the portion about inserting/deleting on lecture 15, you still have $id = 2 at the top. Since the ID column was set to auto increment, it brought up the inserted person as 4. People who are brand new might get confused as to why it didn't show 2.

Dr.3 April 2019

A very good crash course on PDO. Like all the courses of Edwin, you will learn a lot! I totally recommend the course for all the folks who want a quick way to learn PHP Data Objects.


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